wednesday 14/07/2010

Can someone help me whats the America code the video is not helping at all

Sounds like a internet connectivity issue. Either on your side or the game server. smiley

Report bugs here:

@Edon: No, that was two years back.

If you are tired of Random mode, you are able to go to your profile page and edit your settings.

See he appoligised, and Jerromy it was convincing to me, now lets just leave it at this: He appologised, he explained everything, tried to be nice and still is, he addmitted his problems and there is nothing more to be said.

Thanks Jerromy, Hopefully now people will be more sympathetic towards you, cheerssmiley

tuesday 13/07/2010


I would go for Rescue or Montana cards. they are probably the cheapest decks you can make that will allow you to play Daily Tournaments and earns clintz fast

Why would you tell on yourself?

25 credits for 2000 clintz is for those who don't like to take chances and have a set amount of clintz they will get

25 credits for a pack is the way everyone else will go because you have the chance to get cards worth so much more than 2000 clintz.

This is the first time I have mixed the clans since i got my starter pack but I think u will notice some improvementssmiley
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Yeah, validate doesn't work. I changed it once just to try it out, and I've been stuck with Emma ever since. Don't even know her, like her, or have her. But she's what I got. Hahaha.

No, my IQ drops a couple of points every time I click one of these threads, too...

Sorry for my poor spelling. I thought you would have some fun with this. I tried really hard to get it right. I took 3 days to spell check and grammer check, but I can't help being me. Anyway, I wanted you to help make a clan idea of an all-guy clan.

You pick the bonus, a name of the all-guy clan, and if you want, think of a few cards that be in that clan. I just wanted you to have fun that's all.

Looks much better, IMO. That's only the very rudimentary, elementary-level grammar. If you analyzed it for little more professionally, I'm sure you can find many more errors; but hey, I'm no editor. Jerromy, I think what you need to do is just copy + paste your messages in to Microsoft Word or anything of the sort. If you do, it automatically underlines all the basic mistakes for you and if you choose, you can let it fix those mistakes for you. But really, you could make little more of an effort to make your sentences a little more legible, by just proofreading. Although you said you had spell-checked and grammar-checked your thread over the course of three days, I really don't think you put any effort at all.

Bluffing with La junta is the key to victory, learn to bluff and you've masterd La Junta.

Type 2 or type 1 or Elo?

monday 12/07/2010

T1 is perfect in dt's with that deck im sure you can top 150, i have been in the top 50 often enough by playing t1 your deck is actually pretty good, althought im not a big fan of essie, she has power and beats about anything but her damage is kind of at the low side for a 5* card and i would possibly replace her with one of the leaders, hugo, eyrik, ambre and morphun are all great choices . and telling to get lamar to a lvl 15, is a bit strange smiley and allstars are atleast as good in t1 as they are in t2 mabey even better.

I see ur argument for methane being number 2 and I might even partrially agree with it but I think a lot of people think she is better due to the fact that the number of mono gheist are rising also the reason Dr. saw isnt up there is because he was not in the top 4 for me and i was planing on using the 4 best gheists for something not gonna say what he is a good card and hilife gain is great but if he were a 3 star he would be in my deck an he is in no way better than Draheera but this is all peoples opinion so thank u for a little change up and if I had sigmund Cr i'd put him in my deck for the heck of it

Alright, if you're that into trading and playing instead of enjoying yourself, i suggest you first go get a basic math lesson first( skeelz half, 2+2+3+4= 11*)
dr saw- bristone
vladimir- hugo( when you get him) or rolph if you really think he's necessary.

1) no way, you must buy the card over and over again to use the card as is.
2) you do, but only if you manage to KO the opponent, the rules of points are already mentioned in the game rules/FAQ
3) they haven't done anything much yet... just something to show you're devoted to the same

Timber Dieter Eadh Estalt Glorg Nistarok Kenny und Timmy
This is my Pure Nightmare Deck.
Its ok , but i need some tips to upgrade it smiley
So give me tips pls

@Traxxion why do you buy clintz with your credits?

20 credits->2000 clintz

While packs can get you from 1k to 30k sometimes.

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