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tuesday 31/03/2015

"No offence intended (congrats on 5 years) but why are you advertising this to the public if only players from EXCALIBUR can participate?"

same thoughts here

Why would you not want to be at Camp Wawanakwa? It's a "Nice place".

Yo peeps. This is still going on. Not biting was one of our New Years Resutions. Of course, 2014 is a different story...

Color Guild Newsletter
Be told of all the events and hallenings at Color Guild. We organize some pretty nice events but nobody ever sees them so sign-ups are very slow. Please join, I won't spam too often.

This is a really old event

Don't necro old threads smiley

friday 27/03/2015

3 more places until we can start

tuesday 24/03/2015

sunday 22/03/2015

We can get to playing with 33 more people!

This is incredibly vague.

- What do you mean by "RPG"?

- Do you want a UR-themed RPG campaign? Do you want a custom system of mechanics, could we appropriate a generic one like Wushu or Fate? Do you want no mechanics at all?

- Will you run the game, or will the author run it? How many people will play the game? Will it be played tabletop, over a live chat, or post?

Apparently they are currently updating the secure trade system, so I will get your rewards to you ASAP

saturday 21/03/2015

thursday 19/03/2015

Last chance to Join Tournament starts tomorrow

saturday 14/03/2015

I need a replacement for Itzzwan Ld on the Green team. This may be your very last chance to join.

The applications are closed but you can still apply to become a Jury (questions are in the Polish section). You have until Sunday 23:59 GMT+0 to post your application. smiley

friday 13/03/2015


Registration starts at 14 March 2015, 1830 GMT+8.
Event starts at 14 March 2015, 1900 GMT+8. Might be earlier depends if the event is filled. This event is approximately 2 hours long.

4 Groups of 4. Top 2 advances. 3 straight matches. 8 players left.
Estimation of duration: 30 mins - 45 mins

8 players will fight it out in 1 v 1 match, 3 winning matches.
Estimation of duration: 30 minutes

4 players will fight it out in a group. 3 straight matches.
Estimation of duration: 30-45 minutes

In case of a draw, priority will goes to...
1) The player that was better in the face-off between the 2 players of the tie.
2) Number of KOs. If your opponents leave any matches, it is counted as a KO.
3) Life gap. Left matches are counted as 0 life points.

Prizes are now more generous! smiley

thursday 12/03/2015

The event has been re-created Community Cup 2015 - EN Qualifier

I don't want bad rumours to spread so I will finish by saying the admins didn't delete the event.

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tuesday 10/03/2015

sunday 08/03/2015

saturday 07/03/2015

thursday 05/03/2015

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