sunday 19/11/2017

Are you making a lottery?

Regen cards have more chance to reach their max before Heal cards. The problem are growth toxin and growth regen because you can play them at any round, thus avoiding hitting the max/min smiley

saturday 18/11/2017

That’s not truth have are we professional in doing such things.
The guy who where giving the cards out, ( is like a said) not active anymore. Falco hasn’t been online in months

Okay here is a one time only deal. I will give you the 100k you have so nicely lent to ace and on top of that I will give you chad bread cr market price 244999k and strike cr 180000k. Those cr is the reward you have one in ace contest.

By giving you the 100k and a cr prize of 424999k, I will presume that this whole drama thing will be over since we have giving you the things you ask for.

Will you please let us permanently turn on extra pillz!!!?

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Nevermind boxes are for 90, so yeah I need only 13, thanks again smiley

Did you miss the part where i let them win?smiley

friday 17/11/2017

Good Afternoon UR,

This is a Petition...

Regards the things wrong UR and things which are really good and were happy.

UR improvements in the past year
Market improved.
Storyline improved
Comics Improved

New creations 'MT' quite cool

I want to thank the Staff for working day by day to make the game better.


Let's get down to business

Things which need to be sorted out...

Gameplay Flash on site we want back this new download and all new Weblg is literally terrible.

Events we need more this is really putting the game down...
How about bringing Elo back it was an amazing mode and entertaining.

Old site well, to be honest, the new site is alright people can get used to it but some new updates recently made you can't sell lots together you have to sell one by one that is a pain.

If we can get 300+ Players agree saying they want Flash play back please staff bring it back

If Staff listen to players which all agree together it will help a lot.

What do you guys think ? smiley


thursday 16/11/2017

The game was updated but the link on the page wasn't.

This is the correct download link.

wednesday 15/11/2017

I suggest having a rating system in forum.

For example, after one successful trade with someone, you give them a +1 rating and they will give you a +1 rating back. Then, a feedback as to why give the +1. Then, people can accumulate this ratings. This just shows that you can trust this person to trade with.

We had this in one of the game forums I played. It was effective as you can see people who got a -1 for scamming people. Also, you can see those who trades a lot and those you can trust to trade with.

You can only rate one person once. This means when you have traded with someone, then traded with them again, you cannot rate them the second time, but you can update your feedback with the trade you have done with them. This way, people with alternative accounts cannot go up in ratings easily.

Plus, This could make the trading forum more active.

Just a little suggestion. What do you think?

Support said Dec 14 for PS4 I am hype

tuesday 14/11/2017

I would say what Segnaro said.

Umm... ok... so?
Those aren't the cards I used.
Ahkab 5
Dreadlash 3
Krung 4
Ambre 5
That's 17. The opponent has 19.
Since I planned for the other player to go first, Ambre activates rounds 2 and 4. That's what I wanted...
Am I missing something?

Yeah we've already discussed this kind of ability in the create a card thread-> where things like this should go

I always thought Leader were the reward for levelling up and it satisfies some players such as myself.

I am not sure the levelled up players are compensated. Debates were that higher level players had many chances to bolster their collection and prestige. As a result, not much compensation is needed.

However, I am intrigued a bit if they do create them.

Looks good, now just find the pattern the AI will use against your deck. The bonus season should be a breeze if you do. For the other season more strategizing will involved

monday 13/11/2017

WHOOPS! I am an idiot. smiley

@D3ath the Kid
Hahahaha! I can just imagine that. 1000 clintz per power per extra pill in game (free pill is, well, free).
So to play Nekron with 5 pills, you have to pay 45000 clintz
But to play Magda with 9 pills also costs 45000 clintz.

Great suggestion. Will fix UR completely.

I am now 80% sure that the red question mark means the Graff Silhouette had an error. I just had a game where all four of my cards loaded correctly, all four of my opponent's cards had the silhouette, then after 2 seconds, three of them switched to the red question mark...
I would imbed it, but I couldn't get it to work earlier...

Dont leave UR needs you

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