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tuesday 01/04/2014

Diana is regularly banned for her 7-9 life gap, 8 power, and DR.

Her threat is comparable to that of Oshitsune.

Qubik is often banned because...The power of SoA compels you!

Tremorh bans make little sense to me, but Junkz does have a strong triple threat. Tremorh, Romana, and D4 Funk.

Oh because I thought about it for awhile and I think thank win one round with freaks, lose with cwing, get pillz back them strike hard with tgannk or something... possible ideas.

monday 31/03/2014

Thank you for the comment DUC-San, aprreciate it! smiley

I can ubderstand why people wanted him banned. 9 power with a decent gap for a 3 star and it's easy to mistakenly overpill against him and that's 2 less damage for you and a handful of power manipulation for them.

Picture this.

Daddy Jones, Eugene, Gabrielle, Nanook

Eugene is an irritant.

sunday 30/03/2014

I can't really decide what to choose for elo, im also having second thoughts on making a half deck for Freaks or Sentinel. I would love if someone could help me sort things out.


friday 28/03/2014

To make it an elo deck for under 20k just

replace miranda with jakson
and replace tobbie with lehane ( optional )

saturday 22/03/2014


Rate this and test it

Suggestions are welcome

Good advice! Similar to my plan of attack, thx for the reply

Kawamashi CR



friday 21/03/2014

Rodney 's Attack Manip will prove more helpful in those close 7Pillz(You) 8Pillz(Opponent) Jalil is basically an insurance policy; but Scopica and Nyema both Nuke better than him.
Rodney is meant to help you win that round.


Got me to 1317 Elo with ease. You can replace Arkn with Elke or replace Yodd with Windzy

thursday 20/03/2014


Heres a new ELO deck I just made Scary GHEIST..

wednesday 19/03/2014

I agree with LoA Yellow, but to an extent.
He has stiff competition and fills a role; a Defeat / Loss since most players won't / wouldn't use their 4 Slot on Scylla who isn't half bad might I add.
People dislike his PIll Manip; Rekved / Dahlia Cr are the true problem cards here, NOT a defeat card with low base power.

Eggman isn't good at all
For Half here is what you will need/ want :
Moegura , Jean , Pegh , Mindy , Hopper Ld , Rodney , Scopica , Nieva & Nyema
Those cards, work towards the ones you don't have. Hopper Ld is a great card in half, I know this one from experience.
As far as the others? If you go for Mono : Buba , Radek , Boohma are the staples
The tech cards who CAN work but don't from my experience are : Benicio , Houtay ( He's easily replaced by Jean or Pegh ) , Gerald (That COB can help . . but might not. But a 6/5 Jungo for 3 Stars isn't bad; but competition )

sunday 09/03/2014

Please rate Green

saturday 08/03/2014


So i made this deck the other day it is really good! try it out guys

sunday 02/03/2014

rate and comment please

saturday 22/02/2014

thursday 20/02/2014

Dang that is scary.

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