friday 25/06/2010

Good cards but you should be very afraid of Ghiest like me or roots.

There no reason to write you when u can write u it the same thing


The deck is jungo/nightmare
It contains two monster five stars one from each clan, the prianha guy who is 2 star and has 7 power and -2 pills ( I dont have enough decent nightmares yet), the 6/3 3 star nightmare with power reduction a few dr, well take a look at the deck for me!

I can see how mono-clan would benefit greatly from Selma/Dahlia, but Hugo has proved invaluable to me on several occasions.
a) the +6 attack helps against power reducers and makes Tula into a beast.
b) it also helps you win with a high-starred card in even-pilled battles
c) Leading with Hugo often is an easy way to get damage in. Pilling him with 4 gives him 41 attack, enough to win vs. a 4 pilled 8 power card. Often opponents think it's a bluff and 5 damage is nothing to chuckle at in Piranas.
d) Hugo helps slash some of Skeelz's advantage vs. Piranas by adding a little boost to deal with the nasty cards in close battles.

In T2 DM, Hugo is essential for me - he forces my opponent to always pill, and makes Sliman into a beast. +6 attack synergizes beautifully with power reduction min 5. As long as you land Dahlia on the first turn, you're pretty much setup for a 2hko with Sliman as long as you're within 1 pill of your opponent.

Just checked his level, it's 25. He has Bridget. So I said to not use Eklore or Morphun, which he doesn't have anyway. The good choices are Ambre, Bridget, and Hugo. He doesn't have Ambre yet, but he's not far from it so he should consider her for the future. In the meantime, Hugo is easier. Hugo doesn't really change your tactics, he just makes you do it better. Bridget changes your tactics, but she's often worth it. As a rule, if someone is banned in ELO and at least 4 stars, use them in Type 2. Some 3 stars are usable in type 2 as well if you're more concerned with DT points, Zatman for instance, but if you aren't trying to make the top 50 but are playing for clintz and a credit just cram a bunch of 4 and 5 stars with preference to the ones people complain about.

Seriously run Clara off clan?

I'm inclined to agree with Endracer. Compared to some of the monster 4*s that other clans have, La Junta fours are kinda mediocre. On the other hand they have great twos and one excellent five, so I guess that makes up for itsmiley

thursday 24/06/2010

Thanks i will close this now i just feel bad for these 2 cards o well. sadness for them smiley

I think simply looking back over the stats of old cards gives a good indication in that there can't have been as much testing towards balance as there is now.

Basically some people thought it would be cool to have them different. As more cards get released the sakrohm have come ahead with more powerful abilities whereas without jackie and zatman the uppers presence has dropped down to DT's only.

It's just an inconsistancy brought about by old mechanics not being updated.

When I get Ambre and go first, I like to spend 3-4 pillz on the assault with a 4 damage character. This means they can't get away with an obvious win on round two. Maybe I'll block with someone I don't care about, maybe I won't. If you beat them two rounds in a row without spending too many more pillz than them you can Ambre coast round 3 and let them have round 4.

When I get Ambre and go second, I'll spend 5-6 on winning round one if I think I can get it. This is a great time for Olga to step up, but don't get carried away and spend 6 with Olga against a bluff. Of coarse some times you have to give up on round one. You try to spend some on rounds 2 and 3, just so they can't get away with 2 pill victories, and then you are clear for a final round Ambre assault. This is a great place for Boris to show up, but really anyone but Spiaghi is a candidate for finisher. It's also okay to let round one go if you have decent damage. If they are prepared to beat your Boris (without SOA) and you instead give them Esmerelda, you can attack with Borris next round and they can't deny you.

With Ambre and the 2 star line up going second it's tough to decide if you try with Esmerelda or Harleen to win round one. Winning with Harleen is great, but if you lead with Esmerelda and fail, 10 power Harleen helps recover. You are probably relying on Ambre to do damage on the attack round 4, but 9 power still beats most. But if you get round 1 Harleen and survive to round 4, Ambre KO's.

Well i was going to buy 1k credits. thanks i probly get just one 295 pack an a bunch of littel packs like new blood that way i can get the vortex an sell them

They would probably fare the same against SoB but if my expeerince is anything both usually don't have trouble with SoB because both have cards with relatively high base powers.

I was wondering if there were any suggestions because you see this deck has lack of damage and I really want that kind of damage,I have other cards like Rolph,Wardom,Xu32.

Here's one I just cooked up: deleted

Price of cards constantly changes. All the other data are saved already. What you ask for would take quite a number of database requests each time you re-order your collection. It potentially puts a lot of stress on the servers. It may not exactly be a bad idea... it may also not be an unproblematic one.

wednesday 23/06/2010

Its forbidden to sell tanaereva.....check the UR rules..

Anyway collecting CRs is one thing but i'd try collecting the none CR cards first,

plus lets take a look shell we....Tanaereva vs A Award CR....enough said
nah im joking obviously tanaereva can help you earn more clintz if survivor or Death match and them clintz to go
towards getting A Award CR.

Im dragging this on..i'd normally say 'its your choice' but Tanaereva is my fav just keep him lmao smiley

Aye, the synergy of ability with the bonus really makes her more than average.

But for anyone who can afford her she's certainly a staple already :3

I think if you want to speed matches up, either reduce the timer, or reduce the points you need to get before matches get sped up. Normally it speeds up after about 100pts, so why not make it 50 points? People playing only one game or with bad connections will probably not make it that far so it won't effect them and allow them to play normally. Everyone else will have played at least 2 games meaning that they are trying to get some scores so they can play at the reduced times. No need to introduce new things, just tweaking the numbers of the existing system.

Yes I agree to that with every clan.

A lot of people will say that FPC is a weak clan but the players who know how to use them are amazing with em.

Oh ok, so there was a two week gap, but at least they released 6 cards, so we had 18 after 1 1/2 months.
now to reach that number with 4 cards we would need 2 1/2 months.

maybe they are running out of ideas for new cards and try to stretch the release time smiley

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