tuesday 20/07/2010

Ok thanks for letting me now it isnt worth

Also, you can click on cards in the middle of games if you're unsure about their abilities/bonuses. smiley

The best with pussy is still sakrohm even thought it gets killed by soa smiley if you want a clear to soa half just go use them with sob clan to beat gheist and roots, or with skeelz

The sit and wait:
Wait until the 4th round then hit them with everything uve got on one card

- If u hav reducers as ur first 3 cards uve pred much won the game with one card-very easy
- opp will be wastin pillz stoppin 'attacks' which rnt actually real

-Time wastin
- 2HKO's will kill u
- If predicted u r stuffed
- they will most likely be able to killu within the first 3 rounds.

Not recommended unless facin low damage deck and u hav a handful of reducers with one strong card

Please comment on the following:

Thank you and have a nice day!!!!

There you go.smiley

monday 19/07/2010

Well BD_subclavian i see where your coming from but Resuce only have 2 stop cards which are used Glosh and Vinny and Vinny isnt realy usable without his ability due to his 5 power, so that just leaves Glosh and MAYBE Beverly. On the other hand Jungo have aload of Stop cards which can be used without There ability (Greow, Scotty, Adler) and even Kreen has decent base stats to hold herself in a battle without her ability.

I do agree Rescue have a nice mono bonus which does force you to use pills or take damage, but i just dont think it makes up for the average power of 6.(Imo)

Anyway i guess its just personal preference

I also agree with MABanator, ALWAYS go for the packs.

Got a few good cards from packs but were all from the old shop; Coby (Action), Zatman (Danger), Caelus (New Blood) and Charlie (Rainbow).

Wow that was so slightly outdated !2006! Lol I'm still playing this over the ipod app

sunday 18/07/2010

Please rate and coment about this deck and tell me if its yay or nay http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1395869&list

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Having a good deck is never enough smiley

Thank you for your help. I did not know that about the Leader ability not being affected.

Also I am pretty sure that my Safari browser is not counting pills appropriately so I now do a count of my opponent and my own pills in my head. It saved me about 3 matches in the last tournament.

Thank you all

thats the deck im currently useing any updates to it or anything ideas for good decks in general let me know

No it means you get a group of cards from those 4 clans but no guarantee how many form each. So it can be highly mismatched. Or so I heard. Never bought a pack myself.

Don't use wanda... use a 1* from the clan, or anything else will screw sandro and sasha.. greem is the way to goy smiley

Okay thank you very muchsmiley

saturday 17/07/2010

They're awesome in all game modes but int T1 and elo you need to be carefull cause a 5* can be "heavy".

I would tell you not to buy them. They are good yes, but really expensive. So why waste money when you will get them for free? Get some other cards you need first using that money.

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1394512&commentLanguage=2 smiley

@SirElric How is that complaining? I'm just letting him/her know Vortex is not all that everyone is making them out to be. OPINION. Learn about it.

Yeah, you said aside from mixing but thats the way to go if you want to use ulu watu.
and wee lee and tanaereva are bannend smiley

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