friday 02/07/2010

Battle points from missions are put to your BP AKA exp AKA the numbers/ the number you need to level up

I'm GUESSING... you meant to ask what the MISSION points are for
And they're for nothing, just to show off on the missions page to see who's higher in # ranking between you and your friends

Yeah that's where you report bugs hehe

Since that was your original question, I'm gonna gonna answer your 2nd one XD...

OK, ok, it's cause one of you is in normal mode and the other is in no random smiley

My deck:

Mac Hen
Ogoun Kyu


Um...any mods around? Spammers suck.

Someone please close this, its pointless. The poster is obviously gone and now its just an opportunity for the players to spam and bring up older threads

Ambre is good for evry clan

thursday 01/07/2010

Honestly Toxica, they're really not OP. If you try playing with them in Elo, they're a very difficult clan to get right.

I think they'll be a lot like Rescue in terms of base stats and will rely on their bonus for sneaky bluffs and double bluffs etc... if they get the abilities right, the clan will be a very welcome addition as their play style is so unique.

I very much doubt, that they'll become a dominant force in Elo like All Stars or GHEIST, however, their bonus seems more like a Survivor style play.

Or keeping the expensive 1* Wandas and Gwens with no xp gained from the battle, as a way to save money

Coment on achéte des clintz

All clan is good for type 2 or elo. It all depends on how well you are able to use those cards.

"I suggest Vortex. You won't know until Friday, but they're a pretty beastly clan with the most overpowered bonus ever... "

Just in case this was actually intended as truth, no. Vortext are not OP in the slightest, not yet anyway.

Montana or Rescue would be the cheapest and one of the easiest places to begin.

You need Tyd AND Taljion. 100%.

I say go for this:

Hugo 5*
Kristin/Sting 4*
Tyd 3*
Andsom 3*
Taljion 3*
Ulrich 3*
Tula 2*
Hawkins Noel 2*

Soon as you can, upgrade the following:

Hugo to Selma (Dalhia later if you prefer).
Kristin/Sting to Scubb
Hawkins Noel to Hawkins.

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Hugo is far superior to Bridget in this context, and, tbh, most of the time.

Just try both and you'll see. smiley

I use something like the one above, but with Kristin and Eyrik instead of Scubb and Dalhia. Works fine for me, still didn't get the time to try 1400+, but it can easily get to 1300+

wednesday 30/06/2010

Just an alternative if some people found the official rules hard to understand for new players. Sorry for the ads. I just thought i would put that out there but if nobody liked it its not a big deal. Good point, newbies aren't going to be searching the forum very much. Thanks for bothering to reply though smiley

Wardog is missing from the list as are Jeeves, Ghoub and Lobo (even though I don't use these). If it has no ability I like it to have 8 power.

You are right about Tamy, before that it was Cassandra in August 2008, then Tyd and Mayhem, Leila, Jeeves, Ben, and Mario in the class of 2008, then you are getting back to the Rescue release.

@Da Bear: that's Good but i want to see his level 5 full art.. i might give you a random card from my investmentssmiley

@slify:i already looked at it.. it says Art 017.. and hikiyousan is the only card the artist has drawn

tuesday 29/06/2010

If RG365 is right, then Cool Attitude card might be Gabrielle, explaining her sudden drop in price.

Not a bad deck, actually. Luba and Darth should be first ones to change, to Bristone and Leviatonn, if you want to keep it as a mono gheist with a leader.

Or you can make a half deck with an attack manipulating clan. Beetenka, Glenn, Wayne stark, Oxen, Rubie or Frankie Hi depending on budget, Arkn, Platinum, Dolly and Methane makes a playable deck, and gives a shot against All stars and montana.

My advice.. Wait till new blood is filled with more vortex, then buy new blood.

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