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sunday 01/08/2010

Sol hona
uncomon price:1000
rare price 2-3000

I checked my battle history, and I'm pretty sure this was the only time I've played this opponent. I was playing on my phone - hopefully that doesn't make a difference.

If your looking to make a load of money you want to be buying the most expensive clans. that means ulu watu / jungo and nightmare or bangers or skeelz most probably. that way you can sell the cards off to make money and then buy the cards you wish for.

Now thinking about Ulu Watu or All Stars combine with Piranas or Vortex. I've got cards on these 4 clans, but like to choose 2.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

You should definatly try each of the different clans and not just stick to one particular one.. when you play with different clans and cards you get way more experience in how to handle different cards in different situtations and that makes you way better in playing this game.. and each person has his/her own playing style so maybe you just don't fit best with Nightmare right now

Check out my new preset deleted

Wait the 8/6 leader was captured so second of the leader would be
Eyrik- he is most powerful with ability

this is a pretty cheap elo deck around 7k

Yeah the necro bumping should stop.

This is a deck.

jungos rock!

comment an rate an plz read the bio

smiley from how long ago was this thread bumped? I thought something strange was going on when a lvl 57 was asking about gary...

My chat room has no problume?

Fights Type 2
Deathmatch Type 2 (beta)
Lost Warehouse

In the future of 2010 he is 130 clitz

Your not lvl 200 u liar

That be interesting

" I don't think UR is a 1337 speaking game"
0F k0UR2E i7 i2, 7heRe'2 plen7Y 0F ElI7I572 0n UR

anYwAY, 1 A9r33 W17h 73H 0p3n1N9 p057

saturday 31/07/2010

That be hilarious smiley

Ok enuff of this i close this now. thank you an good bye

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