thursday 17/06/2010

Yeah, generally speaking 25* decks are the best strategy in T1. Any further reduction in stars severely undercuts the quality of your deck, imho, even if you're using montana.

The reason people don't use three 5*s is because in T1/elo format, that means the other 5 cards are all 2*s (or contain a lot of unevolved 1*s). While your best draw of 5*x 3 + 2*x 1 would win alot, your worst draw of 2* x 4 would be virtually unplayable.

I did the Netflix thing and I didn't get any credits...... smiley

Ugh...just tried it out in DT. Feels exactly like hugtanasmiley

What clan

...DJ Korr ahem..... Dr. ANGEL-a errr Aurora? lol that didn't make sense

wednesday 16/06/2010

Bangers / Junkz - please comment this deck:

Well right now my current deck is



And I have a really hard time with people with Hugo... I'm constantly a pill or two short of winning.... but other than that I've been steam-rolling people. That's why I was asking. So do ya all think that is a decent deck build?

Unless you could make the minigames yourself and donate it to them, the UR staff would prolly not consider doing something as such, after all, why bother invest a large sum of money in something that won't give you much money? ( yea, game developers are dedicated to make the players happy, but not to the level where they lose money do they?)

I just...want them xD Honestly. I have every other clan. Those are just the ones I need to finish.

Haha go ahead then XD

i like it though

Depends on the deck, really.... but havin a SOA (even situational) will complicate the things to your opponent, the only thing I would use samantha over wendel is if I have big dmg cards and want my opponent to spend some pillz just to win my samantha

You could also try clearing your browser's cache; I usually do that when I can't see any rooms like you or when my collection wouldn't show any cards. (I use Firefox, but i generally have more than 50 tabs open)

I use Ambre most of the time with Piranas and either T2 Survivor or T2 DT
but still depends on your playing style
For me i like to use Ambre to support the low powered cards, such as Scubb, Ulrich and Tula (i know tula has low power but great ability but just imagine 6power vs 2 power it means less pills to use)

tuesday 15/06/2010

Pro tip:

Get lots of packs this Friday as soon as the new clan lands. And sell all new clan cards as fast as you can. The pricess will be scandalous during peak time (16 to 18 Paris time).

There will be far more demand than offers.

Keep El Gringo. He's better than Hammer.

I bought buck at 700 ctz

What you do is stare at the clans for about 10 minutes.....

Then pick the one that calls for you!

monday 14/06/2010

Two times I fail into the 1hko with no name + timber... I felt so idiot after that smiley

Yea, a survey is gonna be enough

It's luck of the draw. 4 random cards are picked from your deck every fight, it's not designed to make it a 50/50 split smiley

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