thursday 08/07/2010

More power for Smokey Cr. Try Sliman or Pesth, or possibly Scubb.


wednesday 07/07/2010

When I started I always played Ricardo first because I thought it was a good luck charm smiley
And in my FIRST game I put fury on all my cards instead of pilling them smiley

Luba to levationn if you can luba is not elo play since you meat way to many soa .
mini mud is ok to a point but i use zero dead or arkn in mini muds place
platinume is a ok card for many of those cards liek tula
but can change platinume to dolly or bristone
if you wont to change lin xia to a 4* like methane hes sturdy

mojo to pan
since you cange lin xia to methane you can also put in 2 more 3* like hel could become a 3* or 4 * thats is you did all the changes keep kolo need the 1 hit ko card just in case

I would rather face Ambre then Dj Korr Cr or Guru Cr anyday. Zatman is hard to kill much harder then Vickie

As a mostly Bangers user I fear noone.

But I don't like to face leaders like Hugo, Erik and Eklore, rest ain't a thereat, tho I play only elo so there are no uppers smiley

Slify sounded like a computer generated voice, to be honest. Computer voice, that had a flu. Through a cellphone connection. And 1984 had weird echo.

Some missions, like Griezzo's one, are secret.
You get a message when completed, but you won't know how far you are with it.

Use credits on New Bloods smiley
But if you get like Orlando's and other low clint cards then bad luck

Yeah Gratmxxt might be a good idea La Junta isnt known for damage reducers and i do have 10000 clintz 2 blow and I'll think about Chiro trish is just in my deck in case i run into robb or That 4/7 nightmare dude

Lets study the biggest life difference:

-The highest difference a single card can make is kreen vs soa, that gives you like: 7* +1 life per dmg: 14 + 2 life: 16 life for each kreen.
-A deck full os low powered soas
-The only thing we need is another jungo unevolved: askai in level 4 has the highest dmg (unevolved jungo) with 7 dmg +2 life= 9 life difference

16*3+9= 57 life difference smiley.. almost the 60 of lost warehouse. The ending result would be:

-you: 89 life
-him: 32 life

I think thats the highest until today


smiley Its alright im not losing now so dont worry

Thanks for sharing!

From the fact that there are never any pack consisting only of Commons, we can rule out the theory of "each card is drawn at random". There is a pattern to the way packs are made.

I changed to bangers so im closing it

tuesday 06/07/2010

Team: Abilities only Belong to Leader no other clan has one Support comes close but support increases the stats of 1 character if there are more then 1 character that is in the same clan take Sandro for example if he is in a mono skeelz deck he will get 10 power all the time but Team: abilities Take Eyrik for example he reduces an opponents power by 1 as long as that have more then 5 power and they usually do but use him with all stars and a 6 powered character can become a 3 powered character he is useful when taking on High powered characters like those in the Freaks clan

Kuei, in a clan where your bonus doesnt help you win you need a ability that helps. With SOB, even courage activated, you will be able yo go toe to toe with the best of clans seeing as he has 8 power.


Play it like this.
player a and player b are a team
they both have a 4 card deck
they get two random cards each
player a fights with one of his cards
then plyer b plays his card in the next round and so on and so fourth.

I'm still struggling in ELO Mode, are there any better ideas than a mono All Stars + Eyrik deck?

Thanks for the help!

Most sacky thing about time outs is that you will get them even though you have a lag or are suddenly disconected... this mechanism canceled my spree smileysmiley

Well at least I hope there is a way to improve ones fair play rating by battling enough times?

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