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sunday 25/07/2010

OP's profile shows has only played Bangers, Jungo, and Nightmare. Being level 14, he doesn't have any decent leaders yet. So here is the cheapest deck that I would recommend

B Ball

If you have Timber and Lennox, you can fury for a one hit KO. If you get Timber and not Lennox, don't waste your pillz on Timber. If you get one but not the other you want to do a two hit KO deck. If you win with anyone but B Ball then Lennox finishes them off. Also, with Timber you can two hit KO with teams like Saddy and Kluwn. Don't waste pillz into Timber, he will lose his fight.

In half a level you'll get Hugo, who is a MUCH better leader than Timber. Here's a simple Jungo deck for you to look forward to:


When you get Hugo everyone is a threat, especially in random. I mean, when you spend no pillz Pegh has 13 attack, so if your opponent doesn't get up to 26 attack you could win and gain 2 life. You won't KO very often, winning with more than 12 life gets you extra points for the daily tournaments.


This is cheaper than the previous one. You have more ability variety, like poison and double stop action. Eadh and Erzsebet don't do great damage but they are hard to beat, so use them to respond to your opponent's threats. Mojo is best held back for when your opponent overspends and you can fury with her.

I got 15 credits for All Stars and Chan for Skeelz in price chan isn't that pricey but Power chan is awsome

For you smiley

Well if you were looking to make a mono deck a good clan to use would be la junta- high damage and many support cards perfect for mono. You could pair them up with ambre to get those two cards going first to get that high power boost.

If you were looking for a dual-clan deck there are many possibilities out there, just find what clan bonus you like or what clan you know well and start out with that.

Nice deck, but i just pubilshed my mono junta deck: http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1406931&list
Maybe now i should collect clintz and buy some 5*-s to play T2 ? What do u think ??

Neat.thanks peeps.close...

Yeah, and whats the point of URDB if you don't know where to look

Ok, so my deck is:

Windy Mor
Yu Mei
Miken Moose

i need help....
type 1 please!

my other cards:

Mini Mosu
Xia Leming
Ogoun Kyu
Mac Hen

It's pretty decent, or atleast I think so.


Vortex, Gheist, and Cealus.

Neloe, Arkn, and C Wing are essentially fodder for the firing line. Though they allow the enemy to loose pillz as well as activate the revenge abilities. 34 Damage for a 25 star deck, which isn't too bad.Cealus there because he's an amazing bluff and when it comes down to it he can take out the best.

Ok Skeelz has abilities that come from all cards from each clan, they all have abilites so yes cards are going to look similar.

Mona 6/4 -2 opp pow min 4
Prince Jr 5/3 -2 opp pow min 4
Prince is a 2* version of Mona

Both are usable and powerful

saturday 24/07/2010

Any way
@ mandaji
the way it stands playing fast some times is a must an some times you have to play the game for 4 rounds to get the most points out of it. you got to learn when to do that.

your * matter in your dt deck heavly. for the points you get. your life above 12 an pillz you have left over also affect your score at the end of the battle.

playing slow pros you get a large amount of points in a game.
cons you have to win alot of the rounds to get a realy high score you play slow an lose you drop dt score fast.

playing fast pros make decent points fast like 12-18 wich add up fast.
cons you wil lose more battles then you win. most of the time.

so only thing you need to do is build a deck suited for dt's an play it with speed of your choice. so good luck

You got realy 68% total when drawing 4 cards if you add it up.
prity sure

Protection: Attack wud be awsum
like a 6/2 2* in the uppers with it

Agree, it was a bad example and it's not what this thread is about. Let's move on.

I saw someone made a t1 place to show your preset but not a t2 so put your here
here my deleted

Maybe a 4 deck kolos with glorg,ghumbo,nistarok and ambre

friday 23/07/2010

Well when you go to buy a pack thats realy up to you.

new blood has exspencive card from the first day to one week then new blood become cheap. alot of the time
elite high chance of geting the clan cards you wont then theres the classice pack you pick 3 more clans but you could get good cards. all up to you.

Quote: kTizzle(TCA) - "Junta: Knives-self explanatory-should've been bullets though"

I think it should have been bomb shells...Yea, bomb shells. Bomb shells would seem a lot cooler in my opinion.

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