tuesday 15/06/2010

I bought buck at 700 ctz

What you do is stare at the clans for about 10 minutes.....

Then pick the one that calls for you!

monday 14/06/2010

Two times I fail into the 1hko with no name + timber... I felt so idiot after that smiley

Yea, a survey is gonna be enough

It's luck of the draw. 4 random cards are picked from your deck every fight, it's not designed to make it a 50/50 split smiley

Hmmm, atm, the best skeelz half would be:
redra for a 1st choice and everyone else( except wilhelm) in certain situations.
that is only if you're on a budget, if not, use caelus for the 4*s

Bangerz go good wit all stars
Hav: Marina, Striker, Jessie and Robb
and: Blaaster, Loocio, Juicy Lord and Graff
and yeh skeelz and bangerz are mehsmiley

Hey Gang, I was wondering if anyone has any ideas or suggestions for improvements? (Going one clan, new cards, etc.) Any advice is more than welcome!

Deck is as follows:



sunday 13/06/2010

You may be in a no random room, but are you SET to no random? if you are set to indifferent, and your opponent is set to random, then you'll be playing random.


Question answered. thread closed

saturday 12/06/2010

@Isuicide i agree with Skeelz,Jungo,Nightmare but Rescue? what was you thinking lol, there not a very good clan as it is, and aint worth alot either.

Anyway to answer the question, just get ghiest lol.

If you want to get clintz the best choice would be : Skeelz,Jungo,Nightmare,ulu watu.

Closing this now

Thank you for the tip, as for screenshots however, you can't take one in time, as the battle is over when the bug occurs.


Why would you want to see Kate's house? She scares me..

Replace Wardom with Toro.

Alright thanks guys i'll definitely wait and see what this portal business is about and if it's nothing i'm interested in i'll probably go with Piranas just because they're cheaper and i'm not really loaded with clintz haha. Thanks everyone!

Lets see I got
Bunny Malmoth Chikko Cr Natrang Vryer Ataoualpet Ricardo and some other crappy card. That was a terrible deck and I only had a chance when I got Malmoth. Sure I got 10k by selling Chikko CR but that well after I got already had a decent deck.

friday 11/06/2010

You cannot see the mission on cards but under the mission tab you will see all missions that are not secret missions.

To see all missions you on http://urmissionwiki.wikidot.com/

Ok so im thinking of adding Leviatonn into it and maybe Anibal but i dunno...could anyone help me?

heres the deck


thx if you could

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