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friday 23/07/2010

Well when you go to buy a pack thats realy up to you.

new blood has exspencive card from the first day to one week then new blood become cheap. alot of the time
elite high chance of geting the clan cards you wont then theres the classice pack you pick 3 more clans but you could get good cards. all up to you.

Quote: kTizzle(TCA) - "Junta: Knives-self explanatory-should've been bullets though"

I think it should have been bomb shells...Yea, bomb shells. Bomb shells would seem a lot cooler in my opinion.

Will somebody please check it outsmiley

What r these free offers that your talking about???
and i am still having a bit of trouble winning enough fights to even place in elo...
i guess that i am just not having a deck that i find i am comfortable with to place in the Dt, or Elo

Thank you all for all your suggestions. kkep them coming i am open to all opinions... Plus i think this can help others to

thursday 22/07/2010


She is amazing! +8 attack is just as good as +1 power. Also, she has 7 damage with her bonus! That is alot for a 3*! So she is basically 7/7 for 3*

? isn't that what I said? if you play 5 you get 3 back..

There is an elo section for thesesmiley

DO u think a pussycats deck with all their good 4 and 5* cards with Splashed graks and Ambre as leader wud be good?

Pls say y/ y not

wednesday 21/07/2010

Thanx i will stick with naginata

I'd say DTs give the most 'aderneline rush' due to being under pressure and fighting against the clock, losing a battle in that can change your overall rank from 5-6th anything to 60-70th with one loss.
I dont really find ELO much of an 'aderneline' just more of a stressful pain, even when im winning i know im going to go on a losing streak sooner or later so its just all round annoying lol.
As for survivor i'd say its tense more as you go along, i couldnt speak out of experience due to only having a winning streak of 9 smiley

Epic bump? Pls close this

It's because Bridget's ability will only work At the start of each round after the first one, the player with Bridget in their team receives one extra Life point.

Just don't bother with them, they're expensive to maintain, you can do just fine without semi evos. If you want to know, make sure you know what you're doing.

Wow, can't believe I been playing for this long and never gave courage a second thought. If I knew this back when I started I would have a lot more battle wins...O.M.G

I also can't believe how ignorant I have been about this ability. I was thinking this:

*First Round

Uhh, no, it's just 4 rares. That means you could get, say 30 Nightmare (not possible of course) and four of them are rare, or 7 of 2 clans and 8 of the other two, and maybe all the rares would be from one clan.

tuesday 20/07/2010

Ok thanks for letting me now it isnt worth

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