tuesday 29/06/2010

Not a bad deck, actually. Luba and Darth should be first ones to change, to Bristone and Leviatonn, if you want to keep it as a mono gheist with a leader.

Or you can make a half deck with an attack manipulating clan. Beetenka, Glenn, Wayne stark, Oxen, Rubie or Frankie Hi depending on budget, Arkn, Platinum, Dolly and Methane makes a playable deck, and gives a shot against All stars and montana.

My advice.. Wait till new blood is filled with more vortex, then buy new blood.

If you want to level up fast then take Vansaar in the Lost Warehouse. But if you want to do missions while training, minus Vansaar and go to the L.W. room.

I hate + power or - power the most. I'm usually stupid enough to forget about it and either lose or waste pillz.

Strip for clintz!smiley (It works for Charliesmiley)

@wildthing: yes, that's true, but most new players don't read the specific rules, they simply learn the basics through kate and go around leveling up. that also means they don't really like reading cards( i didn't until i was lv 10-15).

monday 28/06/2010

Yeah true, i play a lot of dm too, and win often enough but an avg of ~27 bp/game is just not realistic. (even possible?)

That would be plain stupid

what makes UR the game it is is it's simplicity. You have just 5 basic things in this game: life, pills, power, damage, level. ( i don't count attack as it results from pills*power)

that's it, that's all the parameters in the game and all abilities in this game manipulate only these (you can count soa and sob as the exact opposite of the ability/bonus they cancel).

because of that simplicity you can play many games in a short time, and modes like dm and things like daily tournaments become possible. that's the most important thing dividing ur from other online card games.

now in detail. feminist clan? =>pussycats. and why should i play it if i can play allstars that does the same thing to all genders.
also to add some more and new abilities and elements to already existing cards would require the whole game to be redesigned, every card to be rebalanced and actually that wouldn't be UR anymore but some random card game.

If you don't like UR as it is, don't play it.

Thanks, either way im bad at both of them smiley

sunday 27/06/2010

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Yeah to keep the 5th star you have to win a DT or w/e the new stipulations to get it are now, and accomplish the same thing again (like if you had the 5th star for 3 days and you win another DT, you'll have it for an additional 7 days, unless you're say 6 days away from the 31 days from buying credits, in which you'll only have them for 6 days and on the 7th, although you won a DT a week ago, you'll still have no stars to show. Unless you buy credits again that very day, you'll be back to 5 stars but you'll have to win a DT again that day or the next day to keep it)

So you are saying that Rolph is like Kano?

Here's some advice for paring clans:

Do the bonuses work in decent synergy?
- All clans can be mixed, but some work together better than others. +life and poison, for example, can be very effective.

Do the abilities and bonuses work in synergy?
- What I mean here is can you get one clans ability to work together with the others bonus? Good examples would be:
All stars and Skeelz - Chiara has -2 power (same as the All Star bonus) and can be used very well with the clan.

Are the two clans you're mixing making the most of their star counts?
- Some clans are stronger in certain areas, Piranas are very srong in the 2-3* department, while Nightmare have some amazing 4-5*. They make a great team because of this.

Well, while you're saving I suggest you replace Hel with Eadh. Much more solid.


Combined with Dwan she is huge, and she is great at bluffing/calling bluffs. Can also go through DR.

ELO: 18:00 Elo you beat gladiator2006, Urban Rivals survivors (6-0): 1312 ELO
17:56 Elo you won by forfeit against YT - Muggi, Young Talents (9-10): 1292 ELO
17:54 Elo you lost against LN Isamaru (3-smiley: 1282 ELO
17:48 Elo you beat -N0-VeGe, Natural Obsession (8-0): 1294 ELO
You can choose Oshitsune over glorg when he's not elo banned but i think theres alot of chemistry going on when glorg is used with leviatonn.

saturday 26/06/2010


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Yep i agree to shadowcouncil smiley

In case it matters, at the end of the round you deal damage first, then do life loss, then poison. So if you win a round with Maciej with his bonus then Piotr the second round, here's what happens:

They have 7 life going into the round. Piotr deals 2 damage to them, taking them to 5. Piotr's ability then kicks in, taking them to 2 life. Then the poison happens, but does nothing since they are below 3 life.

1 thing that shadow missed, if you are in the same event, you could go to the training room to fight.

That free pill must be removed!!! Not using Pills on Vortex while in battle is an abuse!!!

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