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sunday 28/12/2014

saturday 27/12/2014

[Lottery] Luckiest Player On Earth

64 players - 10k Entrance Fee

When you'll be 64 I will execute 6 different extractions. For each draw the players will be halved in number.

-Players NOT extracted will win a prize.
-Players extracted will continue the game.

Draws and prizes will be divided as follows:

1st Draw) 64 to 32 Players -> 32 people not extracted win 1 Dean
2nd Draw) 32 to 16 Players -> 16 people not extracted win 1 Graven
3rd Draw) 16 to 8 Players --> 8 people not extracted win 1 Yayoi
4th Draw) 8 to 4 Players ---> 4 people not extracted win 1 Robb Cr
5th Draw) 4 to 2 Players ---> 2 people not extracted win 1 Kenny Cr
6th Draw) 2 to 1 Player ---> Winner takes Jackpot/ Loser takes Caelus Cr

If you come extracted in 6 consecutive draw... yes, you're the luckiest player on Earth smiley

Approximate value of the prizes: 1M in Cards + 608k Jackpot smiley

Free2Join , NO clintz & NO Donations
Lottery done with Random.ORG only, Screen section later on the Belgium( Holland) Forum
Question, ASK!!!
as a little kid dreamed to make people smile, UR let me do that dream and makeing lotterys for people who have less cards
People that banned me in your Banlist CANT ENTER NO MATTER WHAT.
Proof That i am not a scammer or something like that!
I AM ART ! Lotto
The Twelve Gods of Olympians - Apollo Lottery
Lucius Lottery ( So proud about this one!

Join HERE :

Iam asking the same question.

wednesday 24/12/2014

You have to speak italian to join?

saturday 20/12/2014

Still 5 teams to join. The event starts this Friday the latest

You need to beat her ten times, and this should be in bugs, not tourneys and events

friday 19/12/2014

@ Waster: They still track what cards are popular in elo. It determines what cards are listed on the format election page. The staff has also referred to this information when discussing changes to the permanent ban list.

It looks like no guild wants to challenge us smiley

Are we that good? smileysmiley

thursday 18/12/2014

Why FR and not UR?

Thanks for that and I would if I wasn't just barely a "Guru" and had a ton of extra cards lying around to just give away.

tuesday 16/12/2014


> 2k Entrance fee
> Great Prizes
> Fun format [20* Draft]

1st: Jackie Cr (thanks to ghelas)
2nd: Cassio Cr +25% of prize Money (Thanks to ghelas)
3rd: Sylth Cr + 50% of Prize Money
4th: Gil +25% of Prize Money

monday 15/12/2014

A CR lottery to celebrate Xmass smiley
join and bring your friends with you smiley

Xmass CR Lottery

sunday 14/12/2014

friday 12/12/2014

Prize list updated and time to join extended therefore in turn the time to play will be extended out to reflect the start date as well as the rounds smiley

Do i get to post my event on your thread as well? smiley
lol jk

Christmas Time in Clint City 3 as CyanYoshi said above smiley simple format and your garunteed some sort of prize regardless

wednesday 10/12/2014

Hi English Urban Players i am doing this event for the christmas so if u want to fill up http://www.urban-rivals.com/events/?id_event=105215

saturday 29/11/2014

Nicely asking is better than begging, you could even make a friend off of just how cool you were about the situation and not tripping because the guy says no, ya know?

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