friday 19/09/2014

Need you guys smiley

thursday 18/09/2014

To keep up to date with my latest events, join -> The Infinite Universe

Mini Lottery - Games - ​​Challenges ... ready to be placed in the game?

wednesday 17/09/2014

I will be taking over this event for now.

Turret #4

The prizes will change ever so often. smiley

sunday 14/09/2014

saturday 13/09/2014

Sorry, still not the right forum, but better than where it was smiley

friday 12/09/2014

The Twelve Gods of Olympians - Apollo Lottery

- Free entree.
- Minigames smiley!
- Maybe meet some friends?
- Relax and maybe win CARDS!

!!!!!! People get chosen by :!
Printscreen all the Numbers and post it in the comments section!
I never keep the donated cards and i'll List you in the 'Prizes to be won' section , What you gifted! !!!!!!!

The Twelve Gods of Olympians - Apollo Lottery
Join NOW!

Excuse me, I did not edit a poem without telling anyone.

I merely added a hyphen ( - ) after it was requested by the poster

sunday 07/09/2014

friday 05/09/2014

Bump while Trippie is on vacation. Join before he gets back!

wednesday 03/09/2014

Join up! Great event made my a great event maker

tuesday 02/09/2014

deleted deleted deleted deleted

monday 01/09/2014

Commencing the Annual Purge:

Everything is legal including murder for 12 hours.

The government and all aid including hospitals, police etc shall be stopped.

You must fight your way through the night to stay alive!

Only 5 shall stay Alive Tonight!

Have you got the courage to stay alive on this night?
Join up people and take revenge on the ones you hate!
The Annual Purge.

sunday 31/08/2014

saturday 30/08/2014

deleted is a newsletter containing the BEST events that the English community has to offer.

You will be notified via PM whenever an event uprises aswell as whenever certain events are open.

With lotteries for cards aswell and new events coming out every few days, why not join deleted ? it is completely free smiley.


friday 29/08/2014

thursday 28/08/2014

Good evening or good morning!
The International WOP Guild is born! Would you be willing to take on a wop guild with your alliance? Think you will be able to compete with the best guilds in the game? Apply and woppez!

If you need information, mp me!

friday 22/08/2014

Scommetti CR !

Fast before cr coming. Bet on the next cr, 50k and more of jackpot and a little lottery. smileysmiley

monday 18/08/2014

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