monday 08/01/2018

I used to love them. Always so much fun.smiley

sunday 07/01/2018

Is there no way to change laguage options in client?
my steam and pc are in english yet urban rivals gets translated into my native language (dutch)
but it is the worst translation I have seen anywhere in my life, it triggers me so much,
worst thing is ... it used to be in english
from one day to another t changed, and now I'm stuck with poor translationwork

Found the special snowflake.

Nice! I can finally get the legendary without doing the annoying clan specific missions!

saturday 06/01/2018

Prices will go up. I invest a lot and to be honest, I would much rather have the prices be lower and cards more obtainable than make a profit.. Everyone's main concern should be the well being of UR. Cheaper prices are healthy for free/new players. And as someone who has spent quite a bit, I am actually OK with UR catering more towards new players. Make those clan packs permanent. Cycle through them every day or every other day. Berserk Prices actually dropped. Let it keep dropping..

I've definitely typed it correctly

I have an Iphone 8, I downloaded it two weeks ago on a 6. Would that be the problem?

Thank you so much Rowdy! Very helpful smiley

Better Strategy

Turn 1 Win with Sylth Cr
Turn 2 win with Nekron
Turn 3 lose with DR from Jungo or Skeelz
Turn 4 lose with DR from Skeelz or Ginnifer

friday 05/01/2018

About half of the new Ld cards cater to Type 2 and half cater to Type 1. Note that in some clans both are commonly used in Type 1 and visa versa.

thursday 04/01/2018

I got Nahi Cr in season 4, haven't compleated Season 1

You forgot to publish it, or just copied wrong link ;p

Huracan is usually the best: derby queen, zapatino, el mariachi, tengu, magistrado ld, Mama Killa, El Parasito, El Matador. Old with zapatino/one of the four stars and the al goes all in. Quetztal for El matador (if possible); wonder lana, rey mono, Mr pollo are all alternatives. Believe me huraracan for the win (:

Getting Linkos sucks cause you could just buy his arcade episode for 20 credits easily. Instead Greedy lost a full week of trying to randomly get a "non arcade" ld he may have wanted.

Overall if against atk manipulation, i use upper..

other than that i was use gheist


wednesday 03/01/2018

Season 1: 270 Stars = Kommandon Ld or 1 Silver Tokenz if you already have him.

*In the event you own an Ld rewarded in arcade, you get 1 Silver Tokenz instead.

tuesday 02/01/2018

DJ Korr Cr most likely won't go Mt simply because of how few are already in circulation.

But I can only guess like everyone else smiley

When your whole collection is worth 6 million but people are creating threads like these on the forums...


monday 01/01/2018

Ohhh, thanks @Thoazol !smiley

You can use 100 tokenz on either bronze, silver or gold crates to get a random collector, depending on wich crate you open you'll get a collector worth a certain range of clintz, i think bronze is 50k-160k, silver is 160k-1.6M and gold is 1.6M-20M.

Theres no public stats that I know of sorry.

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