monday 30/10/2017

Just buy 5 new blood instead smiley

sunday 29/10/2017

Beautiful, congratulationssmiley


Great! Glad to hear that.smiley

175k for average players onlysmiley= normal life
1m5+ pro players= no life
I know someone in XC back in 2015 played ur 18 hours a day for 2 weeks , elo and dt, he won Guru cr in Elo, and Another Guru Cr in DT. I forgot how many clintz he won smiley

saturday 28/10/2017


That did not sound right. I`m sure it would be better to call this thread: Ideas for a Season 3 Arcade Guide smiley.

Just leave the title as it is.

I am trying my best to create relevant and fast guides. Suggestions to help other players helpful.

I have already cleared Season 3 Arcade HQ 1 and 2 just so you know. It is to give guidance to others.

friday 27/10/2017

My guides are also available on Steam.

wednesday 25/10/2017

Say me cards to make all 5 missions at weekly ld?for all of this 5 mission what cards,example at first mission at second mission...8 card minimum example at one mission...thanks

I was on the game's FB page ( and they have some interesting teasers for the new bloods , the new comic and an event tomorrow. I'm guessing a GhosTowner and a Nightmare. The Butcher will be a Raptor.

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Since you got almost all of the bonuses active anyway, the only difference is the bank. In a more active guild you could ask for certain cards if you needed any of them, and now you (presumably) only have what's in it to work with.

tuesday 24/10/2017


monday 23/10/2017

Very nice I wouldn't mind one just pm me a few ones you have as I'm not really sure on what I would like 100k clintz budget smiley

And the winner is DUC basdekker.
Wow. What r the odds. smiley
Thank u all guys. I love u all.smiley

friday 20/10/2017

Happy deepavali!!!

I managed to submit my work for public view. You only unlock that feature when you spend $5.00 worth on Steam.

If you are new to Steam, your balance starts out at $0.00. To enable public features of Steam, you need to spend on the equivalent of $5.00 USD on Steam to unlock more features. That $5.00 could be spent on other games, features or simply adding money onto your Steam Account to spend on a later date.

Be warned it is non refundable.

I am hoping staff will be lenient and the Admin part where they can view means UR Admins have access so you can save some money. You might not have access to public view, but it is better than not having your entry marked if you think about it.

You should ask an Admin about this in more detail.

If you play on the browser only and not any of the other media, then go to settings on your profile and click external applications and revoke access if there are any. The app, desktop, and steam versions count as external applications if you are still logged in however if you are not using them then this is a good place to start. I use the browser version for forums and the Steam version for battles, but once I get back on the browser after battles, I always revoke that access that I had from Steam. Just means that I have to sign in again that's all.

thursday 19/10/2017

I dont know your real intentions, but this anti-marketing campaing is both ridiculous and unsuccessful.
And Im not the kind of person who sits on the lap of staff to ask for gifts.. I complain a Lot, privately. Its more efective and elegant in my opinion.
Is there mistakes? Yes, lots. Lucky the staff they have a playerbase worried to help them to fix it to make it better.
So keep wasting your time trying to bring them down while they improve the game even more.

*You can always get the Ld from weekly missions after Season 3. HQ4.
The reason why people such as myself still try no matter how boring is because 124* = Cr card. Bronze or Silver...
The other 30 Stars are at your own pace.

I only worked on Hardcore since Normal Mode uses the exact same deck, so it would be a waste of time to make a tutorial to cover both.

wednesday 18/10/2017

Relogging helps for me too.

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