sunday 29/12/2013

Mono Rescue is cheaper so go with rescue.

wednesday 25/12/2013

D4 Funk

Z3r0 D34d

Any suggestions would be helpful....

My personal thoughts.... play a lot

Certainly makes a defensive Kitty half. Good preset. C:

tuesday 24/12/2013

smiley Nice use of a powerful low * Fang Pi Clang half smiley
If you're worried about SOA dare I suggest Nakata to Muntendon (?) A bit risky but it frees a * and retains a Stop: ability
then one of those 4*s to Naele or Zoid (?)

sunday 22/12/2013


saturday 21/12/2013

Any ideas i have most characters...?

If you using Skeelz as mono, i suggest to use Redra instead of Spiaghi. ( to make full use of Support in your deck )
With Dr,Kephren,Plunk,Snowflake,Sandro,Sasha and Redra would be 21*. You cant add Minerva/Logan anymore.
I would go with Belgosi but you can choose Jay or Aigwon. i would avoid Corvus, Damian and Manfred.

friday 20/12/2013

Miss Stella to Virginia - SoA is more important than the 8 attack
Corrina to Ngrath - Ngrath is great against bigger DR (Maurice, Lady, Uranus) and he can do 6 damage for a 3*

thursday 19/12/2013

He has been removed by staff. Ignorants now have valid votes smiley

deleted for the preset link

tuesday 17/12/2013

FPC has quite a few rock solid cards without even having to dip into their 5 stars. Basically the characters that others have already brought up, plus I have found Fei to be a real lifesaver many times now. He is very versatile and can be deployed against the lights of common threats like Eddie, Sandro, Coleridge, Puff, Tyd, Diana, and the entire Frozn clan.

monday 16/12/2013

I suggest Dalhia Cr, Hawkins, Raeth, Ector

You'll want your Piranas to win, hence you should go easy on the defeat cards like Morgane and Calliope.

sunday 15/12/2013

I don't think he'll be banned. I think Pirahnas will be a half-deck for pill manip. Something like Hawkins, Parmabarb, Amiral Coco, and Hawkins Noel looks like an excellent 8* half deck. If anything, I think it will get Hawkins banned. Even Calliope over Hawkins Noel is 10*, and quite good.

friday 13/12/2013

If Graven is unbanned, I'd probably use the 5/3 suggested by wats_happenin as my preference for this clan combination. smiley

With all respect to troll4663 for contributing to the thread (which I totally encourage), I feel like any configuration including Uma, Esther, Saho or Belle is a downgrade. You want to drop Lola (?!) or Elvis (?!?!) for those borderline-terrible characters just to upgrade Kephren to Minerva?

To be honest, the current deck isn't too bad. The choice I'd be most concerned with is Miho (who has her useful moments, but is a little shaky). That is easily fixed with a switch like DUC-j00 suggested (though I'd pick Chiara Cr over Snowflake for my preference).


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