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saturday 17/07/2010

A new game room idea
Hard core aka H.C

This mode if you have a tournemtent or a dm kinda. it give credits out.
Credit prizes are a bit high. Maybe 1st - 3cred, 2nd -2 cred, 3rd one cred, and clintz to rest.

can see both hands.you can see your hands.like all ways.
you take your turns like all ways.
you play your card an then your opp plays there card. the round will go an then a new round.

this idea is to make playing the game harder.
this idea can be type-O

the reason i say type-0 is this more should be 20* decks
yes you can only use 20* in the hole deck maken haven more then 2 5* nearly imposible.

hears the big change 6 or 4 pillz 12 life.
thats right a 6 or 4 pill game format. really test a players skillz with there cards.
got to keep out staff banned cards. theres a reson there staff banned. =P
I think people will like this room.

it realy test a player skills at this game.
since the deck formats will have to use the low lvl cards this game room will show off what 3* an 2* are made of if they do use a 5* they can still put in 1 3* 6 2* so its posible to have a 5* in the deck much harder huh.

this will realy test a players abilitys with his/her cards no matter who there fighting aginst.

thats why its called Hard Core.

this is what i sent in hope you like it i close this now

Yes just Danger Zone and Fight Club

And actually they do gain the bonuses. you are just thinking of Leader clan, No if you have 3 Jackie and 1 Vickie Cr you wont get the bonus, because you need atleast one of the same members in your deck apart from the one you have 3 of. Want a foolproof plan? use a 3/3/2 split of the clans best members

friday 16/07/2010

Piranas go great with lots of clans, pill manipulation + good atk manip is great, i love to play them with uppers or montana smiley
nightmare + allstars are sick combo to

You can find all cards art and the artist on http://urdb.kirlad.net/

The new Sentinel Katja is an obvious successor to Copper
I dont really know who came first, Azgroth or Estalt, but the one who came second is the successor to the other

I see it this way

Mods= The people we see alot of the time, Do alot of community work
Admins= the puppets who pull the strings, tell admins what to do, make sure nothing gets too out of hand

@the stars
In case you're confused, ELO/T1 modes have certain deck requirements (ie. the total stars in your deck cannot exceed 25). So, if a player wants to use a 5* card instead of a 4* card, they'll have to subtract a star somewhere from in their deck. Cards mentioned above have pretty good stats/abilities at a lower level, so that helps in these situations.

A mono deck for Jungo would be hard but i think doable, By mono i mean with uranus in there (lol) smiley
So if were talking about this week we can just forget Sylth, replace Sylth with Greow this week, Sylth's posion isnt getting anywhere this week with the amount of Roots/Eklore about smiley Also i would suggest a Leader...Ambre to be exact, with the amount of Eklore leaders about your gonna NEED the extra power to keep up with the pill loss.

So il make you a deck smiley
Ambre - 5*
Greow - 4*
Niva - 4*
Uranus/Radek - 3*
Nyema/Odile - 3* (Nyema if you choose Uranus, Odile if you pick Radek)
Mindy - 2*
Pegh - 2*
Wendy/Elea - 2* (Switch Wendy to Elea if you run into Roots/Eklore to much)

Looks powerful but i dont collect Jungo anymore so i wouldnt know smiley . However i have played in ELO all week and i know SOA is a big thing this week, along with bloody Eklore lol. So maybe if you REALLY wanted you could use Niva at Level 3 and bump Odile to Scotty, only would recommend that this week though.

And one last thing, if ambre doesnt work for you Hugo will, but im more of a ambre guy smiley

I dunno, Caelus, Ghumbo, Oshitsune and Dwan might help you win some games.

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2 threads for the same purpose when there are two sticky threads to post our decks?

I usually use la junta clan but I just recently collected all accept one vortex an I have been winning almost every single time even tho they are lackin in damage so when the new ones out there going to have some heavy hitters takin opponents out the third round but all I'm sayin is that when then they are here Ima be ready to go

I got a Scubb for 111 clintz

DerMagus is right in his first post smiley

Ahh ok thanks anyway shadowcouncil smiley

Anyone else have any suggestions?

thursday 15/07/2010

Og oflygn does not suck he has 5 damage and a 1 life gain per damage
with fury that makes a difference of 14!!!!

If you're playing outside of ELO/T1 (outside of rooms that limit deck size to 25*), which you're probably doing, then you're not worried about star count during deck building (ie. swap Sargh for a nicer 4*/5*). Are you having trouble winning? What room are you playing in?

"I really ment getting rid of the checking of posts. And yes I know what moderating a forum really means as I do it."

"A new section on the forum for general talk or even free forums without premoderation would make this forum more friendly and friendships will be easier to make."

Easier for spammers, racists, haters, and people who like insulting other people to post unwanted messages as well. This is not a forum for Boxing talk where trash-talking can be seen from left to right. Ever think about the kids who play the game? Ever even wonder how many hundreds of unwanted posts get rejected on a daily basis in the English forum alone? If I accept them all I'm sure you'd be surprised on how many threads will die of spams, smiley bombs, and how many messages containing attacking insults and hate towards other players would pop up. Some would even be surprised about the people they call friends who actually had intentions of posting negative stuff towards them. It will create more hate and chaos than good.

In the end I'd say what has been said before:
This is how the people up high wants it to be. This is how UR wants to run things. If you have a problem, concern, or suggestion, you're welcome to contact customer support.

More likely to be deathmatch missions. Don't know if they'll ever do anything with mission points.

Fair play is only effected by timing out.

Leaving a battle does not effect this as you're waving a white flag and admitting defeat, not timing out to be a nuisance.

Is it just me or just about every mod's posts that existed on this thread disappeared?

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