wednesday 23/06/2010

I think if you want to speed matches up, either reduce the timer, or reduce the points you need to get before matches get sped up. Normally it speeds up after about 100pts, so why not make it 50 points? People playing only one game or with bad connections will probably not make it that far so it won't effect them and allow them to play normally. Everyone else will have played at least 2 games meaning that they are trying to get some scores so they can play at the reduced times. No need to introduce new things, just tweaking the numbers of the existing system.

Yes I agree to that with every clan.

A lot of people will say that FPC is a weak clan but the players who know how to use them are amazing with em.

Oh ok, so there was a two week gap, but at least they released 6 cards, so we had 18 after 1 1/2 months.
now to reach that number with 4 cards we would need 2 1/2 months.

maybe they are running out of ideas for new cards and try to stretch the release time smiley

tuesday 22/06/2010

I would have loved it.

You could have a leader with +50% Clintz, +65% Xp(For Yourself) -1 opp life, Min 4.
Just some idea's, There are plenty.

3* maybe sigma earns a spot somewhere near the top too? if not hit by soa she is a game changer. so is sylth for 4 stars.

Where Selma trumps Dalhia here is her any time +2. This equates to a +14 attack if you over-pill and win, which actually makes her a stronger attacker in many situations.

I wanted this thing to be as unpredictable as possible due to the nature of the Vortex bonus, in this context I honestly see Selma as the superior choice (bear in mind, I much prefer Dalhia as a card overall).

I can see the merits of Ulrich certainly, he's a wonderful bluff attacker/fury card. Solid 8 power does more for me in this deck, though.

The preset got deleted....last time I checked, it had a -180 ratingsmiley If memory serves, it was:

Hula 1*
Aylen (the chick with the pink clouds)

I mean can at least one person give me some tips before I try this out.

Any suggestions for a type 1 ghiest deck but I also want to fit Ambre in it.

Bogdan, Wolfgang, Grudj, Olga
Scopica, Nyema, Pegh, Mindy

I thought the third one was good till the isaw the vortex one

monday 21/06/2010

Mission Points are just a score you can use to compare yourself to your friends. They don't do anything else.

Hey i havent had feeback on this deck yet, I was thinking chaning hugo for gibson and introducing 2 star spiaghi for lolly thus allowing me to level my four star card to four stars, as the ability + 2 pillz is at least good to mess with your opponents stratergy. Ps I saw a 95000k vortex deck, if I came agains that I would not know what to do as the other half of the deck was full of damage reducers and pill manipulators too, just overpowered with no obvious counter, and certainly not for a few thousand clintz.

"You just dont get it guys. just think of Liam and Aigwon, you drew them, have both protection:ability as a bonus then all of a sudden their SOA is not protected because they are against other Skeelz. dont they have the rights to have their abilities protected too or they usually loose their bonus against other Skeelz?"

to answer this:
Oh yes their SOA is protected by their protection:ability hence their SOA cannot be SOA'd by another Liam or Aigwon from Skeelz (even though it is rather pointless to SOA an SOA which is also trying to stop your SOA). They're still there and active. Their SOA is protected against other Skeelz so yeah they have all the rights to have their ability protected. And again, the SOA of Liam and Aigwon cannot cancel another card's ability if the said ability is being protected by "protection:ability". In short, Liam and Aigwon can never ever hit other Skeelz' abilities with SOA if said Skeelz have their protection:ability bonuses activated. I think what you're meaning to point across is that Liam and Aigwon should be able to stop an opposing Skeelz' ability even if they have their protection:ability bonus activated which is wrong and impossible. Rendering the opposing card's protection:ability for no apparent reason is unfair. The only way for these cards to get their SOA across is if Liam and Aigwon actually have an SOA+SOB ability which would be very much overpowered IMO. Just imagine a card with an SOA+SOB as an ability with an Uppers bonus for example.

Piranas aren't complaining when they face Nightmares.
Samantha is not complaining that she can't stop the bonus of Wayne Stark.
Gibson is not complaining that he can't stop the bonus of Archie.
We should all just accept facts.

If you have two times the same card in a deck they do not give each other the bonus. also you can only use this deck in events that allow this, training rooms or maybe guildrooms

" You really don't understand the point of my message. "

No, I understood /exactly/ what you wrote. If you want to articulate the fact that studies prive blah blah blah, then do so. I can't read your mind and divulge that information from you initial statement.

All your initial statement did was make claim that anyone making the error of selling a card under value in this context would always do so even with the confirmation. My very existence proves this wrong as I /always/ check the confirmation window since I sold my ongh for such a small amount.

I know many other players who do the same. So this staetment:

"A confirmation button does not solve anything."

Is /entirely/ false.

So please, if you want to articulate something do so, and don't make claims that others didn't understand when you fail to do so. And do not speak in absolute terms for the rest of the UR community, thanks.


And yeh, I meant 2000clintz. Not k. smiley

8. Eklore - 7/7 is good, the high damage is actually quite nice. -3 (maximum) pills is OKAY. I don't like it as much for the following reasons:
a) if your opponent pills more than 7 in the first two rounds, then you've wasted the ability.
b) you've decreased your opponent's potential attack by 8x3 = 24 attack, which is quite good... assuming your opponent would have thrown the 3 pills on an 8-power card. if your opponent has lower power cards (Rescue, Montana, etc.), you're cutting into your advantage.

9. Vholt - I don't think he's seriously a good option, except for laughing at Kolos users.

You could try replacing Ice Jim with Janice. It may have just been luck of the draw but it seems to me like Roots have been really popular the last few weeks and she will be pretty awesome against them.

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