sunday 20/06/2010

Lol they didnt think it throught if they kill erer parents or great grand parents no more them or there clan lol. exspet your fate an do what you can with what time you have left

Because Nightmare, Jungo, and Skeelz have better odds at the better cards.


saturday 19/06/2010

Ok mike you can hate me all you like but if you still needed help i would help you. any way i can smiley

I went 8/0/0 with 492 point unbelivablesmiley

Arno rocks! The ultimate 2* defensive card. Damage? DRed! Poison/-life? SOAed! This card will give your opponent fits 75% of the time (and give *you* fits the other 25% with her horrid power:sweatsmiley.

Love her or hate her, don't use her if you don't know her.

I think we need different tournies besides the ones held by players in the event section.. They are horribly balanced, it seems I play about 2 full games at my best speed and someone already accumulated 100 pnts.. Its like a race to see whos fastest, I can never seem to get to top 150th..

The "First voyage in time"
mission gets unlocked the moment you obtain a Vortex card.

It progresses into the "Back from the future" mission eventually.

No need to tell people about it really because other clans have such missions as well and because some missions are called "secret missions" for a reason.

Definitely agree, UR are doing a great job! Nobody predicted correctly what the new clan bonus would be, and I don't think it is OP, just interesting.



Wow! dang

friday 18/06/2010

Well the bonus is confusing but i know how to beat them

1) Displayed is that neither is stopped. As you said: It does not matter. They simply both have no effect except canelling each other or not cancelling each other - or don't canel out each other and just stay there as displayed. None is calculated first, the are caluclated at the same time.
One can also look at it like this: Two abilities and/or boni that cancel each other are simply completely ignored as it does not matter either way.

2) a SOA+SOB card played in a round always means both cards play only with their base values for power and damage. Beware conditional stops or StopsmileyXX! If anything, Stop-X's are calculated before all other abilities and boni.
2a) There is no difference between the SOA+SOB combination... they are all 'Stop-Alls' that do exactly what the name lets you think they do. (See 2). It's only a matter what cancels out what (or doesn't, see 1)

I building the jungo clan but want clan will work them plz help mesmiley


i just made it a little while ago.

Ok. Thank you. I think I'll be building a montana deck. smiley Thanks a lot. smiley

They are just for show, nothing really come out of them...

My first preset, Is it good or bad? (:

I'm going to wait till more of the clan is out, so I can pick up a chunk in the new blood packs smiley.

As for which to get, well I'd always go for filling up four clans, rather than just one, so you can do split combo's and just enjoy more options in gameplay.

Can't give you much advice, just personal taste as I don't play either, I like the cats in elo however smiley, where damage reduction can reign supreme. I'd play some games with them now and again if I had the deck for it.

I guess it would depend on your choice of game mode, the next guy could simply state the opposite preference smiley.

So mono decks I would plays cats, in a split deck pirana's can pair off nicely with many clans I have seen. I also fear facing cats as I've taken to playing mono skeelz! smiley. Maybe with this new vortex clan, in the short term we'll see people countering the bonus with stop opp cards though?

Good luck either way.

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