tuesday 25/05/2010

THX thoazol smiley
I'm going to close this now smiley

... that's the starter... i suggest you make math's deck...

I see no point in saying something so obvious... but yea, no arguements there.

Did anyone say....*milk* ??


Well I just play Tournament Type 2...

Huh... Well now I know. Thanks dood.

Worst sarcasm. Ever.

Jackie, no doubts about it, she takes the fun of the game. I mean I can't satnd many cards like zatman or caelus but they are vulnerable to cards. With jackie is a whole story, reduce her? sorry man SOA... let her/him through? 6 damage..... fight her/him? try to fight vs 8 power with - 10 atk..... bluff? did I mention the -10 atk min 3? =S

monday 24/05/2010

Freaks Retreat uses freaks and ul watu i think its a good combo for the poison then you have to extra pwer to go out on, what do you guys think please rate it up and comment your thoughts on how i can improve

I'm not sure, but forfiets might affect your rating as well.

I use wesley myself as i like the power manipultion + atk manipulation but its up to you

I've put a deck on preset called young ghouls its a budget pack for type 2 players I'd really like to know what you think good or bad.

Sigma was the best option. Similar clan bonuses only work well if they are both power/attack manip. Two bonuses that don't help you win a battle only make it twice as hard. You'll want a half deck that has it easier to get in the hits.

sunday 23/05/2010

Don't sleep on Effie when playing against a Cats deck... smiley

I had this same problem, where I didn't get to pick a "starter pack". I just registered and I already had 8 cards. I heard about cool and action and danger, but no one was able to tell me how to register in a way that you get to select one of them.

I just wonder, how can a clan that only depends on damage can win on clan such as SoB's and damage reducer or even added damage such as resuce and sentinels. It's very hard because La Junta's bonus only add their damage, which doesn't really matters in fighting rounds..

it actually depends on the playing field (ELO-wise).

Nakata when it is Roots/Gheist week
Sayura/Yu Mei/Rei when you feel SOA is not around

it depends on player preference when it comes down to Sayura, Yu Mei and Rei.
Nakata for me is still the best they have so far.

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