thursday 03/06/2010

Another *all Stars* Cr.. *cough*cough*


Yeh well thanks for that chaps, il probabily just make a good old boring montana/uppers deck and blaze through a few
DTs lol smiley

If you're accustomed to playing Ulu Watu and Bangers, then nightmare might be a good choice as their playing styles are a bit similar.

So when doe the releases hit Mountain Standard time?

Thanks tryztan

Low priced = Rescue, Montana

wednesday 02/06/2010

Also a good way is to watch the prices of some characters, buy at low price and sell at high!!!! i earn about 1000 clintz each day with this trick and i am level 13 only


is this any good?

Thanks for the tips. trying the pirana skeelz deck currently.smiley

tuesday 01/06/2010

A few questions:

What characters do you already have?
What is your clintz budget?
What format do you want to play in?

As DerMagus said you cant complete missions without quickchallenge, also if someone wants to do single missions he/she can go to the guild room with a friend in that guild and play there(with quickchallenge for sure)

Lol I wish I were rich enough to afford Miss Twice Cr

Too many cards to make a full list so I'll do a short 1:

General cr
For dmg possibilities

guru cr
For Not only being strong enough to do dmg but also often require big pilling even if they are played 0-1 pillz

Similar to the above but not quite as good when it comes to bluffing

because it's hard to tell if its a bluff or not with -5 dmg and -8 atk

because of poison

If opp doesn't have soa or a low min DR, he makes a big dent, not to mention he's only 3*s.

Low star pill manipulators are tricky, its hard to tell if they want you to waste your pillz atking them or if they wanna reduce or gain pillz by atking you.

Big pill manip on powerful cards

Big atk can be a problem to get around especially when they have dmg to back it up.

@suicide ?

I started with action sent attack +8 helped alot

@cap wild he been gone one year maybe when he played those guys were good. oh yeah turbo sell your alec

The good thing about dacote is his 1hiko but its dependable gertrud can stop all bonus if there no soa

Http:// is their anything i can do to improve this deck

I like it except people will be jerks and leave if they lose.

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