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tuesday 06/07/2010

Kuei, in a clan where your bonus doesnt help you win you need a ability that helps. With SOB, even courage activated, you will be able yo go toe to toe with the best of clans seeing as he has 8 power.


Play it like this.
player a and player b are a team
they both have a 4 card deck
they get two random cards each
player a fights with one of his cards
then plyer b plays his card in the next round and so on and so fourth.

I'm still struggling in ELO Mode, are there any better ideas than a mono All Stars + Eyrik deck?

Thanks for the help!

Most sacky thing about time outs is that you will get them even though you have a lag or are suddenly disconected... this mechanism canceled my spree smileysmiley

Well at least I hope there is a way to improve ones fair play rating by battling enough times?

Azroth and Caelus, I lost count of how many games I have won just by having him in any deck, with Ambre and Nightmare he is a bomb

monday 05/07/2010

I think it likes the situation with "poison 3" and "- 2 opp. life", when both effects at the end of the following turns the opponent will lose 3 life (not 5).


Oh sorry, le maki is right.
It is rounded down, so in my last example, you would actually be losing 3 pillz instead of 2.
Thanks, maki. smiley

sunday 04/07/2010

1311 i dont want to risk it anymore this week because i must have changed deck like 10 times and this one seemed to work i will try to get next week smiley

When was this poll made i can never remember her bieng a +2

Try Ulu Watu and All Stars

saturday 03/07/2010

Not bad sound like mortal combat armegadon

Eklore with junks but u have to get all of the character in the junkz who use pill manipulation it good

Jup its really luck, your just geussing what your oppenent is gonna do, if both options have equal chance of finnishing it off, its nothing other then luck

We have seen several banners but we would like to see some more smiley oh and you dont have to make anymore just send some of your old work!

Deck # 3: Mono-Ulu Watu T1
Deck # 4: Mono-Roots T1

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Asimple, Master Level 11
29 cards, 2 doubles. smiley smiley

Vortex clan is an easy target for the following:

Freaks - Poison will make you lose life!
Pussycats - Winning becomes bittersweet
Jungos - Life plus force fury and overpill
GHEIST and Roots - They're situation becomes worse without ability.
Piranas and Nightmare - Do I have to explain?
La Junta and Fang Pi Clan - Getting a critical 1 life is no joke.
Pill Thief Abilities - Bluff becomes a double edged sword.
Eklore and Morphun - Pick your poison. The Red Pill or the Blue Pill?

Unless they have Pill manipulating abilities , FTW damage and SOA/SOB then there is nothing to fear!!!

And Skeelz is like a half full stop cuz it both blocks sob and soa but it can't block it at the same time. See here

Soa as ability -> Skeelz = blocked
Soa as bonus -> Skeelz = blocked
Sob as bonus -> Skeelz = ability not affected
Sob as ability -> Skeelz = ability not affected.

On roots or gheist

Soa as ability -> Roots = blocked
Soa as bonus -> Roots = opp ability canceled, opp cancels own ability
Sob as bonus -> Roots = ability not affected
Sob as ability -> Roots = blocked

Yeh i get ur point

OH WOW ZHUDAC! You weren't kidding about checking the market by date. I just made 2k profit in 10 minutes!

Freaks dont have the upper hand unless you used damage reducers after poising in round 1/2 cause a min 3 is still beatable...

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