saturday 12/06/2010

Thank you for the tip, as for screenshots however, you can't take one in time, as the battle is over when the bug occurs.


Why would you want to see Kate's house? She scares me..

Replace Wardom with Toro.

Alright thanks guys i'll definitely wait and see what this portal business is about and if it's nothing i'm interested in i'll probably go with Piranas just because they're cheaper and i'm not really loaded with clintz haha. Thanks everyone!

Lets see I got
Bunny Malmoth Chikko Cr Natrang Vryer Ataoualpet Ricardo and some other crappy card. That was a terrible deck and I only had a chance when I got Malmoth. Sure I got 10k by selling Chikko CR but that well after I got already had a decent deck.

friday 11/06/2010

You cannot see the mission on cards but under the mission tab you will see all missions that are not secret missions.

To see all missions you on

Ok so im thinking of adding Leviatonn into it and maybe Anibal but i dunno...could anyone help me?

heres the deck

thx if you could

I think this topic came before Sure-shot and the ability to turn randomness off was implemented

Can you please check this out people
Junta Elo Deck
And if you like that one can you please check out my other presets as well

Why would someone grave dig this (facepalm)

Whenever there is a tounament in progress or every odd numbered hour like 7:00 or 9:00 jus enter a room like type 1 or type 2 and you'll automatically join the tournament

Lol, cards from the same clan can activate the clan's bonuses, if your cards are all from different calns, then no bonus would be activated

Your with 3?

My flag says Korea but I live in Melbourne, just to stop you from asking. I'm with three aswell and that same message was sent to me but this was like last year. I think SMS doesn't work if your with 3smiley

If you had a choice between 5 damage and 6 damage,which one would you choose?
Exactly smiley
One goes up,one goes down smiley

Yes RG365 LoA did state that and I think you meant 5 more credits.

You have 25% of a chance to get from the clan you want in Elite
You have aprox 16.6 percent in classic.

But keep in mind that you might not get the cards you are aiming for in either of the packs.

And you will not get doubles in each pack.

thursday 10/06/2010

Sorry got confused it isnt Fight clug that holds the daily tourniment so dont worry, you get extra battle points in this room if you have pillz left over, every 1 pill you get 2 extra battle points. (3 pillz = 6 battle points).

You dont need skill with a deck this good smiley

Busy work to keep addicts playing.

Ah i did wonder

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