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friday 18/06/2010

But if it's just about surviving, you won't care at all about inflicting damages and it will be all about damage reduction and +Life.

Yea... i suggest picking another clan... that deck is fustrating to fight with and won't get you far in competitions, and the clan is only for rich people( best cards are ~10k)
i suggest going rescue, much better and cheaper for newbies than junkz... or montana.

I'm a huge Ambre fan. She is a lot of fun and turns some of the most deadly card in the game to simply amazing cards.
My favorite is a nightmare+ambre combo, oshitsune and kenny are just too good.

Show me your cards for skeelz.

Wouldnt it be interesting if they made that a separate ability be like if your opponent has 8 power or more the ability is activated causing -5 power min 0 or even activating damage reduction. It would definitely increase popularity of power reducers like oshitsune.

thursday 17/06/2010

Of course it was for laughs, look at this whole game and the clans

Make sure you click the no random button above the room, as even in so called no random rooms I have lost without it set on strange scores (revenge calculations specifically). Thus far I haven't lost with it clicked, on anything but normal values.

I could stay in the free 15-20 rooms with my stupidly good elo banned cards, but not learn very much, and have a great winning percentage, barely ever lose a hand.

Its all about where you play, haven't really played this week but now i'm about to hit up elo again smiley which is infinitely more difficult for most people than the 15-20 room would be. As long as I improve on my position from last week, I'll be happy.

Mammoth vs a 9/6 card

1 pill opponent needs 2 more
2 pills opponent needs 1 more
4 Pill tie
5 Pill you need extra pills to win

Clearly in this case Rowdy with his abilities betters Mammoth and so disporves my misconception that attack manipulators work best on cards with a maximum of 7 power and less well on cards with 8 and poorly on cards with 9. I think mammoth is better overal as soa dosent hurt as much due to his higher power.

Thanks to all who replied!

1. - Nightmare - (Purely my favourite clan infact i've completed the collection) Destroy most other clans though there high star count makes them usless in elo unless with a side deck.

2 - Ulu Watu - (My other favourite clan) The +2 isn't the problem its the fact they're mostly 7's and 8's to begin with and when the tan man comes around there isn't much that can be done to stop it.

3 - All Stars - The -2 opp power destroys most clans (excluding Bangers and Ulu Watu ofc) against attack manipulators they still destroy them without trying, however there best 2 cards are almost always banned in elo and they miss the curtain call alot - A very under used deck Imo.

4 - Montana - (My first clan) They lack power and damage we all know that but the fact that they take 2 pillz off almost every card HURTS alot specially with cards like Edd and Don, however there bonus aren't the best thing they have some powerfull abilities especially for mono decks (Support +1 dmg)

5 - Jungo - (Mwhahaha none of you saw that coming) Jungo Own in all honesty they'd be higher than Montana if they wheren't totally useless in DT's (Which is where montana tend be) Look at Ongh for example 8-6 with -3 opp power min 6 nothings stopping that even if you've got ambre he knocks that straight off. Jungo simply destroy most other clans since they've got damage that can't be stopped however they fall short coz +2 life just prolongs the battle not really a problem in elo but it DT's ouch.


The card that has the most stars losses so a hawk vs a lehane in equal pillz, hawk will always lose in non random.

If both cards have the same stars, then ther card that goes first wins

Yeah, generally speaking 25* decks are the best strategy in T1. Any further reduction in stars severely undercuts the quality of your deck, imho, even if you're using montana.

The reason people don't use three 5*s is because in T1/elo format, that means the other 5 cards are all 2*s (or contain a lot of unevolved 1*s). While your best draw of 5*x 3 + 2*x 1 would win alot, your worst draw of 2* x 4 would be virtually unplayable.

I did the Netflix thing and I didn't get any credits...... smiley

Ugh...just tried it out in DT. Feels exactly like hugtanasmiley

What clan

...DJ Korr ahem..... Dr. ANGEL-a errr Aurora? lol that didn't make sense

wednesday 16/06/2010

Bangers / Junkz - please comment this deck:


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