monday 07/06/2010

sunday 06/06/2010

If we are talking in terms of elo than using my friend
piranas on average this month are the more consistent in ELO. smiley

You need some two stars in there to make a deck but you could try:

Alexei,kang,robb,randy,rico,yookie,noodile,and then you buy a jeto or an ashley and your set for a deck pretty much.

Not credits, but maybe an achievement.

I created this deck for people looking to enter Bangers with a low budget (like me)

I find it pretty effective, but I need a professional opinion smiley

If your using allstars with striker, I'd use randy because of the 2HKO options. It also depends on what type you want your deck to be because if it's T1/ELO then its too many stars.


Sorry for triple post!

Splash card would be Spiaghi or Lehane, but i lean more toward Spiaghi.

Every fortnight on fridays (2 weeks) new cards are released. And there is a new thread in the staff forum.

This release:

Last release:

saturday 05/06/2010

Lol! Winifred? How could you budget 7 4* cards in a type 1 deck? lol! maybe a type 2 deck with Dacote,Winifred,Gertrud,Burger,Chiro,Gatline,Bryan and Ed 12/Admiral Py Cr/Molly! lol.. totally forgot about winifred, even though she was at my starters.....

They're all right, let me give you an example:

Your Opponent Drew:

Ability: -2 Opp. Power Min. 3
Bonus: -2 Opp. Damage Min. 1
Ability: Poison 2, Min. 1
Bonus: -2 Opp. Damage Min. 1
Ability: -6 Opp. Attack Min. 3
Bonus: -8 Opp. Attack Min. 3
Ability: Damage + 3
Bonus: -8 Opp. Attack Min. 3

You drew:

Ability: -2 Opp. Life Min. 2
Bonus: None

Ability: Stop Opp. Ability
Bonus: Stop Opp. Bonus

Ability: +1 Life Per Damage
Bonus: Stop Opp. Bonus

Ability: Poison 2, Min. 4
Bonus: Stop Opp. Bonus

-You might wonder why Milovan doesn't have a bonus, right? It's because Milovan doesn't have any other Montana to accompany him in battle.

So, if you ALWAYS want the bonus to activate, use a mono-clan (all cards are from one clan).

Thank You.

Call mama: Calls Chlora to the battlefield if she's not there.

Stew attack: If he wins the round he throws stews at your opponents life points instead of the fist.

2 different cards, 2x Samantha won't activate the bonus. However 2x Samantha + 1x Zatman will

Http:// plz ratesmiley

Nice deck you got there mate, i would suggest changing Trey For Tula, Treys low power and damage make him pretty much useless. I wouldnt change Hawkins but seems you have gone mono you could get rid off Andsom and use Taljion.

Or if you really want to keep trey then move Hawkins noal out and put in Tula.

Tula may not have the pill +/- but she is a very good card.

friday 04/06/2010

You have to click on the card from your collection for history to show up.

So if you went to your collection and clicked Alexei (the first card in mine) the history shows up.

But if I went to the character page, then All Stars, then Alexei, it wouldn't show up. It's so doubles have unique history as well.

True, in that case ill sell my jeeves, try to get dorian and lou by selling kiki to then ill manage. I wont rly need arno now because im a more passive player and if i use arno and get mor damage-dealing cards, it'll be against my playstyle lol. so my new deck should be something like,

I have two damage reducers now but that won't rly affect anything.


Archibald - 3* +2 pillz

I do belive that's it for the 2-3 star +pillz cards.

In total:
Trey 2* +4 pillz
Anton 2* +3 pillz
Smokey Cr 3* +3 pillz
Archibald 3* +2 pillz

Esmeralda is better for me

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