tuesday 08/06/2010

1. Attack +12 / -12 opp attack min 8
2. -3 opp pillz, min 4
3. - 2 opp pillz, min 1
4. -5 opp damage, min 1
5. Stop opp. ability
6. +1 pillz per turn
7. Support: attack +5
8. Damage +6
9. Team: +6 attack
10. -3 opp power, min 1

There in a private sale may take weeks

Well, if you're lucky, you might get these high-priced cards:

if there were leaders...

I think this one is totally up to you, i mean how much would Caelus increase your decks ability?
Its really your choice but i'd say the rest of the skeelz clan if your into collecting.

Well i can see you have alot of different clans in your deck, also well over 8 cards. So some basic tips would be :
At your level stick to a mono deck (A deck with all the same clan in it or 7 and a leader)
Cut your deck down to 8 cards.
I like to keep all the leaders i get, but timber and vansaar arent amazingly good so if your running low on clintz just sell them.
Along with the other cards you dont want/need.

I just realised this is your Collection not your deck but same thing, Stick to 8 cards from the same clan, its just up to you now to choose that clan. Personally i'd go with a clan with Attak +/- because it makes it easier to get used to the game.
So clans like : Montana,Uppers,Resuce,Sentinal,Sakrohm there all good clans smiley have a look and see which one you like the most i guess.

May I remind you that I got Striker for 800 clintz?
Back when he just appeared >smiley

I would say stay with 2 clans right now and test the game out. As you learn how to play the game you will see what cards are right for you

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Actually a better time would be the day cards are released... if you want to wait that long!

I didnt get to finish so il carry on, there only the most popular ways to make clintz. There is still other ways to make yourself clintz, i mean the market is a great way to make clintz even though 'kate' takes 5% off any card you sell (you sell a card for 1000, you will get 950 because of the 5%) but even then you can still make yourself profit, all you have to do is watch the market alot. I'd advise watching 1 to 2 clans at a time, watching too many gets confusing.

No disrespect to anyone here but i'd personally stay away from new blood packs, the best packs to buy are : Danger and Cool attitude. These have some of the most expensive cards out right now I cant fit anymore on this and have a hand cramp so ima leave it there, Hope i helped smiley.

monday 07/06/2010

Tht arent too overpowered any way this could eb a good ideea right? & +1 clintz? tht isnt even worth the card maybe +10 clitz per win 7/7

"Zincomega LoA, you do realise Flesh Pimp (U) can be a good sneak attack, his - 18 attack min 2 is very handy i'll have you know!"
I think I've had that card played against me in twice and won against him each time.

Miranda to coby

sunday 06/06/2010

If we are talking in terms of elo than using my friend http://powerelo.altervista.org/PowerFive.html
piranas on average this month are the more consistent in ELO. smiley

You need some two stars in there to make a deck but you could try:

Alexei,kang,robb,randy,rico,yookie,noodile,and then you buy a jeto or an ashley and your set for a deck pretty much.

Not credits, but maybe an achievement.

I created this deck for people looking to enter Bangers with a low budget (like me)

I find it pretty effective, but I need a professional opinion smiley


If your using allstars with striker, I'd use randy because of the 2HKO options. It also depends on what type you want your deck to be because if it's T1/ELO then its too many stars.


Sorry for triple post!

Splash card would be Spiaghi or Lehane, but i lean more toward Spiaghi.

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