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monday 03/11/2014

sunday 02/11/2014


go win some cards then?

saturday 01/11/2014

friday 31/10/2014

Final 3 and a half hours to apply smiley

Whats FR like?

thursday 30/10/2014

Levi told you EN community is awesome.

wednesday 29/10/2014

tuesday 21/10/2014

After some inter against guilds decaying that lasted for months and months we are looking for serious guilds compete for bets 75k to about 500k head payable in cash or cards.
And to be honest we will release some fossils of land so we hope to go to meet beautiful guilds duels memorials.

Contact me to thank you all organization.

saturday 18/10/2014

Think you have what it takes to adapt your deck in order to survive?

Then prove it!

Adapt or Perish

Only the strong will survive!

1 spot left because Titan is deleted

Very simple concept, currently free to join ~~M2W~~

Just join, first 8 people get in and then message me as many times as you within the 5 minutes and depending on how many messages i receive, i will randomly distribute prizes.

Join quick! ~M2W~


friday 17/10/2014

Sorry stop entry in 12 hours any one correct that

thursday 16/10/2014

You must speak espanolsmileysmiley

sunday 12/10/2014

How many people can enter. there are no access restrictions for that

friday 10/10/2014

The two players in my group are inactive. how do i post screenshots of this in the turkish forum?

thursday 09/10/2014

sunday 05/10/2014

Registre 1 cr's (private market)

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