wednesday 19/07/2017

Every week you have 5 missions ld (LD Weekly) and if you complete the 5 missions you get a ld that you do not have as for example Nega D Ld, Rekt Ld, etc!

tuesday 18/07/2017

Thank you, Jouki, was thinking it was something like that, only wasn't sure if it is in any specific gameplay (ELO, Survivor). smileysmiley

Surstorming's art really blew me away.

monday 17/07/2017

For all we know, they change the assumed card pool at some interval anyway. Besides, the common/uncommon/rare label for mission rewards is a player thing in the first place when low/middle/high tier would probably be the more accurate/less convenient way to describe it.

Deals are great. but deals everytime or too regularly is not a great thing overall.

friday 14/07/2017

I agree, would like to see 0 damage cards in the future with out of this world abilities, like toxin 3 min 0, or +7 life, maybe dope 3 max 10, or even a 0/0 3 or 4 star with equalizer : power and damage +2. smileysmileysmiley

Here is some insight based on a tutorial video I did on Urban Rivals.

1. Positive Effects go first such as Life Increase or Pillz increase followed by decreases.
-Immediate effects occur first before any Heal/Regen/Poison/Toxin/Consume/Dope.

2. Postive Effects go first. Heal and Regen occur before toxin.
-However this takes place at the end of each round round, but before Morphun, Eklore or Bridget activate their ability.

3. When Poison replaces toxin, it occurs the next turn. Toxin does it immediately.

4. This is a much needed tutorial that I agree with you, but there needs to be more than 1 card with Dope to make this possible.
Note: Poppey Marey goes first. So if her Dope gives you 1 Pillz and you have 10 left, Morphun`s Leader ability does not work.

I have covered tutorial before and as someone who attempted to see the tutorial, I have provided additional insight that I think is unavailable to newer players.

Order Priority:
1 + Life/Pillz Ability
2 -Life/Pillz Ability
3 Heal/Regen/Dope
4 Poison/Toxin/Consume
5 Leader Ability

Hope this helps you understand the mechanics of the game.

thursday 13/07/2017

wednesday 12/07/2017

^*Compensation for players

tuesday 11/07/2017

You both can do it.
Best of luck!


sunday 09/07/2017

You can't, you just have to get more copies of this card in lower levels. Or don't use itsmiley

friday 07/07/2017

Please choose the right thread

Why does toxin count as poison for some missions ( like poison them all, deal 600 poison DMG in elo) but not others like most LD poison missions or clan-specific poison missions? Please clean up these inconsistencies, it's annoying!

I personally think toxin and regen should count for all poison and heal missions. It would make sense since there aren't separate regen/toxin missions anyway. Also poison and heal missions are hard enough as they are. Allowing toxin/regent would ease the burden a little.

wednesday 05/07/2017

When is Kenny and alex going to be on the market? Just curious lol.

What about loa? Still around? smiley

monday 03/07/2017

sunday 02/07/2017

Dude there is no judge in old wester cities there is only mayor and sherif. court houses are for super big cities. where is the fun if you cant execute someone without a court order. It would be hilarious if th mayor is the leader in ghost town and he is a referance to the powerpuff girls's mayor holding a pickle jar and being some super goofy 3 star power house with 8/8 smiley

I think i posted more info on arcade a year ago in the its in tactics: general new players guide to clintz and credit arcade became a bit easyer since than you can use poisoners and life per dmg cards but back that it was all banned.

thursday 29/06/2017

*Still waiting for that 90k smiley*

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