wednesday 18/10/2017

Relogging helps for me too.

Best to leave the old cards alone, with power hungry admins about releasing 9/9 cards smiley

tuesday 17/10/2017

It's now 100% capped not 112%

On the run if you want lds i would highly recomend doing arcade mode with hurrican clan while its sill free

-Ashiko became Kusuri's pet so he could eat the bamboo at the Golden Palace and learn some martial arts.
-Bragh has bought motorcycle parts from Edd.
-Bridge wants revenge of Bhudd for peeing on his home when he was a regular sloth before the meteor hit.
-Byron has temporarily served as an apprentice for Arawaka until he learned enough to go off on his own.
-Eggman idolizes Copper and became a cop for Jungo all because of him.
-Jalil was inspired by the music of Vermyn N to start his own style.
-Jean is directly responsible for costing Crunchy his last life and rendering him a ghost.
-After being rejected by the Montana, Mindy (along with Wendy) decided to steal from them instead.
-According to Niva's bio, Jungo and Gheist have had a lot of conflicts.
-Zlatar has tried to steal Jungo babies, but Odile has stopped him each time.
-Salsa tried to get into ballet only to be rejected by the Montanas and the Uppers.
-Zornado used to belong to Harold (and was mistreated) before the meteor hit and now Zornado devotes his time to helping all horses in need.

It seems like Jungo is a clan that absorbs a lot from the human world around them.

friday 13/10/2017

Hi guys please is there any really cheap hurracan with the ability cancel ability?

Thoazol is right.
I just used a revenged Cerebrah with Ambre vs Behemoth.
Cerebrah had 12 power: Base 4 power, then copied to 9, then +3 max 10 (Now 10 power), +2 bonus (now 12 power)

Meanwhile I also used Cerebrah vs Fei and he had 8 power: 4 base, copy to 8, then +3 max 10 (now 10), +2 from bonus (now 12), -4 pwr (Fei's ability), total 8 power.

I guess I am just disappointed that copy cards can only be slightly more OP monsters vs already OP monsters, not super OP monsters. smiley
Oh well. Thanks for everyone's input! smiley

I'll close the topic now that my question has been answered.

Im still buying selling as i see fit in order to play with cards i want, and as long as my collection keeps growing i can afford to keep the cards i sell other parts of my collection for.

thursday 12/10/2017

I have done Mac Hen in T2, but Candy Jack... Don`t want to do it.

monday 09/10/2017

Define "we" and "need".

Defibitely most expensive is to buy zero xp cr or rares then level them up using clintz.

Cheapest is to buy cheap 0xp then play them in training rooms

I'm hyped as well!

Even though I barely play the Arcade Mode, I really want UR to get new players and every change or new content (As long as it's decent) is always welcomed smiley

My big question is: Would we be able to use our normal accounts? Or, if we play it on Steam, would be have to play with a new one?

sunday 08/10/2017

Windows works for me.. I just started playing again about 3 days ago. Have you tried since then?

Have some character arts redone like the rb cards that were around , and make them purchasable for real money .
will be worth a lot cause very few will be in market , so some of the whales will splurge smiley

and since the normal cards r still around it doesnt effect gameplay

friday 06/10/2017

We have unofficial discord channel:

That was very nice of him. Nice to know there is still hope in this city....who needs Batman...smiley

thursday 05/10/2017

Imagine we are the 'polit' the inabitans of Clint City are talking about and without their knowledge we use them to cause drama between the clans in the city resulting them to fight eachother, which we also secretly control smiley

Honestly...The prizes are meh in comparison to Dt and Efc.smiley

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