friday 13/12/2013

If Graven is unbanned, I'd probably use the 5/3 suggested by wats_happenin as my preference for this clan combination. smiley

With all respect to troll4663 for contributing to the thread (which I totally encourage), I feel like any configuration including Uma, Esther, Saho or Belle is a downgrade. You want to drop Lola (?!) or Elvis (?!?!) for those borderline-terrible characters just to upgrade Kephren to Minerva?

To be honest, the current deck isn't too bad. The choice I'd be most concerned with is Miho (who has her useful moments, but is a little shaky). That is easily fixed with a switch like DUC-j00 suggested (though I'd pick Chiara Cr over Snowflake for my preference).


wednesday 11/12/2013

Allstar is giving me quite a feeling in Elo

sunday 08/12/2013

La Junta works best in mono. For Uppers and Fang Pi you can try
Futoshi/Heitachi, Kamekun, Shifou, Kusuri, Maurice, Kazayan/Nellie, Oxen and Wendel

Tbh skeelz have a lot of strong cards even without using any 5* he is good and fun to use a bit but not really enough unles you pull a huge hitting card.

think plunk hemdall Kenny cr dudly ld

saturday 07/12/2013

Same deck i tried out a while back (that is my bezerk half deck) i don't have ld card though.

i know the bezerk half is solid. You can also use rudy for Lola.

i like it with vortex or pussycats


wednesday 04/12/2013

Thebest PC bezerk deck IMO is. Lucy clover Diana nabrissa Elvis Lola graven Melanie Think I got over 1400 with this Only problem is, graven always banned now

tuesday 03/12/2013


monday 02/12/2013

You might be in the wrong place...

sunday 01/12/2013

Necesito que me ayuden diciéndome cual de los siguientes decks es mejor y mas equilibrado para jugar elo y si puedo mejorarlos cambiando una que otra carta avisen (tengo 30000 de fondos):


1- IVI


1- Archibald
2- Bryan
3- Chiro
4- Isatis
5- Milena
6- Sabia
7- Thormund
8- Trish


thursday 28/11/2013

Thanks I'll try that

monday 25/11/2013

Well, the purpose for this wasn't getting a really high, competitive Elo. I know a banger/skeelz deck won't get very far past 1300ish elo. This is just for some fun. I really want to try out bangers in this format since they're my favorite clan next to Skeelz. Thanks for the suggestions though

sunday 24/11/2013

Interesting idea. I hope the deck does well for you.

Nice deck I would personally change Randy to Karen to give you a bit of anti SOA

friday 22/11/2013

Not bad, you did pick up good cards, not big fan of 2 fives, you will likely lose without them and even if you get wardom he is rather predictable, i see about 1200-1300 with this.

I would least change wardom into hriger and punk into methane, however i did run a soa half this week up to 1300ish currently and people are packing anti soa, so have a plan B.

tuesday 19/11/2013

Personally I find this deck too affected by SOA.

monday 18/11/2013

Your presets seem good, specially the GHEIST hand, however it still could be improved. For example, switching leviatonn for z3r0 d34d and making the other half a card stronger. To me it seems a bit one sided, with some very good hands occasionally and then you'll have some terrible 8/9* hands resulting in a loss which at higher stages in elo is a big downfall.

Good luck this week smiley

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