sunday 23/05/2010

Don't sleep on Effie when playing against a Cats deck... smiley

I had this same problem, where I didn't get to pick a "starter pack". I just registered and I already had 8 cards. I heard about cool and action and danger, but no one was able to tell me how to register in a way that you get to select one of them.

I just wonder, how can a clan that only depends on damage can win on clan such as SoB's and damage reducer or even added damage such as resuce and sentinels. It's very hard because La Junta's bonus only add their damage, which doesn't really matters in fighting rounds..

it actually depends on the playing field (ELO-wise).

Nakata when it is Roots/Gheist week
Sayura/Yu Mei/Rei when you feel SOA is not around

it depends on player preference when it comes down to Sayura, Yu Mei and Rei.
Nakata for me is still the best they have so far.

DravenAce same, he is my favourite card lol

Eh I do not know. People could just post the link to this since people dont read the Faq. Besides this is a more straightforward guide that focuses on the questions they ask, the Faq has more of everything assosiated with attack in more depth this just tells you what it is, how it is used and how it is affected but I do see your point

Thanks i think i will just click away in dts to get my credit in tell i calm down may be i get a laugh or 2 if i win with out haven to pill lol. thanks i close this now.

saturday 22/05/2010

I would like to see Hugo as an action figure if he was he would come with a ball and chain

Yes.. absoloutely Wakka.. I'm currently in T2.. Now in DT's usually I do 240-270 BP's which brings me to about 50th rank averagely.. I don't know how could I improve this deck.. I have 15k in my hand.. should I switch to T1? Thank You!!

Imho they're slightly inferior in DT cuz you don't get freebie roundwins when you 0 pill, like attack manips do. Less roundwins = less battle points even if you win the game.

I think this is everyone:

"+x life per damage"

Ambrose Cr

La Junta:

Anita (courage based)

Dr Saw





All Stars:
Loma Noju

Fang Pi Clan:
Seldnor Cr

Cassio Cr

Manfred (confidence based)


do you guys have the same problem
playing in ELO or Survivor
normally should be non random
I sometimes loose battles when I have more attack then my opponent
it then shows that the fight is random...

First of all get 3 more ulu watu, stanly doesn't hold up on his own, get rid of fifty,lennox,sleam get lulabee,nanook and miss lulabee

friday 21/05/2010

OK, the people have spoken.


"You will have a harder time."
Doing what?

"it would defeat the purpose"
What purpose?

"with 30 stars you can make strong decks like those in type two now"
That's why it would still be T2. Still you see some decks today that couldn't be created then.

"One star gap makes a big difference"
The exact same thing happens nowadays, nothing changed there.

"Type 2 DTs would become less effective because you would gain less BPs per battle"
First one i find reasonable, i understand why some players would not like this. I wouldn't mind it though, you would still face "monster hands" every now and then but not those "impossible" survivor hands. For DT players 30* is more than enough to build a deck but they wouldn't face as many low level players with lots of 5* cards as they face today, because most of them would play T3 instead.

"then you'll have a format which is pretty much unused (Type 2)"
In my opinion the new T2 format would not become unused as i still think it would offer the best (good solid deck)/(battle points won) relation.

It looks like most of you didn't like my idea very much but i would still like to hear more about it. smiley
By the way sorry for such a long post.

Baldovino is pretty much what I wanted, glad to see that. Going back to my original statement about how Freaks need a pair like Hawk and Lehanne, I put Baldovino roughly on level with Hawk. Maybe I got my wish. I certainly don't expect Baldovino to be elo banned but he may very well make Freaks appear on the list and that will be the sign that they have overcome their greatest problems as a clan. All in all, I'm cautiously optimistic.

There are several pros and cons to having splash cards, mono-decks and half-decks.

For mono-decks, your bonus activates 100% of the time. That's definitely a big plus. Support based abilities/bonuses also gain a huge boost from being in a mono-deck, as they will have their full potential out all the time, while in a half deck you risk drawing 1/2/3 cards from that clan and the ability will be slightly weaker, if not very much so. However, mono-decks means that you have to put up with the weird habits of that particular clan, for lack of a better word. For example, a mono-Uppers means you will have to bear with the weaker 2* cards that the Uppers has; admittedly, the Uppers 2* are average if not below that. Same goes for the Ulu Watu.

Half decks run the risk of having no bonuses for certain cards, if you draw a 3-1 split. Support abilities are also much weaker generally. However, half decks means you get to combine the strengths of two clans together. For example, as stated earlier, the Uppers has weak 2*. But the Nightmare/Piranas have wonderful 2* cards. So a possible choice would be to combine the two, using low-starred Piranas and putting in high-powered Uppers.

Splash cards serve a different purpose in that they are mostly fillers. These are cards that will operate well enough without their bonus, and serve sufficiently with just ability alone. Spiaghi is one such card; Lehane is another. They are (most of the time) there to make space for other bigger, nastier cards.

@Battery: ohhh..that's why they released 2 pussycats and 2 skeelz during December-Januarysmiley

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