tuesday 11/05/2010

For Type 2 they are amazing
Wee Lee
Stanly/ Lulabee

then add in another good clan and Ambre and you got a killer deck. For example
Tessa CR / Miss Chloe / Havok

If you can afford it, this is a great deck: ★★4 STELLE★★


Rolph 5*
Bristone 3*
Leviatonn 3*
Arkn 2* (his attack manipulation boosts him so much in low pillz and for surprise hits)
Total: 13*

Glorg/Azgroth/Oshitsune 4*
Glorg/Azgorth/Oshitsune 4*
Mawpin 2*
Phyllis 2*
Total 12*


With the nightmare deck, choose two of the three 4* cards (depending on whether oshitsune is free).

This is one of the rare instances I'd recommend a 2/2/2 deck: Nightmare have some of the strongest 2* cards in the game, and the deck can still function even if you draw the lowest hand (Mawpin, Phyllis, Arkn, Bristone).

Chances of drawing that hand are slim, and when you make the 4/4/5/whatever draw you're going to be stomping all over the place. smiley

monday 10/05/2010


The OP should close this one as his/her other identical-thread answers it well.

Ninja, read the following part of the rules:

It's only when I read this, and kept it close at hand to refer to once in a while did my play start to improve. Good luck the rest of the way young padawan smiley

Hmm... whining thread spotted ?smiley

I invite you to read this page :
"You quit: -20 Points" : it's the same if you click on the forfeit flag so there is something done about it.

For those complaining about the time, you should read this page :
If you have a 40 seconds timer, you are allowed to use your timer. This is one of the rules of Urban Rivals.

As shadowcouncil said:"You clearly don't want to listen to reason, though, so I guess this thing is going to keep going in circles until a mod or yourself closes it."

This thread is closed. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions smiley

The "only" way you would have a chance to win is to play better. What DT's really boil down to is speed. The numbers you're throwing out are anemic, which means you've got a bad build and/or are playing it wrong.

Rescue rarely shows in top 10 because they're almost always misplayed - their KO builds are too star intensive and low on power to finish games quickly and with pillz left over, which means they score badly. 9-10 card bleed builds work fine and show up in the top 10 from time to time. Sentinels are there regularly. Juju wins with a ten card 2* Junkz/Sentinels build, Ariakan's won several times using mono-Sentinels. I've won using Sentinels/All Stars (8-4 build). Some of the prominent portugese players use Sentinels/Bangers decks until finishers come out.

Try to tighten your move times and learn how to identify which games are worth playing and which games you should just let go. It's certainly true that Uppers and Montana are strong and show up a lot, but claiming that they're somehow mandatory is ridiculous.

Have you notice roots are getting more attack manipulation maybe its about time to stack your decks with at least one or more stop=* ability cards smiley

with the addition of gertjan you can make a half attack manipulation and half damage reduction deck
you'll will have a surprisingly stable deck in my book utilizing low pills even in type 1 you can put in a Hugo and even players with Montana or uppers will have some trouble all roots need is a 5 star 6/8 stop op bonus
that is not banned and non cr and 2 star pill manipulation and roots could finally take urban rivals by storm.

Yup you definitely need blaaster.... chlora and shogunn can alternate places depending on what clans are being used for the week

bennie can also be switched to massiv for more damage at the potential loss of 1 power

Glorius_vic has a point, but don't listen to him. Theres a time and a place for random. I will make 2 points for that mode

1) People play faster, on average you get lucky the same amount of times your opponent gets lucky, so in many battles you'll end up winning about the same, but people will calculate pills faster, because they don't calculate at all, in a daily tournament, squeezing in a few more battles due to shorter wait times may be better than making sure the outcome of a battle but playing less as a result.

2) There is strategy involved, you can abuse the random system because there is something called sureshot that gives 100% chance to win. Take a card like mickey T, 2 star 3/3 is pretty damn weak, but play in with 0 pills in random and what does your opponent need to beat him? he has 11 attack with his ability, your opponent needs to reach 22 to make sure to kill him, but he has a bonus -10, so your opponent needs to pill to 32 attack, to make sure he beats your unpilled mickey T. Throwaway cards like that brings an element of strategy to random, do you want to invest pills to make sure you win, or just let the % carry through. something to think about.

Can i give credits to my friends???

Hears the roots new card presset deleted

this one is just cool deleted

sunday 09/05/2010

I agree with iSuicide, Jungo can create a hefty Life differential. Try...

Nyema (can create a 10 life gap with Fury)
Sylth (still the best poisoner, assuming you aren't in ELO where she is often banned)
Radek or Jalil

That, combined with your Sakrohm half-deck, is all sorts of Life Manipulation Trouble!!!

Twyh has +5 Life as ability and Poison as the bonus.

I'm almost done with my FPC and I would like to use the all stars, can you please make a good deck for me?
*Possible to use any leader besides morphun and vholt.
*I can't afford lamar cr.

Thanks! smiley

Roots - Matthew.

That's wrong. In UR comics, Kiki is the one who gets kidnapped, which means he is the clan leader

And this would make guild admin's ob much easier..all they have to do is just to accept the players who qualify in the guild's requirements..smiley

Well by the telling of me the low info you are a pill sob healer like

so i sugest the alien clan good healers an drs
pussycats would help you if you hate players abilitys i sugest roots for chaep an gheist for the bit more money

You go ahead and make it, i'd join in for sure but only the suggestor should take their time to test out the idea

Freaks are actually a very good clan to play with and they have new staples now too, but it's best to learn the various strategies and playing styles of other clans before going to Freaks. As Toxica says, relying on their poison is a fail strategy, you need to be able to play effectively with their cards without the poison.
Jungo are expensive right now, might want to wait a bit.
Montanas are a great farming clan, and so is Uppers for DT's, but in the ELO side of things they fall a bit short.
Staples for Skeelz are slightly more expensive, Chiara being 5-6k right now, Caelus being 20k (Sadly, I sold him for 10k before the price hike =[[ ). Still, Sandro does the job well and so does Manfred, Greem, Redra, etc.
Ghiest is an offensive clan, choose them if you don't mind taking hits and can pill effectively. Their only playable DR is Bristone, and she does the job well for defense and attack. They are a bit expensive, but well worth the clinkz if you can use them.
Roots have high power, and the really good thing is that they have a beast half deck for under 1k each, Yookie, Rico, Noodile, and I forgot the other card, forgive me.
Everyone else has everything pretty much covered. Hope this helps

You need to play at least once a day, more as you climb up the ELO ladder. For every day you skip, you lose -2 ELO. I'm not sure if the same loss is applied at the higher ELO tiers, it might be more than -2 ELO.

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