friday 28/05/2010

It's ordered by date by default so it's not always the same first, plus it avoid a list of cheap cards by default.. wich was not very good in our opinion. You can just click on "by price" to see the previous default ordering and click on it again to refresh.

Yes in a tie, the last person to get the score is put ahead. theres the answer, closing this now

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Oops thanks chewy

I would just like to ask what is the best way to make some money to buy better cards other than buying credits -> buying cards from shop -> selling them. I have already found out that daily tournaments can earn some money as just a participation gives you 50 Clintz. Also levelling up can give you valuable cards, but it is extremely slow to get some really valuable cards. Are there any other ways? I am still a beginner with not very good deck, so I would like to develop it slightly, but I don't have enough money to get cards that would suit my strategy.

Watching? First, I want to be able to chat with a player IN GAME! Chatting with a friend on Gmail and then realizing that my battle's timed out is really getting on my nerves.

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I have a different deck now:

Sol Hona

thursday 27/05/2010

I have that problem but it not that the evolution r blurry

My deck is a 44* i think. and almost every battle i had was 2ko

Ok, 1st of, that deck is very good, except sargh might be better than dieter, the rest is fine
2nd, some cards are permanently banned, they will never see the light of ELO again unless the staff decide to let them to, lamar cr and wee lee are 2 easy examples, some cards aren't like that, they are banned weekly, due to people voting to ban them here:
gumbo is one of those, and this is one of the rare weeks that he is released, thus you see him without the pill with the "X", after sunday he'll prolly be banned again

Wow guys.. Thanks alot it really helpssmiley.. One more question please that would also help everybody else..
1. How do you describe La Junta in one phrase? I mean based on their game play.. and what is their benefits and negatives when using them as a mono deck? Thank You!!

I've seen some(and i thought it might also a reason why the guild broke apart:smilesmiley

Nothing spent yet..

DT2 - Gotten Top 50s if played right... Malmoth - Rowdy is an option but i'm good with malmoth

DM1 - does good enough to place 1st sometimes, haha.

Survivor - not really good at survivor.. i get into 6 at most.. Maybe Bloodh - Dahlia (will cut my budget to half)

For Piranas, Tyd, Tula, and Smokey are pretty much essential, and Taljion and Scubb are great in mono.

For Montana, Mona, Spiaghi and Edd are staples, Oscar if you're going mono and Alvira if you don't like hugo. They have quite a selection of 3*s.

Lol... calm down guys! it's because when you entered the market, it just set into by date just click the by price button..smiley

it's also explained by milstrum but i repeated it anywaysmiley

wednesday 26/05/2010


You can try this deck if you like
nahomi Sur trish

nicely balanced
with atk manipulation as well as slight SOA protection with nahomi.
but you can do trish over nahomi if you like
whatever floats your boat (or battleship... me making a lame attempt at a joke...)

Oh w8 its t1
nevermind that was a major faux pas

yeah don will be nice for this deck

you might want to do spaighi to prince jr as spaighi's DR is a bit of a waste of time in t1
or even better you can do spaighi to sharon and play 26* dt

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