saturday 08/05/2010

Against montana you want to make your cards count, you'll have to pill big on some. Montana's like to play 3-4 pills per card, so what you want to do is like 0,0,5,7. If you plan to play one pill, don't bother, save it, you want to hit them with big cards - Askai, Nyema, so that they can't recover, even with fury.

Has the accelerate button gone with the new look?

and .. um.... I have less time when I am over 100 points??!? smiley oh.... eep. Well the timer really WAS faster then - I thought I was having tiny time warps (or mental lapses).

Hmmm ,this is popular, i'll join in:

Double teaming:

same set up as everything else in game, but every game you get to team up with a different person, 4 cards are drawn from each deck, 12 pill and life per person( 4 people in 1 room), on the first 2 turns, one will play 2 cards out of the 4( you're not gonna be able to use all 4), after 3rd round the other players tag in and continue, but the life and pills are reset to 12 each, after the 4th round if there are no KOs, the team with the highest amount of life and pill together wins

Check this out
it has all of the missions listed

friday 07/05/2010

No. How about you actually listen to the advice that you're given instead of throwing up random decks all of the time?

For example, remember back with the deck you originally asked about? Instead of taking our advice, you didn't put in the cards we suggested and then starting making other decks completely ignoring our opinions....

OO i saw it thankssmiley

Nahi cr isn't bad, but trying to pill up to get to him is kinda pointless, i'd rather just throw ulrich out at him

My all stoppers deck smiley
(1351) ain't no stopping (1351)
all stoppers decks are fun as they make your opponent worry loads.
plus it elimates a lot of maths

I judiciously switch between Rolph and Wardom depending on the deck's damage; if plenty of >4-damaged cards exist, Wardom is preferred. However, Leviatonn inevitably follows in a Gheist deck, and Arkn is a likely contender. Wardom is predisposed to be chosen smiley

How else are you going to win with low stars in type one? Win a DT and then talk to me about decks smiley

thursday 06/05/2010

Mainly card graphics yes, its jsut somthing I thought up, like the title states, Random, but interesting, to some i guess

No Freaky Poison

Pretty obviously a poison deck, so Greem and Muze are automatically in the deck. Chiara piggy-backs on the Pussycat bonus, so almost definitely in as well. Suggestions for alternate cards in the deck?

Thanks for the suggestions and ratings in advance.
-Muerto, G.

Thanks guy. that was it.smiley

In random (aka normal) mode unless u got twice opp's attack u don't have a sure win

I am supposed to enter the fanfic of leader's story but i was too busy so i won't wnter because i don't have much time. I just want to give you a bit taste of my fanfic, here it goes: "Eklore" A Lonesome Plant

please rate

I think people really overlooked unevolved card as well for FPC. Unagi for 1* might be an overkill, but Windy Mor or the DR at 2* really isn't that expensive. Windy Mor is a perfect, perfect contender for Marlysa Cr at 2*.

I think FPC is a LOT better than before already. Consider all the CR are not mandatory anymore. Kerozinn Cr can be replaced by Kuei; Marlysa is replaced by Windy Mor 2*/Chan; Elya Cr is replaced by Sayura+Nakata; Fei fits in the hole for the lackluster 4* FPC.

I think what FPC at this point needs is a better DR, and a bit more diversed 4*, as well as some mono-clan support maybe?


I agree, Kenaron - the game rules can be a little vague sometimes. But yeah, you probably didn't notice it because Eyrik's ability has a min. of 5, which is greater than many other - power card's min.'s, so the ability would have gone first regardless of the rule that Leader abilities go first. It's the cards like Maciej that really show these things.

@X John X: Coraille - A 5/6 against SoB and a lousy 7/6 with no ability? Buck is a FAR better choice, price aside.

@wats_happenin: He bought credits - that's what that star next to his name is for - and then bought packs. I didn't get my Jackie from the Market.

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