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monday 31/05/2010

Your just going to post what mission they can do with there clan from wiki arnt you lol

But on my psp i can go to urban rivalssmiley.

Selma is a great bluff just pill 3 in case they think its a bluff an just pill one or 2 you win the round an have +2 pillz back maken them shake if she loses odd are they pilled 6-7 makn you have a mager pill gap.

pesth is a great posioner the omst power full of the min0 so far. i find ppl dont fear him just yet enuff so 4 pillz will usaly maken him go throught if not then they probly over pilled as well still a pill gap.

blooh is a great healer for a +3 life an 6 damige. she leaves a good gap. maken her a great threat to the opp so i have to come on strong with her like 6 pillz o never pill past 6 cause usaly no one els pillz past that points.

dalhi is my favorit my self cause her massive power an shes a sob boune. maken her way more a threat then all them cause 2 pillz an boom they go down loosen there 3 pillz given you a pill advantige.

unless there going for a one hit ko.

Is there an Urban Rivals XML feed URL for fan-sites? If yes, what is the URL?

Well look im full of ELO ideas and for a lvl 13 full of cash smiley
deleted uses fang pi clang and pussycats to fluster the opponent. the idea behind this deck is to get in your dmg and block theirs, charlie is a great semi-evo and because i got her at lvl 1 it was a bonus for me. sayura was the key behind this deck working as a great bluff and a great attacker, have fun and rate high,

Close down the internet broswer, come back, add another card then remove the card you wish to sell and then sell it

The best i think is freaks with the skeelz
there are so many 8 powered characters in the said clan
not to mention that it's also very good in ELO
because caelus was not ELO banned for this week

sunday 30/05/2010

Whoa your taking this a little too seriously. The internet is a safe haven for jerks and you got to expect that.

First off comics are fairly rare in the almost 3 years I have been here I have seen 9 comics come out. So they will probably make more but not for a while.

2nd I read over your character predictions topic and not a single person called you stupid. If fact they answered your question by pointed out your mistake and I believe said "Simple mistake you made." So just relax and remember your playing a game that is meant to be fun.

This is the second thread from the same player from the same day. please continue any discussions in the other thread

Hugo will never inccur an ELO penalty because he is not staff banned.

people are wrong when they say montanas are high pills, all-stars are high pills, fang pi clan are high pills, montanas are low-med pills because the damage of individual cards are low, meaning you need to will multiple rounds, a minimum of 8 means 1 pill is enough to cover it that hardly counts as high pills.

What uppers brings is 2 HKOs possibilities, oxen rubie jackie jody nellie all very easily gets you the win quickly, where as montanas will get you pill advantage while not killing your opponent immediately, mona, spiaghi, prince jr, are all extremely pill efficient in low pill fights.

Geez, no one really likes my messages.smiley

Golf is Terry Cr.
Basketball is Mikki.
Snowboarding is Stacey.
And Lucia plays Volleyball but she's on Ulu Watu...

Bad idea. Way too easy and would destroy the game as 'suddenly' there is no more money for it... This game is financed via sellin Credits and you just suggested to give out a lot of credits for free. (There are opportunities for that already, but your suggestion is a fulltime repeatable credits-making opportunity.) I think it simply does not work with this game's financial system. I also wonder on what bases you judge that 5, 4 or even 3 wins in a row is hard.

Actually never mind this existed, the idea was bad and there is no point in fighting the overpowered might of 6 damagers.

Ive got a LG GT505 is urban-rivals only available on iphone/ipod?.. or other touch screen phones can access them too?.. smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

@im_a_n00b: I didn't forget dj korr cr, I was naming non cr leaders

@ isuicide are you sure it didnt work for you cause you you have a hard time with pussy cats or la junta. may be it will work for him

Trade Milton for Sandro because Milton ability is useless cause you have to lose with one of your characters and Sandro can make a big diffrence for a very high attack then you can two hit ko with your other clan members.

1 star cards may sometimes need to get a win for you... this is a huge deal in elo when a win gets you say 12 points and could mean a loss of 20 points

if you have an attack reducing bonus... you need a card that will not need a pill in order to force the opponent to pill. So Uppers/Sahkrom fillers should have at least 3 power... if Montana, youd want 4 power so 1 pill forces the opp to pill lots.

finally having a 7/8 power filler means you are likely forcing the opp to pill at least 1 if they are not using an attack clan.

I've always thought of the Piranas being more naughty than evil, but their actions (stealing, kidnapping, dirty deals) would be technically evil despite there being nicer members.

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