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sunday 30/05/2010

Ive got a LG GT505 is urban-rivals only available on iphone/ipod?.. or other touch screen phones can access them too?.. smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

@im_a_n00b: I didn't forget dj korr cr, I was naming non cr leaders

@ isuicide are you sure it didnt work for you cause you you have a hard time with pussy cats or la junta. may be it will work for him

Trade Milton for Sandro because Milton ability is useless cause you have to lose with one of your characters and Sandro can make a big diffrence for a very high attack then you can two hit ko with your other clan members.

1 star cards may sometimes need to get a win for you... this is a huge deal in elo when a win gets you say 12 points and could mean a loss of 20 points

if you have an attack reducing bonus... you need a card that will not need a pill in order to force the opponent to pill. So Uppers/Sahkrom fillers should have at least 3 power... if Montana, youd want 4 power so 1 pill forces the opp to pill lots.

finally having a 7/8 power filler means you are likely forcing the opp to pill at least 1 if they are not using an attack clan.

I've always thought of the Piranas being more naughty than evil, but their actions (stealing, kidnapping, dirty deals) would be technically evil despite there being nicer members.

saturday 29/05/2010

Actually red i just finished fuzz mission

Nice yaoihuntresse is bringing the comic hope back

There not many players posting in messige bords hardly any more is there?

I think uppers and montana are strongest 4 dts

@ redwall im just giving idea okay im just putting think i thought about i didn't rethink them there just ideasmiley

Well sorry for complaning but i think in a few years this wil close out

First deck looks better to me, but of course this is only for deathmach or survivor... both of them are unuseable in tournaments

Ok look there are three solid 4*s i have for pussycats - yayoi veronica and charlie - but i have 1 spare star, im going to add louise but i need a professional slant - which 5*?

Thanks to everyone i have decided to collect montana,
With the money i bought rosa and still have 500 clintz left so thanks

friday 28/05/2010

They need to return default to lowest to highest, or give us an option in our preferences to be able to set the default, who ever came up with the order them by date idea wasn't thinking

SoA is Jungo's biggest weakness - Slyth becomes a 8/4, Buba a lame 6/5, and more often than not you won't have a stop: card on hand. Jungo has to win with its life gap and pill properly.

SoB is a weakness, but since Jungo's main strengths are their high power and abilities, SoB doesn't really hurt them as bad SoA

Attack manip is meh, Jungo needs to only win 2 rounds with the right cards to win the match, so you'll have to really predict how they're going to pill - I've loaded pills on to Pegh to win the match.

Power manip really hurts when paired with another of the above, so GHEIST/Roots might be your best option IMO

It's ordered by date by default so it's not always the same first, plus it avoid a list of cheap cards by default.. wich was not very good in our opinion. You can just click on "by price" to see the previous default ordering and click on it again to refresh.

Yes in a tie, the last person to get the score is put ahead. theres the answer, closing this now

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