monday 17/05/2010

I have yet to see a deck based around non-random or random battles. However, Montana (usually with the help of Hugo), Uppers, and maybe Sakrohm are good in non-random in low-pill battles.

As for hints, my biggest tip is to do the math. (it's very important to calculate all abilities and bonuses - I've lost a match where I pilled wrong because I forgot to take in consideration a certain ability) Since you don't even have to get a sureshot to win, you can usually pill just enough to beat the opponent if you have the pill advantage. In fact, I lost many battles (compared to how well I used to perform) this past month because I got lazy and stopped calculating pilling situations and doing the math. If you can't do the math in your head, people have suggested playing with a calculator. xD

Thanks but i just made a gheist nightmare deck this is the link

sunday 16/05/2010

Not safe to let a stranger do it, but not 100% sure scam either, look on top players, they r there not cuz they play good or anything, they r there because they r training cards all day long

A deck deleted

There is a limit of selling one card per day if you have not ever bought credits.

Its going to be for ELO!


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Obviously it would be very overpowered if it had great stats, but i would be fine with a card that has 6 or 7 /1. i just hate having to keep on wasting around at least 2000 clintz in matienance.

All right, so, thanks for the advice! I'm selling the rockman, and focusing on a rescue deck for DT T1 play, Jungo for ELO, and will put together a Skeelz/Caelus deck for DM.

I think that setting a minimum level for applicants would be useful.
I mean if a guild wants 25+ and they get 5-24 all the time it could be annoying.

Use Loocio. I'm running a deck that would ridiculouly unstable without him. And Chlora is a REALLY good choice, she makes up for Petra's supposed "puny" damage. And you would really benefit from the use of Nimestiec. I like to call him a troller. He sits around with 1 - 2 pillz on him, and will probably win. And why does everyone neglect Corrina? She's like a really good Skiner, but not as shaky. So......yeah, the Sakrohm are like my clan, I will always play them, no matter the circumstances.

UR staff tries to accommodate every request from players regarding improvements for the game but for these to be implemented they will need strong proofs that it will not cause chaos in general. So for now, I am closing this discussion. For any further inquiries about this contact me directly. My PM is always open for these sort of discussions.


For dts dont use jungo if you wanna win use montana uppers

My suggestion is to use montana it is cheap and good for beginners

Try some unusual combos like Skeelz and Sentinels, or anything else that might apply to your tastes.

saturday 15/05/2010

If slimans ability would be -5 power min 3:

chiara 8 power - 5 power = 3 power
sliman 5 power - 2 power = 3 power

sliman has still more stars so spamg88-GAA what are you talking about crushing?

same but even worse for the case sliman vs caelus, that shows how overpowered that old bastard is.
(sliman 2 power, caelus 3 power)

even with the ability on - 5 power min 3 he would be at least on par with caelus and would still have problems with soa abilities.
the only advantage sliman has is that is bonus helps him against att manipulation clans and all stars.
at least -4 power min 3 or 4 wouldn't hurt for sliman.

with sliman as he is, he will only see play if someone can't afford one of the way better 5 stars.

Rares or price of cards don't always affect how good a card is. There are a lot of rares out there that are really bad, and there are a lot of commons out there that are great and are staples in many decks.

Bob Joby ......... WHAT?

Sasha is obviously better mono-deck, Redra is obviously better split-deck. That being said, you're almost always going to play Skeelz as a mono-deck, because you get the advantage of Sasha and Sandro.

However, for the T1 tournies, I would go with Sasha. She can help you get those speedier wins, which gets you more points.

Here's another idea:


Bonus: Copy Bonus and/or ability
(i.e Frankie Hi - Copy: -13 Opp. Attack Min. 3)
(i.e Glenn - Copy: - 3 Opp Life Min 3 and/or -10 Opp. Attack Min.3)
So it means,if the bonus is let's say. -10 Opp. Attack Min 3 and the ability is + 1 Life Per Damage,you decide what you want to copy,but if the ability is +2 life and the bonus is also +2 life,they will stack up making it +4 life. Also works with let's say.. frankie hi/zatman's ability and bonus will stack up.

Hello all,

I just wanted to know what I can improve on this preset Truly the best mono Bangers!!! Thanks! Please rate and comment on the preset not here.


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