sunday 02/05/2010

Abilties with support: will give you that much amount for every clan member presence in your hand, i made the same mistake you made, thought sandro was +1 power but it was really +1 per clan member presence, thus it's 10. the support includes attack, power and damage, which means the max they could get is 4 and the min is 1( without stop opp ability opposing them)

saturday 01/05/2010

@Andyman: Copper has the +8 attack boost. Caelus does not. Now if Caelus was a Junkz or Sentinel with -5 power min. 2, that would be different. And a card like Copper is also slightly more effective in 1 pill bluffs anyways.

I do admit that I was thinking that +attack and - attack abilities would give even more of a *power* boost when powers are lower. But that is irrelevant to the outcome of the match.

No... and i thought i see Poseidon on the top right just a bit behind the buildings but turns out it was the Golden Monestery thingy

I made a deck for death mach an survivor deleted what you think soa an healing

Or maybe there are more players of that "nationality" playing, so you see them more often, therefore over a long run you're more likely to lose to those "nationalities" since there are more of them.

friday 30/04/2010

In non-random, if the attacks are identical, the card with lower stars wins. If both cards have the same number of stars, the card that was played first wins. So, your opponent played his card first, and you played second. He won.

In random, you have a 50% chance of winning if your attacks are the same.



Three attack manips and two DRs, while all the 8-powers offers some resistance to SOA. But this deck relies too heavily on bonus for damage, and I'm experiencing loads of problems with piranas and nightmares.

Toshi's DT Grinding Deck!

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?

Rate green if you like this deck as it is.

I suggest reading the rules. It's all in there.

In non-random in the event of a tie in attack the lowest starred card wins. If both cards have the same number of stars the card which went first wins the battle.

Sakrohm for sure, pussy cats, have high damagers, and great defence, so they are good even if you dont win with them, and sakrohm is great for + life cards and now with sigma poison and since they have - attack they can easily win with less pills giving you a chance to use the big hitters in the pussy catsor you can simply defend with them and make the opponent not catch up to the gap you made with jaunta or murray or sigma

Yeah ottavia isnt needed but is always good to have though as an option. I do use her often though.

What the others said, you need to get him to go up against a card with stop opp ability, he'll then have +4 damage from ability and +2 from bonus,

thursday 29/04/2010

Here is the deck that i use at the moment

What is a deathmatch? (been taking a break for the last two weeks)

That happens? the DM thing is pretty straight forward, met a few lv 30-45 who plays the absolute most obvious tactics EVER. got in at the middle of the DM, got an easy 200 points, lose a lot, i just don't get why people even bother stalling, may be they have got nothing better to do? this movement might be up and running again stronger than ever b4 due to DMs

A thorough understanding of the game is key, bonuses only activate if two different cards from from the same clan are in your hand at the same time. you have some nice cards actually, but for a beginner i would suggest rescue, take your larry and steve, and add 6 more rescue cards of your choosing and you'll have a great deck, cheap effective and great way to start off. i would suggest lea elvira, anita, glosh, suzie (use kerry if you can afford it), sledge, even the low stars are strong because each card has +12 attack from bonus. Later you can upgrade larry to krash (its a direct upgrade because 1dmg+2life is the same life gap as 3 dmg, but krash is always at 7 power whereas larry is weakened by soa.

wednesday 28/04/2010

Lvl 14 senior with all Montana? i think he meant all he has are Montana, since he didnt buy creds and other reasons.

DR = Damage Reducer.

You will need one for ELO.
Doesn't really matter if you can two-shot someone, if they KO you 1st because you didn't have anything to stop them.

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