wednesday 31/08/2016

I have no problem with playing in Arcade Mode, but it was really disappointing to beat the Berserk HQ and not get Kommandon Ld... That huge price from Season 1 is prohibitive and we were promised a shot at earning those cards in some other way, something we are yet to see and have patiently waited for. I though Arcade Mode was supposed to do that.

monday 29/08/2016

Hopefully something like that can happen, since it the time would be confusing for a new player

sunday 28/08/2016

friday 26/08/2016

@ UR Staff:
Can we have the option to filter card types "out" in the mkt? Like use check boxes?
The Rbs are bogging down my searches for cards that are missing from my collection. I don't care to see the Rb cards, but I want to view all of the others.

The new market view still seems like a waste of space. Could see so much more on the old version. Same with the forum threads. Is this ever going to improve?

A truly admirable update/upgrade to the website would be one that allows us to have more customization in how we view it. I prefer larger amounts of information on screen at once than flashiness. Customizable views would keep both types of customers happy (those who want flashiness vs. those who want efficiency and ease of use in the UI).


@ Aeliasson
Whenever there's a promo starting with the words "For every X packs purchased", you have to buy them at the same time with the same clan selection.

Next time you decide to make such a time sensitive mission how about doing it on a weekend so people with jobs have a chance to finish it yeah?

monday 22/08/2016

It boosted me just to 50% of next level ... smiley

So is the wheel dead because I can't find it anymore

sunday 21/08/2016

O my god, Lyse Teria Cr, Vickie Cr, Oscar, Spiaghi in Survivor Type 1.

saturday 20/08/2016

Page Cr is cheaper than Robb Cr... those prizes lol

friday 19/08/2016

It looks like ELO is preparing for points system, is it not? smiley

Derby Queen 72
El Mariachi 65
El Papa Gallo 62
Magistrado Ld 74
Tengu 64

thursday 18/08/2016

You guys are just jealous of him *cries and runs away*

Anyway, he might be weaker than cardigan but I still like him

wednesday 17/08/2016

Staff hasn't specified that yet. Right now it's up in the air.

tuesday 16/08/2016

Argh!!! My greed got the better of me and I bought a crappy pack...[[1490,1444,1489,1498,1501,1485,1465]]&newmissions=[]&completedmissions=[]


"She will be available to all from Tuesday, August 16th at 11am (GMT+2)! "
So, that point in time has passed. Did you forget about releasing her or does she just skip New Blood packs because reasons?

sunday 14/08/2016

Hello i wanted to comment about the new app of urban rivals launched. and i didnt know where
just wanted to say the app is awesome but:
there is no option to allow viewing and including the "missing" pill, which every player has. it really confuses when you think he has 4 pillz but the he has 5 pillz
second. when viewing the characters card, i would like to view the story of the character and read it while playing, just like in the older virsion, maybe you can add that to the new version. THNX!

@HipHoppa's post #45

I completely agree! It's easy to avoid IF you remember not to click "fight" right away. Unfortunately after playing a lot of daily tournaments my first instinct to to go right to the "fight" button. ha.

It would be nice if that button was disabled during arcade.

friday 12/08/2016

Well i think the ability of miss sloane is support attack +3 and her stats maybe 7/8

monday 08/08/2016

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Is the video on instagram a new trailer? Looks wicked.

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