monday 19/04/2010

Yes it does, you could actually get 3 kiki kiki cr in one booster with that

I suggest switching Darth + Luba out for Toro + Z3R0 D34D/Arkn. If they're too expensive then Methane/Anibal + Platinum is good.

In the Sentinel half everything is very good, for Daily Tournaments Copper is also an option while Hawk works well (though you lose 2 points for each win).

Ideally you want to play Leviatonn - Bristone - Toro - Zero dead/Arkn or Rolph - Bristone/Leviatonn - Z3R0 D34D - Arkn.

Platinum is also a decent 2* on a budget. The deck should work pretty work well at the moment, it's not a bad deck at all smiley

I understand now thanks.

@ -mraz - you are right..sorry
The streets are ours Win 1000 rounds with the Bangers 20PTS / 500 BP

For events btw.

@BreathCarolina: I highly suggest you not buy New Bloods unless it's right on release day the 2 or so hours after it is released. I can get on average 2k per Danger pack, and I've gotten a 10k card and even a 21k card (Jackie) from them. You can't say that about New Blood: at best, you might get Sigma, but too many people buy NewBlood.

I highly suggest you go for GHEIST-Piranas. For GHEIST, buy Platinum and Darth, and replace as you go on. For Piranas you have all you need, except replace Cyan with Tyd and Spycee with Tula. (trust me - I run a GHEIST-Piranas myself)

Play around with DT's and, once you get to level 15, Elo. If you like DT's, you should go with an Uppers deck. If you like Elo, Montana may be a good choice for you, or, if you have the money, Pussycats (lots of semi-evo cards so be careful)

sunday 18/04/2010

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Well i close this now thanks for the info can peac to gether they do it with in 1 year an when ever they feel like it for that year.

DerMagus - me?


you work hard and try to get somthing once you get it u dont even use it, it happened to me when i got Jackie

i have but i dont even use it much, but i want to keep it

I was saying there about exp, about how to easily get battle points, not how useabel he is... playing with Kolos to gain battle points is fast and easy, but You win about 50% of battles, and it cannot be used in normal games... that was a situational thread :>

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Try 8x Kolos and KO with 6 pills, 3 on card, 3 on fury smiley You'll get 12 bp bonus if won, and fast wins if someone thinks You will bluff the first round smiley good way to exp smiley


a rescue deck i have been messing around with in ELO.

opinions welcome.

Yes is pure staple deck

You type presetsmileyinsert number at end here)

There has been atleast 10 threads purely based on this, and all have more posts and better ideas then this hole thread cant you just search the others threads?

saturday 17/04/2010

U need play iń Elo its slow getting uo with levels

Again, what type of deck is it?

Yes, while Jackie at 3* has a nice 8/4 SoA (similar to Lyse Teria Cr but with different bonuses), JAckie is much more useful at level 4 thanks to being able to 2HKO with 6 damage Uppers such as Rubie, Nellie, and Beetenka, making her a very valuable Uppers in T2 DT. (It has the value of a 5* card, which redeems the -2 BP penalty) Zatman, on the other hand, has 4 damage, so must fury with other Uppers.

Decks can be played without DR.
Decks can be played without SOA.
Decks can be played without SOB.
Decks can be played without high power.
Decks can be played without pill manipulation.
[continue at will]

...just not without any of them. Of all those, personally, I tend to exclude DR first. What is DR? A card that benefits me if I lose. Yeah... I'd rather win. That said, in some decks a DR is absolutely helpful. It also depends a lot on the opponent, though. Pill manipulation and poison against DR will usually say "so what?" and run right into it. Same for Life Gain and -Life. That makes DR a pretty weak ability/bonus to have in the current game, imho. There are just a lot of situations where DR is useless or effectively just a bit annoying but not really changing anything. Exception here are Sakrohm's -5, min 1 reducers - but that is the typical deck where they absolutely make sense.

All the other points work equally. Without SOA&SOB is possible... often quite a bit harder, though; High power is really not necessary if abilities and bonus pull the cards up to par; pill manipulation is "comperatively new" anyway; poison, life gain etc are nicht extras - note: 2 of them specifically work around Damage Reduction.

The basic problem with (specific) defensive cards: They don't help if the specific mode of attack is not there and can also be outflanked. Stop/SOA/SOB have the problem of running without effect, too, but more rarely so than DR nowadays.

Not bad, but 5* cards are kinda lame for DTs. They don't give tha amny points.smiley

Don't stop where you are. Keep going! 1300 isn't that hard to get...

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