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wednesday 26/05/2010

Thanks FAST IS FUN! Could you help we with my deck, it's in another post, Help Deck! .

If you want to do beginner piranas go for a duo deck
like this one deleted

Petra, her SOB will fare better against a lot of nasty clans, especially those whose bonuses outpower yours. Jautya isn't bad, but not as versatile as Petra, especially when faced with SOA.

In a half deck, don't go for Avola. You risk drawing her in pairs or as a solo card, turning her into a possible 7/6 without an ability or bonus to help her battle. Definitely get Mona to fit the T1 requirement.

Kiki knows about the cup.
Monkey usually poo in them.....that's what I think >.>

Ok, i've been other people posting this idea now, granted their vernacular is terrible but if people could please post this all around the forums and keep the posts alive, i think we could get it going.

I am new at this game and i need help constructing my very own deck
So far i liked the combo of Ulu Watu and Roots so please help
Please include needed cards for the deck

Currently i have:
Maxed Coraille Maxed Jeff Maxed Mac Hen and Maxed Warren
My other cards are:
Maxed Hawkins Noel Maxed Gran Vista Maxed Allan Maxed Brandon Maxed Bunny Maxed Dreen and Timber Im planning tp get to lvl 10 so i could sell my other cards so far i dont have Roots cards

Mabey 24 pills, 24 life would be ok but still the idea is not very realistic, we just got deathmatch and double rooms would be pretty hard to make

Oh, and play the CR lottery every day, even if it's just the free ticket. Every ticket has a 10% chance of getting you 100 clintz, it's like they are worth 10 clintz. If you have less than 23 tickets then go to the market and buy uncommons that you can sell to kate no more of a loss than 50 clintz and you average a gain. Take for instance Zack, he sells for 320 clintz fully leveled. Sometimes you can find him on the market fully leveled for less than 370 clintz, so you do that and you paid less than 50 clintz for an average gain of 50 clintz and a profit is yours. Note that some characters sell for different amounts, so don't get into this kind of thing unless you know what the character sells for. But a lot of people don't realize Sydney sells for 500 not 400 so if you find any fully leveled copies for 500 clintz that's free tickets. This strategy involves some risk but the free ticket is worth grabbing if you weren't already. And hey, you could win a CR while you're at it.

Cutting in Half: (Tournament Type- tournament lasts for 30 minutes after the 1 hour tourney)

-2 Teams with 2 Players per team
-Bonuses are cut in half like:
-12 Opp. Attack Min. 8 -> -6 Opp. Attack Min. 4

La Junta Bonus:

Damage +2 -> Damage + 1

Sentinel Bonus:

Attack + 8 -> Attack + 4

Rescue Bonus:

Support: Attack +3 -> Support: Attack + 1

Uppers Bonus:

-10 Opp. Attack Min. 3 -> -5 Opp. Attack Min. 1

Sakrohm Bonus:

-8 Opp. Attack Min. 3 -> -4 Opp. Attack Min. 1

Pussycats Bonus:

-2 Opp. Damage Min. 1 -> -1 Opp. Damage Min. 1

-Abilities are not included.

-Nightmare,GHEIST,Roots and Piranas are banned

-Only 2 cards per player

-Winners get 20-150 battle points(depends on stars and round wins) and 200 clintz

-Losers get 1-100 battle points(the same) and 100 clintz

-Tourney winner gets 2,000 clintz and 5 credits

-2nd to 100th gets 1,000 clintz and 4 credits

- 101th to 500th gets 500 clintz and 3 credit

-The rest gets 250 clintz and 2 credit.

What Deck would you recommend for me to use in Fight Type 2 Tournaments? smiley

tuesday 25/05/2010

Why do you need another 3*?

If you're using one 4* and one 5*, then you'll need two 2* cards to make up the 25* count (assuming that you're going for that, of course).


Lou 5*
Lilly 4*
Yookie 3*
Noodile 3*
Rico 3*
Gertjan 3*
Miken moose 2*
Jeto 2*

THX thoazol smiley
I'm going to close this now smiley

... that's the starter... i suggest you make math's deck...

I see no point in saying something so obvious... but yea, no arguements there.

Did anyone say....*milk* ??


Well I just play Tournament Type 2...

Huh... Well now I know. Thanks dood.

Worst sarcasm. Ever.

Jackie, no doubts about it, she takes the fun of the game. I mean I can't satnd many cards like zatman or caelus but they are vulnerable to cards. With jackie is a whole story, reduce her? sorry man SOA... let her/him through? 6 damage..... fight her/him? try to fight vs 8 power with - 10 atk..... bluff? did I mention the -10 atk min 3? =S

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