tuesday 27/04/2010

@Ink_MoB : there is no card with this ability for the moment.

And check this one out too, please!



Need help in finding a second clan that can replace the piranas.

the nightmare part are also weak but i can't see what good replacement

For the record, yes..pretty illegal.


I've built this deck up from the starting Ulu Watu and Junkz cards. Any ideas on how to help it? I cannot afford Rowdy or Gil or anything too expensive yet. Thx


Vermyn N
B Ball
Baby Q
another 4 star

no unlevelled cards, no weak draws..

monday 26/04/2010

Thank you all to advices smiley

Thank you Art and Silver for the help.

Personally I like 6 stars cards with both options
(ultra strong single cards...such as a 10dmg [no bonus/power] and 6 or 7 power... and team abilities
but think the team abilities should b support, so they would have their effect better or worse felt as more clanmates would be on team... example:

Uramihcoro (name refrence to Orochimaru from Naruto)
3* 2/4
4* 5/5
5* 8/5
6* 8/6 (ability unlocked)
Ability: Team:Suppoert: Poison 1(number of clan chars) min 1(number of clan chars)+1(min would change as the poison dmg changed, so at 4 poison u'd get 5min, while with only him and other u'd get poison 2 min 3, personally my opinions is this card would even work better on a half deck than a mono... but would give persons option to choose)

Art: think u got thte idea, sth like the anime char... last lvl with snakes in place of fingers.

Story: after learning some ancient secrets in a expedition with the help of doctor Sigmund he came back and knew how to poison his opponents with simple movements of a finger, without even touching them.

Thank you verymuch smiley

For DT, massiv is the better card.

This is a necromanced thread. I certainly didn't recommend using Zatman in a DT is April of THIS year, which means it's from 2009. Why do the mods approve stuff like this? smiley

Ignore any/all posts from before 4/25/10. They're no longer relevant.

Trippie, thanks for the reply.

Burt over Rubie: I will try that combination, Rubie is good to make 2 hit ko, but i will give a chance and try Burt over Rubie

Graff over Massiv i dont agree.

In case of Jackie over Wendel and Rubie, what other card you suggest to complete the deck and make a really nice DT deck ?

deleted please comment on it smiley

Due to popular demand (not by XC 1984 at least because he prefers damage than power and I also agree with him but I made this deck to just to show you) I present, My deck! I entitled the deck as I was inspired from what I saw, "The Diamond-Shaped Green Leaves."

sunday 25/04/2010

Anti-Caelus SOA/SOB

What do you think? I could possibly change Rolph to Toro and then make some other alteration.

You're lucky I even rated your preset green. smiley

Let me know what you guys think

*by 1 card from fast is fun suggestion* http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1237415&list

Having Jay, Kolos, Timber, and any FPC card out will hurt the FPC card's chance of 1HKO.

But otherwise, nice deck! Good luck on getting a Lao Cr, as it will easily take over Yu Mei thanks to solid damage. (and a nice ability to boot)

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