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friday 21/05/2010

There are several pros and cons to having splash cards, mono-decks and half-decks.

For mono-decks, your bonus activates 100% of the time. That's definitely a big plus. Support based abilities/bonuses also gain a huge boost from being in a mono-deck, as they will have their full potential out all the time, while in a half deck you risk drawing 1/2/3 cards from that clan and the ability will be slightly weaker, if not very much so. However, mono-decks means that you have to put up with the weird habits of that particular clan, for lack of a better word. For example, a mono-Uppers means you will have to bear with the weaker 2* cards that the Uppers has; admittedly, the Uppers 2* are average if not below that. Same goes for the Ulu Watu.

Half decks run the risk of having no bonuses for certain cards, if you draw a 3-1 split. Support abilities are also much weaker generally. However, half decks means you get to combine the strengths of two clans together. For example, as stated earlier, the Uppers has weak 2*. But the Nightmare/Piranas have wonderful 2* cards. So a possible choice would be to combine the two, using low-starred Piranas and putting in high-powered Uppers.

Splash cards serve a different purpose in that they are mostly fillers. These are cards that will operate well enough without their bonus, and serve sufficiently with just ability alone. Spiaghi is one such card; Lehane is another. They are (most of the time) there to make space for other bigger, nastier cards.

@Battery: ohhh..that's why they released 2 pussycats and 2 skeelz during December-Januarysmiley

thursday 20/05/2010

What do ya think about my new deck?

I like going up against no le veled cards it means i complete missions quicker.


It was directed at the same guy you directed at, cause i know you already know very well everything i've just posted. and the cases i talked about are if you use mono piranas in T2, or if you use a strange mono deck with 2 4* cards( like me)

Uhm yeah you should just get that +2 points subclavian also in dt's smiley
+2 points > a few miliseconds

@art- Ok. But I don't have enough Clintz for Mona. But I will.
Changed Sharon to Donnie

Put the mouse over collection then some tabs should come down and one says public presets click on that

wednesday 19/05/2010

What's the point of having a bonus to protect your bonus? Cancelling SOB? Then you might as well -not- have a bonus. Either way, SOB will fail to work against you.

I am a new player and I don't have the #1 answer but I do have the #2.
#2- The one that goes first wins. Or the one with the LOWER star count.

Bonuses are only activated from having to cards from the same clan, with this idea you are only allowd one bonus, and with only one bonus you will not get far, I suggest you go for your two favourite clans and stick with them, when you get more money you can try swapping one of those clans for the other but only stick to 2 clans max

tuesday 18/05/2010

If you have alot of money Bryan is great but if ur low on money stick to the second page with cards like Chiro, Dacote, Archible
or you could be lucky like me and get Emeth in a pack win ur a level 10 noob!
yeah thats right be jealous

I generally go with cool attitude due to the high amount of expensive uncommons. Also I hate getting new blood packs, you only got 4 out of 35 (not counting rarity) to get the new cards and any common cards, which is 2/3 of a new blood pack, you get are going be worthless. Course all packs are random so every pack has a chance of giving you 300 clintz to 20k+ clintz.

Uppers are great at lower levels and ELO but La Junta and Skeelz both have great cards so it may take a while but stick with ur current deck of Junta and Skeelz

Maybe he's never bought packs much. Or something. Have faith!

If you still don't punch things around you then you're good.smiley

@Jerromy, yeah I got that, but I don't think your leader will ever come into existence though. Never mind, you didn't get my point.. Hahas. Kinda pointless to continue this since the general public is highly agains the idea though.

Well, the way I saw it I had two basic choices. Either use a clan that I have no cards for, or choose one of my two starter clans. No matter what, I'm not going to have any very good cards for a while. I decided to go with one of my starter clans because at least I've already got some filler that will give me the clan bonus, and I can add decent cards in on top whenever I can afford them. I picked Junkz over Ulu Watu simply because I seem to do better with them.

As for the cost of the better cards, I had just assumed that ALL the decent cards were in the thousands range. I'll have to look at the pre-mades again, but if I can get a decent 8-card Montana deck for under 8k, that's reason enough to switch. But if I'm going to need to buy a few cards in the thousands for them too, I'm pretty much in the same position with either.

That pack idea is pretty slick. Do you know at about what time they generally release the new packs?

I like Timber, too. I've actually been able to work out a few 2HKOs with him, and he works really well as a bluff first round.

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