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tuesday 18/05/2010

@Jerromy, yeah I got that, but I don't think your leader will ever come into existence though. Never mind, you didn't get my point.. Hahas. Kinda pointless to continue this since the general public is highly agains the idea though.

Well, the way I saw it I had two basic choices. Either use a clan that I have no cards for, or choose one of my two starter clans. No matter what, I'm not going to have any very good cards for a while. I decided to go with one of my starter clans because at least I've already got some filler that will give me the clan bonus, and I can add decent cards in on top whenever I can afford them. I picked Junkz over Ulu Watu simply because I seem to do better with them.

As for the cost of the better cards, I had just assumed that ALL the decent cards were in the thousands range. I'll have to look at the pre-mades again, but if I can get a decent 8-card Montana deck for under 8k, that's reason enough to switch. But if I'm going to need to buy a few cards in the thousands for them too, I'm pretty much in the same position with either.

That pack idea is pretty slick. Do you know at about what time they generally release the new packs?

I like Timber, too. I've actually been able to work out a few 2HKOs with him, and he works really well as a bluff first round.

... if you're talking DMs:
if you're talking ELO:
same as above, only jackie to wayne stark and have both rubie and oxen in your deck
or jackie to frankie, and one of the 2* to burt/stanford

if you're talking half decks, you'll need to say which clan you want to mix them with

@FIF: You're 100% right about maximizing your play according to the metrics used. I've only been playing UR for about 5 months, and I'm still learning the game. I've certainly learnt something about how the DTs work reading this thread, and hopefully I'll do better in the future.

It's a bit like when I play blitz chess: doesn't matter if you play fast rubbish and end up in a dead lost position as long as your opponent runs out of time. smiley

Perhaps "screwy" isn't the best word. Maybe "unbalanced" is a better description of what I mean. It's certainly better than expensive over-powered decks winning everything though.

If you want to go second, why not Ashigaru? The lvl 25 leader. And you could add Dayton as well. That would make it 24 stars and Ashigaru means you start off second when you draw him.

monday 17/05/2010

Oops, I didn't realize the stars on her. I decided to switch around the stars for this instead -

Uranus 3*
Jautya 4*
Wakai 2*
TrinmkkT 4*
Askai 5*
Radek 3*
Mindy 2*
Pegh 2*

This better?

Yeah, which is why SOA is Montana's real killer. Against clans without SOA/SOB however, the Montana is a very scary clan to face.

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No real general strategy, develop ur own and try to see how others play, to get a idea of players, many bluffs and 2HKOs u shall fear and/or notice but only with experience u'll get better

You're probably too used to the attack manipulation. I have that trouble too; too used to my Montana, so it's difficult playing well with anything that doesn't have attack +/- in their bonus. You could either go back to your afore-mentioned Montana/Uppers and Junkz, or if you're dead set on trying out your Piranas/GHEIST, keep playing with them. You'll get thrashed a lot at first, but you'll get the hang of it... Eventually.

As for the Rescue, play them like you played your Uppers/Montana. They're more or less the exact same thing.

Which deck would you prefer this week? I am trying to get to high elo, the highest ive gotten was 1375, using the freaks-sak deck. Which deck do you think will work better for this week?

(_Freaks + Junkz_) http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1279822

Bogdan, Splata CR, Mira, Olga, Veenyle, Gil, Tremorh, Lolly.

I am currently thinking about this deck as i have fallen in love with the pill manipulation (although am afraid of gheist this week). Also, Splata CR and Bogdan are very powerful cards, and i prefer Splata CR over Grudj.

[Freaks Guide] Deck Sample. http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1202664&list
Bogdan, Grudj, Olga, Mira, Nata, Uranus, Murray, Nimestiec

I used this deck to obtain a high elo awhile back. I could easily swap out Nata with Sigma, but given the amount of gheist heavy decks + striker, idk if it is worth it this week. Although having another 8 power card is extremely helpful.

Well let me hear feed back! What do you guys think is the better deck for this week?

@Big_Daddy- Hahaha. Well, Please care!

Noodile completely oppresses GHEIST.

Umm... Hey,you can't look at someone else's collection..
Basics are:
OP- overpowered
UP- underpowered
BP- battle points
SoA- Stop Opp. Ability
SoB- Stop Opp. Bonus
Attack Manipulation- +X Attack or -X Opp. Attack Min. X
Pill Manipulation- +X Pillz or -X Opp. Pillz Min. X
DR- Damage Reduction

That's all I can tell you. (for now)

What changes do I have to make if needed?

@Tekitho: Looks like you're the one who takes this too seriously. You're probably going to play another battle with that extra time.

@PeC_Eagle: Not always. Sometimes I personally wait about 10-20 seconds just to screw my opponent up if I'm bluffing.

Zi76: i dont really wanna reply.... but... uh... u know what AH means, but you clearly misunderstood how to use it as an accusation stand point..... so.... uh.... dont try.... maybe we can start a philosophical debate on whats AH?

nvm, ur points to me are so randomly directed i cant even try and respond.

Jerromy's idea aint that bad, but does pose a problem if looked into deeper. seriously......... thats just fast pace ELO with no fear in losing ELO points

lastly, Z(shortened it but didnt with the brackets): urs arent technically evidence, they are logical deductions

like that makes a difference

I have a Jackie, a Sydney, and a Jeeves so far. (From Packs smiley)

Now If you could, reply with a good solid Uppers deck build. smiley

Thanks! smiley

I have yet to see a deck based around non-random or random battles. However, Montana (usually with the help of Hugo), Uppers, and maybe Sakrohm are good in non-random in low-pill battles.

As for hints, my biggest tip is to do the math. (it's very important to calculate all abilities and bonuses - I've lost a match where I pilled wrong because I forgot to take in consideration a certain ability) Since you don't even have to get a sureshot to win, you can usually pill just enough to beat the opponent if you have the pill advantage. In fact, I lost many battles (compared to how well I used to perform) this past month because I got lazy and stopped calculating pilling situations and doing the math. If you can't do the math in your head, people have suggested playing with a calculator. xD

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