saturday 17/04/2010

Again, what type of deck is it?

Yes, while Jackie at 3* has a nice 8/4 SoA (similar to Lyse Teria Cr but with different bonuses), JAckie is much more useful at level 4 thanks to being able to 2HKO with 6 damage Uppers such as Rubie, Nellie, and Beetenka, making her a very valuable Uppers in T2 DT. (It has the value of a 5* card, which redeems the -2 BP penalty) Zatman, on the other hand, has 4 damage, so must fury with other Uppers.

Decks can be played without DR.
Decks can be played without SOA.
Decks can be played without SOB.
Decks can be played without high power.
Decks can be played without pill manipulation.
[continue at will]

...just not without any of them. Of all those, personally, I tend to exclude DR first. What is DR? A card that benefits me if I lose. Yeah... I'd rather win. That said, in some decks a DR is absolutely helpful. It also depends a lot on the opponent, though. Pill manipulation and poison against DR will usually say "so what?" and run right into it. Same for Life Gain and -Life. That makes DR a pretty weak ability/bonus to have in the current game, imho. There are just a lot of situations where DR is useless or effectively just a bit annoying but not really changing anything. Exception here are Sakrohm's -5, min 1 reducers - but that is the typical deck where they absolutely make sense.

All the other points work equally. Without SOA&SOB is possible... often quite a bit harder, though; High power is really not necessary if abilities and bonus pull the cards up to par; pill manipulation is "comperatively new" anyway; poison, life gain etc are nicht extras - note: 2 of them specifically work around Damage Reduction.

The basic problem with (specific) defensive cards: They don't help if the specific mode of attack is not there and can also be outflanked. Stop/SOA/SOB have the problem of running without effect, too, but more rarely so than DR nowadays.

Not bad, but 5* cards are kinda lame for DTs. They don't give tha amny points.smiley

Don't stop where you are. Keep going! 1300 isn't that hard to get...

Well I used to be like you. I would only play in T1 but then one time I tried t2. I played Kolos a few times and Jackie many times.
I stopped for a bit but then went back with a better deck and now I play t2 all the time. It is a lot easier to play t2 with strong 3 and 4* cards and rack up points. Still T1 overall is generally easier.

I made this deck:


I didnt try it at ELO yet (I dont want to blow my score up this week since I'm alredy on 1200) but I'll try it next week.
Do you think its good? I alredy made it;
Low budget - La Junta & Skeelz

Look methane and anibal the only difference is, one situational damage for one situational power, its that small. Id prefer a more solid Power than Damage So Methane all the way

Although I am a Montana user, I suggest using Rescues. Rescues are way better than Montana. Montana will have to pill at lease once to ensure that they are within the bonus minimum. Rescue have a few +life cards also which can be very helpful in ELOs. Montana rely on damage and most of their cards are low damage. Especially during SOA weeks, Montana will have a tough time in ELO.

Grax and Uranus can be used by themselves along with a leader and a clan and are quite effective as your heavy DRs

The strategy and tactics section is probably the best place to do it. Or you can ask a moderator directly

Yeah and for the last time please stop saying +pill isn't worth/virtually/same/equal +attack
It is not!

Its ok but if you could get less stars it would be better.

My deck that i got 1300+ ELO with 3 weeks in a row was,
Gil, Rowdy, Veenyle, Gibson, Askai, Nyema, Radek, and Pegh
Its very easy to use and good =)

friday 16/04/2010

1) i know but hey ho
2) hey it works fro everyone this way
and 3) thanks for that

Your kinda right i mean arno is only 1 more reduction which sure is quit a bit more but your useing nightmare not roots so i guess i was too harsh...he could work

I close this now we know hawkins better an arken

Did one mistake with the previous post, now is ok.

The deck is similar but i need some opinions . with Katan

or with Starke


Iam sorry, did a mistake in the copy paste.



Sentinel huh? i'd say go with a uppers half, they are quite cheap now that they are practically useless in uppers on their own, and some low starred cards from sentinel have lots of chance to win with uppers.

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