monday 12/04/2010

Yeah... tried them a lot today... i played until 11 victories in

Clueless, you've encountered a scammer, silly deals aren't worth considering unless the guy agrees to fufil his end of the bargain 1st. contact customer support as DnL said and you'll get your steve back and have the other guy's account banned

Think of it like xbox achievements
more you have, more respect you get

There are times/days usually late sunday when the elo ban list hasnt kicked in yet and cards are free to roam for a few hours

Lol bawsky id depends if you buy credits

but ye dont quit. i lose all the time and now i almost just dont play in any room atall. im a forum kinda guy.....what im saying is there is something here for everyone. try missions or something different

Hey, I created this topic so You can post Your not too expensive, but not budget decks that can get You over 1300 in elo. This is my current deck:

Mona can be swiched to Sharon to get it around 10k, and winning with it is quite easy

post Your decks, it may help others

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Http:// this is my elo

Indeed here is the deck I will be using

Lol myeltd

I made these 2 decks:
1 with chlora n 1 with vermyn n
temme which 1 u lyk more.......xD

@RGV: it's about leaving the game

I think the question isnt about what clan goes with FPC, but rather what cards are good in the clan.

Sad to say, FPC really needs their CRs, marlysa CR for elo and kerozinn cr for type 2 are really good.

In ELO where stars are limited marlysa cr, chan, nakata, unagi will be the low stars you want to use make room for the heavy hitters you feel comfortable with, xia leming 2* deserves a mention since its one of the better damage reduction in FPC, unagi can be played at 1* as well

for type 2: fei, hattori, sung tsu, kuei, are the ones you want, and of course kerozinn cr, which you most likely wont get

Also, in both cases, a leader is probably beneficial,

Wise cr look what i said was just confusing i get it, mabey this will make it clearer: the cheapest clan to complete! is the skeelz the cheapest clan to complete without buying crs is roots/freaks one or the other...

@maki, GHEIST goes well with Roots, so dont cut off that option

@Sczq: i doubt u have the budget to go with Ling's suggestion with the Piranas one, also, maki's suggestion is good too, but dont listen when he says GHEIST aint good, GHEIST is a good option.

Roots go with many decks, so just find one u like.

i would replace Arno imo and get in a better card

sunday 11/04/2010

Mono La Junta really, really needs its expensive cards to be worthwhile (Thormund and Emeth make the whole thing even playable). Here's a budget option, though it's probably not going to take you too far:

Bruce / Tank

If Gatline's really out of your budget, take out Winston (or Thormund if you're really poor) and her for Masamu and Tank / Bruce (whichever you didn't use).

We need more, its been 2 years

Just keep it, please. Everything i want to say is in bio: Tribute for Polish Elite

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@CaRdZz: i know, kdgns gave me the best answer..
when i wrote my 1st comment as you see above..
the mods did the late confimation of the comments that's why i thought nobody answered..smiley
thnx for answering everyone!smiley

Lol stef...But still, it is true. :O


here it is, coment on the preset, you may use it if you want.

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