friday 16/04/2010

Iam sorry, did a mistake in the copy paste.



Sentinel huh? i'd say go with a uppers half, they are quite cheap now that they are practically useless in uppers on their own, and some low starred cards from sentinel have lots of chance to win with uppers.

Also, i have this defensive deck that took me over 1200 ELO points 2x, requires pratice, but realy works

Even though Hawk is elo banned that wouldn't affect T1 DT would it?

thursday 15/04/2010

Sorry, I don't have these cards. But you can see this deck in Urdecker (Ilink in my bio - just remove "/demo/"smiley. Go there, click "Load" and copy there this scary code (from first card's name till the last ":"smiley. Btw, you can make your deck there by yourself.

@Coldberg --- true, but now I'm trying to win battles and I care about points, cause I'm trying to understand how can players reach 400 or more points in dailys..

She is 2k only, and there are cheap cards like Oscar, Sharon... He'll get her somehow smiley

Can you afford to buy Arno, Rico and Noodile? Put them with Yookie to make a solid 11* half. It'd open up a lot of room for your high starred Fang Pi cards.

Well Sigma is no better than Ironfeld - he can do 8 damage plus 2 from fury + 6 poison (assuming the perfect situation where you activate the Freaks' bonus without having 2 Freaks smiley) = 16

Sigma + fury + poison = 1 + 2 + 12 = 15..

So Sigma doesn't really change anything, Ironfeld can do 7 more damage than her and 6 less poison damage but that is still more, and with a lower minimum.

I'll go with some Senti or Piranas for your other half

Pffffffffff I would check regulary the Public Presets

I'll go for the new blood, buy and sell fast

Having come back to UR after months of inactivity, I've been inspired too much by all sorts to come up with an idea for a new clan. I call them the "Honours" because they're a mixture of people of Clint City who are "honoured" to just be themselves.
I'm absolute pants when it comes to what powers and damages should be but I figured the Clan Bonus could be Opp Power - 1.

I'll just share the leader for now because I don't know how you guys feel about this clan idea.

Ophelia was often bullied as a child but it didn't bring down her character and spirit. She decided to look to Clint City for the inner talent rather than flashy inventory or good looks, and started the Honours clan for those “honoured” to just be themselves....

**: Power 2, Damage 2
***: Power 3, Damage 3
****: Power 4, Damage 4
*****: Power 6, Damage 6

Ability: *****: Opp Power -2, Min 2

As I said, I'm absolute pants when it comes to coming up with values for power and damage, so please don't be too harsh with me.

Smokey is really over-rated. Even before he was a CR, the price wasn't worth it

what being the first non leader pill manipulator (with trey) wasn't good enough? he was 2000, and he has sob and basically + 21 attack, he can fury and it will be like not using any pills for it (if he wins) he was a solid staple and if he was in any other clan he would be so overpowered

Ryuchi for me is overpowered, who cares if he can 1hko with timber and fury, and clan bonus (pretty shaky) he is a massivly weak 6 powered card with bonus that doesn't help him 1 bit! and his ability which isn't good enough to make him an attacker is only useful half the time, wendy mor is better if you ask me, same power better ability

Roots ?

wednesday 14/04/2010





The topic is exceedingly vague. How to 'play' a clan involves a lot more than one can explain in a few paragraphs.

Bluffs and openings and the like are so subjective that it could be the smartest play to bluff with a big hitter like Selma in one match and overpill the very same card in the next. There is never some kind of 'always bluff this card with 1-2 pillz' rule. Even things like deck construction can be discussed at length. There is no mention of a single card, let alone format or a budget to build the deck. Can you afford Smokey, Hawkins, etc. or are you looking for a budget build?

My point is that unless you ask something specific, you are going to get simplistic answers that aren't going to help much. Of course he is going to use pill manipulators and probably either Bloodh or Selma in the deck. Do you really think he couldn't have figured that out for himself with just a little effort? At that point, he could make a more well thought out topic and really get some intelligent discussion going.

I urge you to consider your own advice and "get real".

Here is my new list of cards (sold a lot and got new ones via packs):

Hula, Ironfield, Kharl, Miss Ming, Darth, Dolly, Leviatonn, Meyen, Nina, Askai, Elea, Jalil, Sylth, Archibald, Burger, Chiro, Dean, Gatline, Mitch, Molly, Nikki, Tank, Winston, Hugo, Timber, Vansaar, Donnie, Filomena, Griezzo, Mort Bax, Oscar, Ottavia, Pino, Prince Jr, Cell, Dieter, Elixir, Endora, Estalt, Melluzine, Mojo, Oshitsune, Brittany, Dolores Boss, Meg, Noon Stevens, Sakura, Wanda, Yayoi, Beverly, Joana, Kerry, Larry, Pam, Sledg, Wesley, Ataoualpet, Billy Bob, Jeena, Jeto, Ojibway, Ratanah, Amy, Carlos, Dayton, Havok, Hawk, Josh, Klaus, Lehane, Luis, Miranda, Owen, Rebecca, Robin, Tobbie, William, Zdrone, Burt, Colin, Frankie Hi, Gina Glitt, Janine, Mickey T, Rubie, Sydney, Tyler, Wayne Stark, Wendel, Zlatar.

About 20,000 Clintz to use.

As you can tell, I prefer to go mono or dual clan within these grps (Sentinel, Uppers, La Junta, Nightmare, Montana, Pussycats, Rescue, Roots, Gheist, Jungo, Freaks). Break it down to a nice set, telling me each card you would use for the deck.

Just looking for solid cards for tournament play, daily T1/T2 I think for now, ELO later maybe. 75%+ win would be nice smiley Thanks again all for reading and helping. get uploaded on different sites all the time. For a while, runescape classic could be played on miniclip as well, as could pogo. Hell, even msn games had a stint on their site until about 40% of those people had their accounts hacked.

@toxica: i never said it was quick, i said you'd make 200 in 2 hours if you're lucky... it doesn't give you fast clintz, but it does give you something to hope for. then again that's not what the OP wanted to know... just ignore the playing market bit

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