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friday 14/05/2010

Between Montana and All Stars?

Really, that's up to you, ashas . . .

This thread is weird. smiley

Ok... 4/0... yu mei winssmiley

@0UC: Maybe you are right... BUT: Look at the idea of 0n3:
-Once a month. 1 Card per month. It's only one harmless card!

Learn how to spell peoples names, first before you go off and rant.

thursday 13/05/2010

Thanks for the help, I've added Pegh and will get Nyema soon. I'll try seeing what I can do about Slyth, but it's way too expensive for me at the moment/

Yeah. Marco is staff banned, so he's unusable in ELO.

I've finished in 25th or so with my Piranas ELO deck, but the drawback is not being able to finish matches quickly, but I've gotten plenty of 12-0 KO's with my Piranas in DT's.

Both are pretty low powered. Junkz have somewhat of a problem with T2S unless you can afford DJ Korr CR.

As the others have said, t his thing will die a painful death in T2 DM.

T2 DM is dominated by 5* powerhouses as there's currently no penalty for higher star counts.

Go T1, and, if you want to keep Hugo, I'd make the change that TryztaN suggested.

Ever tried running an Aylen and Eyrik deck?

Heres my problem with pussycats, every time i see a half deck, i think, man, using evo cards would make this so much better (wanda 1*, yayoi 3*, charlie 4*, muze 3* is 11 stars of awesomeness). But that half deck is impossible to suggest to someone on a budget. The non-evo version would probably be muze 3*, yayoi 4*, wanda 2*, brittany 2*, which is quite strong, try it out. If you feel yayoi is too expensive and you dont need the extra soa, might want to give veronica a shot. If you dont like wanda because she doesnt have an ability, ella is quite a good reducer 2*

Montana, Sakrohm, and Uppers will totally dominate
see them in former DTs? They have the god cards.... possibly La Junta, but it's just attack manipulation takes them down real good.
Also Ulu Watu, having big powerhouses are scary, but it's gonna be tough to fit all those great cards in a 25* deck

Eh, confidence and revenge is much better than revenge and revenge but worse than confidence and confidence.. But revenge by itself is better than confidence (unless you're aiming for the 2HKO.)

wednesday 12/05/2010

Manateeeater69, go to the market, click on rescue, buy 8 cards and you are done. Lea (885), elvira (1924), glosh (999), sledg (2439) = 6247 for 14*

Then get 4 more cards depending on type 1 or type 2 or elo.

Type 1 you need 11 stars, I suggest krash (140), slyde (310), suzie (790), denise (129)= 1243, for a 7490 deck, this also works on weeks sledg isnt banned for ELO.

B Ball

Bangers/all stars
B Ball

which should i run because i have bangers already and 39k more clintz thx

Really good deck. Only flaw is against gheist or roots this deck has low damage, but luckily the 8 powered cards will give gheist or roots a hard time.
Great deck.

The best thing for new players is to play mono deck, its 8 card deck with cards from only 1 clan, sometimes with a leader... try it and You'll always have bonus active... most often suggested clans for new players would be Montana and Rescue, cheap cards and powerfull bonuses

Ok the decision is done.
I'm going to use shadowcouncils deck.

Thanks for suggestions.

I'd say go for piranas, they've got alot of very good usable cards for very low prices, cards like greesh and rhed are cheap but definatly able to be used dangerously. Also tula and sting can really shake things up. Save up a bit and get scubb to put in a mono deck and you'll have a deck you can seriously compete with in elo and daily tourdement. it'll get you in the top 1/3 of the dailys and keep you above 1000 points in elo, which you can use the credits you win to buy packs for free and see how other clans work for you.

another point is that SoB will massively simplify fights and kill alot of people's stratigies who rely on clan bonus.

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