saturday 10/04/2010

It can be just luck, anticipation, probable move-reading through expectation, experience, etc.
Third party programs are not allowed here. Once caught, a player faces an immediate ban.

It's clan spirit, dude. smiley (Poor Eyrik, Eklore, and Corvus - well, Corvus has a more roguish uniform, but one nonetheless)

Having "too many clans" is a very silly notion. if you mean which clan should u play with, just check out all the card, find a clan which suits your playstyle, and buy em up.

@Wildflame: Yes, it is the exactly the same as our pill counter, except for giving an extra pill at start of each round instead of giving it during battle screen (you MUST put at least 1 pill each round, so it all evens out and there are no 0-pill bluffs, resulting in 0 attack). So....If he physically sees his Vansaar as 18 attack and the Shakra as 7 attack, then there is a problem. Either he misread or there is a bug. Best contact Urban Support EN.

friday 09/04/2010

Ok, I didn't know that the mins need to be the same ability, thanks for explaining it. Dahlia is still wrong though, because when I tried the same with gil the opp ended with 4, and with dahlia the opponent ended with 5.

Now that it is explained I will close this topic.

Thanks smiley

Oh good smiley

THX guys smiley

Now I can resume my chill play instead of the anger generated by attack tie smiley

2 on the 1st and 4 on the next

Maybe if Ghumbo or Oshitsune becomes perma - banned (unlikely) or one goes Cr (unlikely in my opinion as well) then some Nightmare will become lower priced.

Also they have been getting some really good releases lately in Azgroth, Phyllis, Pan, Mawpin, Ghumbo, Oshitsune etc. (combined with Eadh, Sargh, Kenny, Glorg etc.) and their popularity level has gone sky - high. Both Nightmare and Piranas are popular ELO clans but they both have very different styles.


Well i think veenyle is better than dash, situational anything is never good

Ok, i suggest this:
piranas: sting, tyd, smokey cr( if you couldn't afford him, use hawkins), tula
pussycats: clara, yayoi/baby Q, noemi( if you use smokey cr, use felyn instead), ella
that makes 25*, but idk if it's good

thursday 08/04/2010

BreathCarolina. Your best bet is to add a few friends, and discuss strategy with them. You already have two who have offered, and you are welcome to also message me. This game is a lot of fun but can be a little frustrating as well, so good luck, and hope to see you around.

I had a thought about something like this but mine was bonus = random bonus of all of them in the game, sometimes plus 2 power sometimes plus 2 damage.

Woops, sep337 miscounted stars, thats 12 stars in that montana half... so swich Ottavia to Prince Jr, and go for that setup: Oshitsune, Ghumbo, Pan, Mawpin, Edd, Mona, Prince Jr, Spiaghi , thats my opinion

But they are only in survivor, and in survivor, what determines your wins is how good you are at pilling, raw power isn't of much impact when your budget is 10 pills...( i killed a guy with a deck full of raw power and ambre on my 1st run survivor run, the guy had only 10 pills and he was reduced by my hawkins as well so he was as good as a dead man)

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Hmm, your deck consists of zatman which is ELO banned, so maybe you can tell the rest what is the game mode you're playing often with, then people can help

Lost Warehouse No Pills / Pills

Make sure u have max leader vansaar and fire away. 8 x 9 + 3 = 75 cards if u bought all full decks and 1 wateva booster

2* requires only 1 winning game or 2 lost games

if u dun wanna bother about thinking to train, just lose all ur games and surf or do ur own stuff while trg, once u hear the sound, just click and go.

Levels up ur char fast smiley

Maybe those cards that u dun wan, u can just sell them 0 stars as some players prefer non evo cards to fit the * requirements of their deck, for that u need to check out which cards are those, im not a fan of non evo cards, so i wun noe.

yep tat should be about all.

I sure make use of the stars! smiley
please rate green and comment, thanks!

I like how Nancy Hubble (the 2*) is better than most of the others...

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