thursday 08/04/2010

But they are only in survivor, and in survivor, what determines your wins is how good you are at pilling, raw power isn't of much impact when your budget is 10 pills...( i killed a guy with a deck full of raw power and ambre on my 1st run survivor run, the guy had only 10 pills and he was reduced by my hawkins as well so he was as good as a dead man)

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Hmm, your deck consists of zatman which is ELO banned, so maybe you can tell the rest what is the game mode you're playing often with, then people can help

Lost Warehouse No Pills / Pills

Make sure u have max leader vansaar and fire away. 8 x 9 + 3 = 75 cards if u bought all full decks and 1 wateva booster

2* requires only 1 winning game or 2 lost games

if u dun wanna bother about thinking to train, just lose all ur games and surf or do ur own stuff while trg, once u hear the sound, just click and go.

Levels up ur char fast smiley

Maybe those cards that u dun wan, u can just sell them 0 stars as some players prefer non evo cards to fit the * requirements of their deck, for that u need to check out which cards are those, im not a fan of non evo cards, so i wun noe.

yep tat should be about all.

I sure make use of the stars! smiley
please rate green and comment, thanks!

I like how Nancy Hubble (the 2*) is better than most of the others...

Lol ok. il closesmiley

Sorry I mean wakai.

4-3-1 is usually two clans plus one leader. you can put a clan without very important bonus in that 3, maybe skeelz, freaks, etc.

Lmao oceanas xD

Nothing wrong with a 4-3-1 imo

wednesday 07/04/2010


Sorry i would love to have posted on these forums, but i feel that it is too hard to format.

Arno over Jeena unless you can afford to use a 2* Jeena and keep replacing her when she levels

Thanks for the help. I'll try that.

Yea personally i prefer T1 and ELO. T2 req 1 more star which means chance of getting better cards. but since ELO 25*, i use same deck for both so its like kinda practice for ELO.

I see, thanks you all.

Thanks for the advice guys, I'll try to get some more cards.

I would'nt recommend using 5* cards, or even 4*... to get to higher places You need low star count deck and be able to win a lot with it... try something like tiny cuts, search presets for tiny cuts type decks, I personally use something like that:

or without Mona:

If You have the skill, second deck will do better, Mona is a 3* card and theres a possibility of getting 3 cards with 3* on hand, and that cuts off entire idea... but its easier to win with Mona

Dwan - Greem - Sandro - Danae - Cley - Deebler - Redra - Liam

That's a great budget deck and you can save up for Caelus, Sasha, Chiara etc.

@wildflame: i think i would only be playing in the fights type 1 in the next couple of days 'coz i don't enjoy ELO and i want to level up as fast as possible, anyways, thank you for the suggestion..

@others: please rate and comment on my deck, please??? smiley

Junkz and Rescue

Rate it and leave a comment for any improvements! =]

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