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wednesday 12/05/2010

The best thing for new players is to play mono deck, its 8 card deck with cards from only 1 clan, sometimes with a leader... try it and You'll always have bonus active... most often suggested clans for new players would be Montana and Rescue, cheap cards and powerfull bonuses

Ok the decision is done.
I'm going to use shadowcouncils deck.

Thanks for suggestions.

I'd say go for piranas, they've got alot of very good usable cards for very low prices, cards like greesh and rhed are cheap but definatly able to be used dangerously. Also tula and sting can really shake things up. Save up a bit and get scubb to put in a mono deck and you'll have a deck you can seriously compete with in elo and daily tourdement. it'll get you in the top 1/3 of the dailys and keep you above 1000 points in elo, which you can use the credits you win to buy packs for free and see how other clans work for you.

another point is that SoB will massively simplify fights and kill alot of people's stratigies who rely on clan bonus.

- Opp Dmg? Ella of Pussycats,Dwan of Skeelz,Deebler(Confidence)of Skeelz,Ottavia of Montana,The Whole Pussycats Clan,Spiaghi of Montana,can't think anymore.
- Opp. Atk? The Whole Uppers Clan,The Whole Montana Clan,Rico of Roots,etc.
+Life? The Whole Jungo Clan,Krash of Rescue,Wilhem of Skeelz,Wakai of Sakrohm,etc.
- Opp Life? Oxen of Uppers,Glenn of Uppers,Praxie of Skeelz,etc.
Poison? Sydney of Uppers,Muze of Pussycats,The Whole Freaks Clan,Greem of Skeelz,etc.
+Atk? The Whole Sentinel Clan,The Whole Junkz Clan,etc.
+Pillz? Hawkins Noel of Piranas,Smokey Cr of Piranas,etc.
SOA? GHEIST,Roots,etc.
SOB? Nightmare,Piranas,etc.
Both? Leviatonn of GHEIST,Kristin of Piranas,Glorg of Nightmare,Shakra of Roots

I am out of characters.

If your opponent (randomly chosen) got the random option chosen u'll play in random as long as u don't have the always non random option selected

I am using this deck:

Frankie Hi
Mickey T


Tournament today at 22:00:
There were 1 895 players and the jackpot reached 97 704 Clintz.
→ You played in this tournament and ranked 231st/1895. (50 Clintz + 1 Credit.)

Id bump miken moose to rico for the last star

Hashashiyyin, what do you want to do with the T2 deck, survivor or DT, or Death match, they have different needs and require different cards.

Fox Flare, not nice to hijack another person's thread, but I suggest you forget about freaks if you want to win, otherwise, olga, grudj, bogdan, and esmeralda will put you on the right track for a freaks deck, Hugo/eyrik/morphun/eklore as a 5* leader would probably help more than eve/oren would

tuesday 11/05/2010

The good Piranas and Junkz cards aren't the cheapest cards around...

You can make a passable cheap Piranas half with this:

Hawkins Noel 2* (he's not a great card, but he's passable as a starter. He was my first Piranas card... smiley)
Tula 2*
Tyd 3*
Ulrich 3*

From there, you can make a nice Junkz half.

You can buy the cheaper cards, but they're not as good.

@Omicron: I can usually get at least 1000+ clintz a day just by doing two tournaments. (I don't think I've done three in a day: I'm too lazy) Of course, it requires skill and a good deck, but...

Like Trampy said, Roots can easily match the speed of Uppers, maybe not the Damage, but if you are able to reduce high damage and mantain even the smallest lead, you dont really need high damage in order to win, just power. And with cards Like Shakra, Kiki, Ratanah and now the new guy Gertjan, you can easily stand up to the likes of Jackie and Zatman with very little problem. So long as you know how to use the Roots properly

My current draws are less than 10.... if i don't win,i lose. (132 fights including 106 wins)

Oh ok. thank you. i will work on that

I posted about htis lolsmiley

Another way to solve it would be to up Lilly to:

-2 power, minimum 1

Striker is allowed, right?

They are offensive, they just attack your pillz instead of your life and use craftier tactics than most. smiley

If you shorten it anymore, people with slower internet or computer will get timed out a lot more. given that we all dont have fast comps and internet, its probably as fast as it should be. im referring to the shortened timer in DT after 100 points btw

Askai (5*) until I can afford/aquire Ongh (5*)
Jalil (3*)
Nyema (3*)
Psylo (4*)
Rhed (3*)
Hawkins Noel (2*)
Spycee (2*)
Andsom (3*)

Any suggestions on how I could improve this. I've only just started so it could be a while before I get all this though.

Thanks for any help smiley

Hello, I wanted to know Your opinion about something... Do You think that keeping often banned cards in collection to use them when they happen to be 1 week unbanned is a wise thing? Or maybe it will be better to make 1 elo deck with good cards that never get banned (like Blaaster, Glorg etc) and play only this one deck in elo? I was thinking about getting a lot of half decks and shuffling them a little in every week...

For example, this week, a lot of banned cards, Toro unbanned, and I have a half deck of Zero Dead, Arkn, Leviatonn and Toro... I just add 14* half of other unbanned cards, lets say for this week it would be Massiv, Loocio, Blaaster and Willy and play this one this week, and another week combine something else with other unbanned cards... if for example Caelus will be unbanned, and I have him in my collection, so I make a half deck with him and fill it with other unbanned half, lets say with Striker or Marina... You know, I mean, is playing different kind of decks every week is a good idea, or maybe should we focus on 1 good deck and practice it more to get the good results? My goal is to reach top 100 every week, so its not about getting 1300 only

Thanks guys i will continue to think on it, i kinda like that pussycats half
and @spreader- im not used to attack manipulation, my first clan was piranass followed by Skeelz and i jus wanted a change, seein as i finished all skeelz missions and is too easy to play wit them now smiley

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