wednesday 14/04/2010

How is Uppers ELO dead? just because Zatman and Jackie are permenant banned doesnt meant they suk.

seriously, Uppers are still amazing

Oh, I used to run a Ulu-Watu/FPC deck that got a lot of wins, it was hilarious. Got me up to 1185 in Elo once when I tried it out in Elo. It was, if I can remember correctly:
Lin Bee

Chan is a must with his 10 power, Nakata to back him up if Chan's ability is blocked with Soa, Kuei for his 8 damage/revenge Sob, and Fei to reduce enemy power down to 6 and deal 6 damage. With this half deck, you have high power/high damage. Some people might prefer Rei over Nakata, but Rei is sketchy with her +3 power / 5 base power, and Chan already has +3 power and 7 base power, making him much more stable against Soa. You also can replace Nakata for Sayura for some attack manipulation. Rather cheap, and only 13*, so 12* are left for some deadly combo if you can think of one. Of course you might wish to replace Ulu Watu, 'cuz the half Ulu Watu stated above lacks damage.

Check this out.....use this 1 myself.......


I seem to forget to take into account bonuses (or cancelling of when facing Nightmare or Piranas) and do my math wrong far too often.

tuesday 13/04/2010

@le chimp:

I´m not answering to that premature blabla part.

Yeah, Ghumbo is strong against attack manipulators and probably gets banned by a big amount of players playing Montana, Rescue, Uppers... contrast to Robb who ist extreme strong against Freaks, La Junta, Fang Pi, Jungo.. all those clans who neither have attack manipulaton nor SoA or SoB. And most of those clans are among the least played in ELO.
So if Robb gets banned anyway he has to be incredibly strong, btw no one would deny that..

I´m playing La Junta in ELO, they are never undefeatable but I like them. And yes, my cards never get banned, because nearly no one seems to play them. Only mainstream cards can get banned.

I just wanted to state that I think the ELO banning system is very well made and guarantees that ELO is not getting to boring.

"Ima All Star player and the ban really affected me, but i dont care, since this is the rule, u just play by it." - GarionKaiser


Please comment and rate. Thank you I look forward to your input

Perhaps a mad scientist that supports world peace. I personally think 5/6 would be more ironic - opposite of Vansaar.

Mono La Junta without Emeth is a mistake IMO.

Hmmmm, why does morphun worth the ban? here's why:
with gill and dalhia, he'll be able to help them make a frikin 4 pills advantage, with scubb and smokey cr in a mono piranas hand, you could have 2 cards that could use 4 pills and not worry about anything, with nobodroid you'd get a card that could use 9 pills and att manip... get my point?

Best tip in the world dont time out if you can help it

Soemthing a bit offbeat but I managde elo score 1330 with it:

Jeyn 4*
Elly Mae 4*
Sol Hona 5*
Eris 5*
to some 2- 3 *

Ohhhhh........damn man so i actually won 4-5 matches for no reason!!!!!smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

I have mario filomene milovan ricardo bhudd amelia dan davina if you have any cards you want to sell that is a montana or all star i would be happy to take them.please tell if you like it or whant somthing changed

monday 12/04/2010

61 de poder ELO!

Is a very high power deck, having roots and skeels because of gheist, I have jeto instead of arno because facing roots I'd prefer a 7/2 than a4/4. Corvus is there to activate manfred's confidence.

Please vote and comment changes


Cheap Bangers deck smiley

The Rumba Pirates
read the description, rate and comment, used for type ELO only, don't suggest something like veenyle to rowdy...

Yeah... tried them a lot today... i played until 11 victories in

Clueless, you've encountered a scammer, silly deals aren't worth considering unless the guy agrees to fufil his end of the bargain 1st. contact customer support as DnL said and you'll get your steve back and have the other guy's account banned

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