sunday 11/04/2010


here it is, coment on the preset, you may use it if you want.

Roots is ridiculously cheap considering that their staple cards are all well below 1000 clintz.

Miken Moose / Jeto

Makes an excellent half-deck

Ulu Watu has been getting some decent cheap cards too, a pretty decent compliment to the Roots half is

Lin Bee
Kirk -> Nanook


Kirk / George -> Nanook

Yes, I recounted and it was 24*, my bad.

Use Askai instead of Sylth when Sylth is banned or while you can't afford Sylth.

While you have Sylth, you can replace Radek with Niva, as you won't mind having another DR with Sylth, and the +1 power somewhat offsets the loss of -2 opp power min 4.

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Darth, the whole point of what makes bridget decent is that your cards dont have to win to get it to work, it effectively a -1 dmg min 0 if you loose and +1 life if you win, think about it.

saturday 10/04/2010

Any thoughts?

You lose 2 for the first day, then 4 for the next day, then 8 for the day after that i think. 1219 is fine

Sakrohm - higher power, lower min, better abilities smiley

I Love This ! It Makes you're Opponent Get riddled!
Use Rowdy with 2 Pills ( Your Opponent will be Scared to use over 2 or 3 )
Then With Remaining Pillz use a Furied Gibson!

U must need make a present i cant see ur team

Ok, so i understand that with millions of people in one place, there has to be a few artists among. I, for one, have little artistic ability, but am cursed with an imagination.

So, i would like to hire an artist.Amateur of course.I believe it is most amateur artists that have the most miraculous abilities.So, please, PM me if you are an artist that could use some extra clintz for their hard time.

I do require to see some work first though.You have to be able to draw a certain way because i desire a certain way.For instance, i'm looking for a dark and realistic view.Like something you'd see in a a dark alley during a thunderstorm.Or anime, for those who could draw like that.

So, PM me if interested and i'll throw an assignment at you.

I'll give you a flat fee.But if you impress the heck out of me....well, i'm a very generous person.

Thanks for your time.

B for ever

I use this deck in Survivor and owns.

It can be just luck, anticipation, probable move-reading through expectation, experience, etc.
Third party programs are not allowed here. Once caught, a player faces an immediate ban.

It's clan spirit, dude. smiley (Poor Eyrik, Eklore, and Corvus - well, Corvus has a more roguish uniform, but one nonetheless)

Having "too many clans" is a very silly notion. if you mean which clan should u play with, just check out all the card, find a clan which suits your playstyle, and buy em up.

@Wildflame: Yes, it is the exactly the same as our pill counter, except for giving an extra pill at start of each round instead of giving it during battle screen (you MUST put at least 1 pill each round, so it all evens out and there are no 0-pill bluffs, resulting in 0 attack). So....If he physically sees his Vansaar as 18 attack and the Shakra as 7 attack, then there is a problem. Either he misread or there is a bug. Best contact Urban Support EN.

friday 09/04/2010

Ok, I didn't know that the mins need to be the same ability, thanks for explaining it. Dahlia is still wrong though, because when I tried the same with gil the opp ended with 4, and with dahlia the opponent ended with 5.

Now that it is explained I will close this topic.

Thanks smiley

Oh good smiley

THX guys smiley

Now I can resume my chill play instead of the anger generated by attack tie smiley

2 on the 1st and 4 on the next

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