sunday 30/09

Muy Buenas,

Como he dicho en el título, tengo a Jackie Cr a Caelus Cr.
Tengo 2 Jackies, una full y otra 0xp, la full la valoro en 1,4m y la 0xp en 1,7m.
Caelus es 0xp y lo valoro en 1,4m.

Preferentemente busco money pero tmb podéis hacerme ofertas para intercambiar por otros personajes.

Un saludo amigos smiley

Thanks! So, for No Love: 2 mil. and for Death Adder: 1,9 mil.

Homie market price for Spyke Mt is 100k more than that

I've got a Lysie for Sale, im looking for Dj Korr CR, Guru Cr or Kiki Cr (I can add some cash for Korr)

saturday 29/09

:0 Leaders are free, plus you can't private sell Leaders to people below the level, plus you didn't specify XP levels or pricing...

Can you please provide your valuation for Nero in Clintz and also suggested cards for trade

Players can then use this information for reference and send you appropriate messages and offers for this trade.

Thank you for your time taken.

Hi i want to trade this.

ME : 13M cash + Nemo MT 0xp ( 3M300k ) + Kinichaw CR 0xp ( 200k )

YOU : Lyse Teria CR 0xp or full ( 16M500k )


With that established, I cannot see any need to keep the thread open since the trade is not possible.

friday 28/09

I sell my sum sam cr full XP

for 4.5M, if u interested tell me i prefer

schredder 0 XP (95k)
no love ( full XP (1.85M)
death adder full XP ( 1.8M)
bmappe full XP (1.85M)
the price is negotiable smiley

-2 No Love.

None of them left.

You guys for real ? the card has not been manipulated at all u can even check it in the monthly or weekly %

The title says it all.


Hello do you still need miss twice cr? if you want it just message me

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