thursday 28/03

Kratos Berzerk big would be epic!

I's like I play Hearthstone, and that game self downloads updates and i'm able to play continuously while on the road. However, I can't with the UR app. I have to usually wait for the Hearthstone app to connect and go on-line, until then I can use the UR app. Weird? I'm using a J7 Samsung. Need new phone? lol?? smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

sunday 24/03

@Piranga oh I didn't know they keep domestic animals in zoos now. I always thought they ran out of wild animals which seemed odd because they are still missing: poison dart frog, chameleon, white tiger, cougar, jaguar ( make a full band for Greow)? cobra, parrot, kangaroo,toucan, friggin' komodo dragon etc.

saturday 23/03

Ahahahah I thought I had tried that. I seem like a dumbass now. ty smiley

I’m just going to stop typing now...

Compared to other catalogues, this also adds former Freaks who joined but left.

This happened to someone earlier and staff fixed it for them so just contact them.

friday 22/03

Yeah I can kinda see where you are coming from but give it time and you will get used to it You might have noticed some new clans as well so I would hit the library where you have to spend credits to buy comics at 40 credits each( Not bad in my opinion) if you want to catch up on all the craziness that has happened since you went away.

wednesday 20/03

Thanks Izy.

That's good to know for next time. Hopefully they manage to iron out the visual calculation bugs soon enough.

Michel room number was picked, because I honestly don’t know what else to pick

Chang was picked because, the number 8 flipped to the site looks the infinity symbol. So having to infinity symbols represent the organization his working for and the fact that his keep releasing infinity amount of xantaix to keep creating Berzerks members

Bonus killer 10 pts icon
Win 50 rounds with Lea
You earned 100 Clintz and 10 missions points?

I completed this Mission before CRypto was introduced.

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tuesday 19/03

Adularia: Okay so here's a friendly warning to men. Don't ever dare to tread Joan Cena as every other female. Because trust, she can hit really hard. Just as k Fonzie

I'd be interested in seeing one of these great lore threads for Sentinel or Gheist next.

Gosh darn it.
It's Mr Dark
There is no period in Mr smiley

It`s just 3 cards, so it should be easy to place them in alphabetical order.

If it were 10, maybe I would take 2 stops to fix it.

You are doing a great job Rowdy. smiley

For the cards, I am looking more for ones that are clear.
They should meet 2 of the similarities.

2 cards with the exact same stats and abilities but different levels
2 cards with the exact same level and ability and different stats
2 cards with the exact same levels and stats, where one has no ability.
2 cards with the exact same stats and stars with similar abilities. i.e. Iris Morana vs Aniki
2 cards with the exact same stats, where the inferior has more stars and no ability

Some exceptions such as Iris Morana and Aniki. However they have the same stats and similar Power reduction. One has a a lower minimum and no condition.

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sunday 17/03

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I’m currious to see what can be done as a 3.0 version of this

saturday 16/03

Thanks guys and oh my bad Jaodorn, I will change that soon

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