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monday 13/04

@ NighttimeLazy I would collect the komboka especially get seta and I think Kupanda? The main reason this clan can help you with collecting pillz and life especially Kupanda since you will get a massive life gap and I would also recommend Ghostown since depending on the time you can either depower the opposition or have the clan bulk up also if you can buy Judge lynch since this guy CAN TURN THE TIDE OF BATTLE! also buy dominion the longer you play the more depowered the opposing clan becomes. Oh if you want any ideas on which other clans to get just pm me. smileysmiley

sunday 12/04

"Which Missions should I do?"

Open Mission page, select: Categories (DT Clans etc), then Mission in Progress

This provides possible Missions to complete
(some Missions only appear after you obtain a card)
(some Missions are Tiered so that's why you won't notice more Missions but it shows 11/16 Missions completed)

1. Select your favourite Clans and clear their Missions
2. or Select your Format and aim to clear Tiered Accomplishments
3. Investors are rewarded Cards for reaching Spending and Earning Missions

4. Build decks according to LD Missions with Heal, or Poison, Gain Lose Pillz to complete those in unison with Clan Missions
5. Original Missions are very difficult, for example Win 100 Rounds Zatman Cr, Win 200 Rounds Zatman Cr (I don't even own Zatman lol)

6. Leveling is useful because some Event host require minimum Lvls to join, Coliseum may require min. Lvls too

So there's enormous variety and @JoeBobBlue provides great advice for playing Arcade

* If your mission isn't progressing or bugged then you can post Bugs Report https://www.urban-rivals.com/en/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&id_subject=2531805
And a Moderator will reset your Missions to register
Have FUN!

thursday 09/04


On that page click on Arcade. It will show you exactly what Ld you will win and where.

Good news! I also play Riots.
5*: quite a lot of options here. I'd go with Pericles Mt, Octana, FugOmatic, Bumdo, and #Pr Batlhazar
4*: Pr Hartnell, Farman, Hammerlock, Lindsey, Agnes
3*: Grace, Fastbender, Dr Van Wesel Ld, Pr Cushing Cr, Anthony
2*: Kougloff, Grouchy, Argos, Greendy, and Boomstock Cr

I feel like the good rates dropped, I did lucky before 5mil in 1 DJ Korr Cr everything else was pure profit. too bad the wheel caused the market to crash dropping my collection and stockpile down about half a billion in value I'd happily trade my DJ Korr Cr for my half billion back.

wednesday 08/04

So sad to hear the true story behind Nemo Mt card =((((
Every time I face Nemo Mt , I just feel like this card is immortal. Indeed, he will be remembered by us. =(((

I feel like clubz is one of thise things they started and then they're never gonna touch it again until they decide to do another entire revamp. Remember when they redid guilds the last time and that "go to war" button just sat there and nothing ever happened with it? Or the black market?

tuesday 07/04

Its a little out of date but http://urmissionwiki.wikidot.com has older missions

sunday 05/04

Lyse Teria Mt became mt the 26 February 2020 because of fowling reason: The Terias should have been proud of their daughter. Born into an ordinary family, she quickly became one of only five people to stand up to the Government. She then distanced herself from her clan to infiltrate the world of the powerful, and it was then that she realized that their politics bred ever more division and fear. While the rivalries in Clint City were almost amicable to start off with, tensions have mounted over the years. Today, not a day goes by without scores being settled on every street corner, leaving the sidewalks stained with blood. But Lyse noticed something even more…intriguing: the members of the Government all seemed to express themselves in the same way, as if their speeches were being written by the same person. Memento… It was all over for Lyse Teria. She already knew too much…

2. Collector characters that are alive and have found themselves a new home.
Smokey left Clint City 16 December 2009 and became cr the 23 December 2009 because fowling thing: Although rumors had been flying around for the past few weeks, the news still took many of the city’s inhabitants by surprise. Smokey and Amiral Py have just announced they’re leaving Clint City to set off on a voyage around the world in a boat they did up together.

@Morten. wow thanks for the info bro. you are very informative about the game. Thanks a lot.

Most OP 2* allowed to run rampant in efc for an extended period of time = Dollum
Protected +28 attack in round 1 and 4 damage on a 2*? On an uncommon no less XD

Hi I am writing an open letter to the mods because I can't seem to contact them any other way. I just want more transparency please. They close my threads without giving explainations. They blacklist me and the reason is ALWAYS BLANK. Whenever I send in a request to review my blacklist, they ignore the ticket until after it expires and then say "sorry we don't see a blacklist for you". Can Saga do something to make the moderation team more transparent?

@Sannihilator Thanks! I could add more articles for the untitled UR humor magazine:
-Leader of the Day; Interviewing clan leaders, old & new and hilarity ensues.
-Past Miss Clint City; revisiting the past winners and interviewing them.
-Past Mr. Clint City; same thing with Miss Clint City but it for guys.
-Ask Joe; when players ask Bikini Joe Ld with questions that cheer him up.

It will have some running and small gags, such as:
-Jigi trying to grab someone's head(mostly men) and put in her...you-know-what; marshmallow hell.
-Simon(Level 1) interrupting the comic and talks about how it's bad to used copyrights & referencing pop culture without permission but get his ass beaten.
-Breaking the fourth wall(only in The Sentoonels).
-June, Gail Ld and Mo DiFalco(both in their final levels) knocked out on the floor, in the background(only in New Flood).
-Hulahukah sawing Guy.
-Cornelius being depressed on a log because his suit is still ripped.
-Rhizom Noel keep roaring and ruining the presents(only in the Christmas specials).

saturday 04/04

I would say that since M2 Sansot is good bet since his leaving the new blood pack in around two weeks

friday 03/04

Both are active in Z Palace you could go with either. But with their new release, I'd say La Junta just took the edge.

thursday 02/04

The game hasnt ended in the last 3 months.

thursday 26/03

Its also x3 more expensive in Turkey. 1 dollar pack is costs 23.99 tl which is more than 3 dollar.

wednesday 25/03

Feel for you mate hope it gets resolved. On an unrelated note I would really love the mission "Infiltrate the Polit Arena" which I have completed to actually get completed smiley

sunday 22/03

They should take put the bankrupt option it's already 10 grand clintz jeez

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