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thursday 06/05/2010

Mainly card graphics yes, its jsut somthing I thought up, like the title states, Random, but interesting, to some i guess

No Freaky Poison

Pretty obviously a poison deck, so Greem and Muze are automatically in the deck. Chiara piggy-backs on the Pussycat bonus, so almost definitely in as well. Suggestions for alternate cards in the deck?

Thanks for the suggestions and ratings in advance.
-Muerto, G.

Thanks guy. that was it.smiley

In random (aka normal) mode unless u got twice opp's attack u don't have a sure win

I am supposed to enter the fanfic of leader's story but i was too busy so i won't wnter because i don't have much time. I just want to give you a bit taste of my fanfic, here it goes: "Eklore" A Lonesome Plant

please rate

I think people really overlooked unevolved card as well for FPC. Unagi for 1* might be an overkill, but Windy Mor or the DR at 2* really isn't that expensive. Windy Mor is a perfect, perfect contender for Marlysa Cr at 2*.

I think FPC is a LOT better than before already. Consider all the CR are not mandatory anymore. Kerozinn Cr can be replaced by Kuei; Marlysa is replaced by Windy Mor 2*/Chan; Elya Cr is replaced by Sayura+Nakata; Fei fits in the hole for the lackluster 4* FPC.

I think what FPC at this point needs is a better DR, and a bit more diversed 4*, as well as some mono-clan support maybe?


I agree, Kenaron - the game rules can be a little vague sometimes. But yeah, you probably didn't notice it because Eyrik's ability has a min. of 5, which is greater than many other - power card's min.'s, so the ability would have gone first regardless of the rule that Leader abilities go first. It's the cards like Maciej that really show these things.

@X John X: Coraille - A 5/6 against SoB and a lousy 7/6 with no ability? Buck is a FAR better choice, price aside.

@wats_happenin: He bought credits - that's what that star next to his name is for - and then bought packs. I didn't get my Jackie from the Market.


Arggghhh, I've got meself a Hawkins at last! (Courtesy to me guildmate ChainsawKungFu.)

*10 months later*

What has happened to me ship? That scallywag with a doubl' lasah cannon - he ain't seaworthy! By Davy Jones' locker - what is that Wardom doing to me sails?

--a soon-mentally-ill Bloodh.

As I said with me other - I mean, my other - preset, lots of 2HKO opportunities with Methane and Wardom. Hawkins will be a greater threat than his Noel version, and with his low 1 min. unlike other - pillz cards, the enemy will certain bring out those pillz!

I'm also thinking about doing a double Hawkins - Tula - Ulrich and replace Bristone with Toro until I can afford a now-30k Smokey Cr. What do you landlubbers think?

wednesday 05/05/2010

Skeelz get spanked by bonuses, so go with Nightmare. You can have up to two stop-alls in Dieter and Glorg, which really help against pain-in-the-butt cards like Robb, Mona, etc

Rei is just as unusable in Elo.
And Sayura isnt much better.
Switch Kati to Fei and Sakazuki to Windy Mor or something. Since Windy's SOB can help against popular Montana ect.

Read the posy ppl, dont ask why it timed out.....

because 20min is up

this isnt really fair... thats why DM is still in Beta

tuesday 04/05/2010

Your Piranas side is bad. Admittingly, they are some decent damagers in there, but there are MUCH, MUCH better Piranas than those, even if their damage is around 2-4. Cards like Tyd, Tula, Kristin, and Sting all have 4-5 damage yet have great power. (Tula has -4 power, which makes her a little greater than a 7 power despite her base 3 power) You can use Selma too, but you'll have to make adjustments to your FPC side to fit her in. I don't use FPC, so I'l stop there.

Great stuff thanks! My only other question is ... when was the LAST Cr announced. I've been saving a lot of money in case they were going to be soon to make sure I get one. I'm guessing they don't have regular announcement dates. With my luck, I'll spend my small fortune right before they're announced out of lack of patients.. but on the flip side, I don't want to sacrifice my gameplay because I'm waiting for a day that isn't coming for quite some time...

Well with pussy cats i say a high damige half would be better cause your dring them. so you wont to strike hard to them an leave there strike weak at you.

T2 All Star? ima only good at ELO All Star

but put in Eyrik, hes better than Ambre.... and put in all the strongest cards Eyrton, Essie, Marina, Striker, Hammer, El Gringo, Robb, etc

monday 03/05/2010

I think this deck works nicely, but I like to get a broader opinion. smiley I only run 5 or 6 games with a deck before I bounce around, but I've played with this and won i think 4/5 so far...


Please rate and comment. I was running Jody or Nellie, but I was concerned over the 2*, and I'm against slipping a random good DR into a deck, it just feels wrong. smiley

I wanted a T1 survivor and DT deck. Your's was along the right lines but not T1. It doesnt have to be uppers or montana I was just saying I have alot, infact I am sick of montanas. I would like to play a nightmare/ feng pi hybrid. I just don't know how to go about making it. I was gonna start with Glorg, Nerfeniti, Rei,Unagi and Windy Mor. Any help or advice is much welcomed.

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