friday 02/04/2010

Bangers and Montana don't exactly work well.
If you wanted the extra power or attack go for Uppers or Ulu Watu.

Do the mission and get 50000 clintz

Every time you draw a banned card, you lose 2 points from your overall scoring I believe it was. So watch how many banned cards you draw, cuz Graksmxxt is definitely banned and Uranus is banned this week.

About seven hours so far, and will be 3-5 more I think, I love play ELOsmiley

Yep those are the small 5 and big 5, they're used to call the most expensive and usable 5 cards and the second most usable and expensive 5 cards in the game, tho i think they should be the mid 5 not small but who knows

I play Junta in elo and easily get to 1300 if I have time to play... but I think all this clans will do good, it depends of Your style, I guess that if You like to kill enemies with 2hko, then junta is best, if You like to win slower but easier and without any risks, then choose nightmare, playing them is something like easy mode, You can loose with 3 cards, but win with 1 Kenny and still win the fight smiley

Hello all,

I've just started this game and I don't quite have the grip on everything yet, I was hoping I could learn some here.

I've fallen in love with the Nightmare deck so I have been gearing towards getting some of the rare cards there, currently I have :

But personally I think Manfred is the best in general.

Thanks a lot. Too bad I can't see the fans/stalkers

thursday 01/04/2010

I agree with art633 smiley

18 attack difference is nothing for me though...
My playing style forces me to overpill so much I generally run out of pills if we ever go to the fourth round
but usually I would have already won because of the life that they can damage me is so small it doesn't make a difference.
But that is only cause I generally play Jungo a lot to heal health with Askai.
Also, I have seen me playing Mindy beating Prince Jr too many times to count with just 3-4 pills...

Since my elo deck was rudely rated red by jerks i made a new one an i wont stop till players stop thrashen on my decks cause they hate me

Ive done well with roots and sentinel

Personally, I think Winthrop Cr nailed it.

wednesday 31/03/2010

Id go with donnie if your really having trouble amassing 2k in clintz.nice,cheap,value sure to go up,and helps noobs that lose a lot of rounds.

Well currently charlie is 15k at level 1 13k at level 5. yayoi is about the same at level 1 as level 4 right now, so you shouuld buy now.
i know using yayoi as a damage reducer gives her 20xp and winning the game gives you another 40. for 60 total. obviously if the game is lost, quitting will mean no xp. it takes like 3k xp from level 3 to 4, which is 50 full games played.charlie might last abit more, but i suspect you'd want to be winning more rounds with charlie.
Honestly i never used 1 star cards in my ELO life. 2*s like deebler are awesome for their cost. vermyn n as well-he's a uranus on uranus banned weeks.
this week gheists are rampant so pussycats are a pretty good idea. however you need another clan to be able to do the damage. it's going to be really hard to hit charlie against rolph/toro with their huge reduction.

For shadow's deck, i suggest a leader like ambre or morphun for selma as well, might lower your chances of getting a 2/2 split but it works pretty well, and some of the cards in there with one of those 2 leaders are very strong( gil, hawkins, tremorh, rowdy, smokey cr, tula)

tuesday 30/03/2010

I'm with Toxica on this one. Full decks are amazing. I usually get around 300 xp from levelling up and I get on average about 20k of value on the full decks that I bought.

Not saying that packs suck though, my best one was worth at the time about 40k.

I don't know whats funnier, the first post or the reactions. smiley

Many cards can not be counted. They either have only 1 more power and still must pill more to beat Ghumbs attack manipulation, or have too less damage and thus will easily fail in the bluff calling exchange:

6 pilled Ghumb crushes your 1 pilled counter: Nightmare almost wins.
1 pilled Ghumb got beaten by 6 pilled counter: You are also in great trouble.

Actually I have no good idea which is the best Ghumb counter, maybe I will have to use toro and rolph this week.

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