wednesday 07/04/2010

I would'nt recommend using 5* cards, or even 4*... to get to higher places You need low star count deck and be able to win a lot with it... try something like tiny cuts, search presets for tiny cuts type decks, I personally use something like that:

or without Mona:

If You have the skill, second deck will do better, Mona is a 3* card and theres a possibility of getting 3 cards with 3* on hand, and that cuts off entire idea... but its easier to win with Mona

Dwan - Greem - Sandro - Danae - Cley - Deebler - Redra - Liam

That's a great budget deck and you can save up for Caelus, Sasha, Chiara etc.

@wildflame: i think i would only be playing in the fights type 1 in the next couple of days 'coz i don't enjoy ELO and i want to level up as fast as possible, anyways, thank you for the suggestion..

@others: please rate and comment on my deck, please??? smiley

Junkz and Rescue

Rate it and leave a comment for any improvements! =]

Its always random.. you have to make a strategy with the cards you have in your hand..

Change shoggun to chlora i dont care if you got sob already she is much more solid card, and against nightmare and piranas she is better, and against attack clans till bout 7 pills which aint worth pilling nice using spycee and rest is fine only other suggestion to make is:

Juicy lord to graff
spycee to tyd
katan to ulrich
shoggun to bodenpower

you get stronger soa, better damage reduction, more power and better damage and more solidness

tuesday 06/04/2010

are you underestimating the power of azgroth? i see him more as a defender and an amazing one too


Any thoughts on my deck?

If you have all the All Stars I suggest putting Marina, Jessie, Kang and Davina. That's 12 stars already.

Then for Montana I suggest using Edd, Spiaghi, Prince Jr and Avola. ( You should use Envo over Avola, but I would prefer Avola )

Deck for top 100 in this week !!!!!!!

If you INSIST on mono-Freaks...this would be a fun deck to play:


That's 18 stars. What you do with the other 7 stars is up to you.

If you want a 5*, you can go Cassandra/Splata/Erpeto (preferably not Splata, since you already have Bogdan) and Hula/Lehane.

If you're going 3* + 4*, the cards depend on what combination you want. For 3* you can go: Olga Noel/Piotr/Mira/Uranus; for 4*, you can go Crassus/Vasilli/Maamoon/Wolfgang. Your 4* will depend on the 3* and 5* choices, or vice versa (for example, you wouldn't pick Uranus and Wolfgang together, nor would you want Erpeto and Olga Noel (too much weakness to SOA).

So i finally finished copying this deck (except I have ed 12 instead of no nam). But I still want to improve it. So instead of just doing a trial and error hopefully I can get advice from a more general crowd. So to make it short pls give suggestions to my deck. (Lolly, Malmoth, Onik, Otakool, Dean, Ed 12, Trish, and Winston)

ps. I dont have enough monney to buy cards like emeth or even rowdy but just give me your suggestions and i'll try to save up for the expensive cards.

Male... my post up there summed up the point

monday 05/04/2010

Making All Stars deck is harder by the week

This week Striker and Robb are banned.
I'm an All Star user since it got released.
Nice going Urban Rivals smiley


great and cheap fang pi deck... but You've got to master it :]

In T1/Elo there is... gives you extra stars for other cards. Like a one star wanda who is an 8/1 at one star more then holds her own, and allows you to upgrade from a 4 star to a 5 star card.

Match her with cards with one of the cards that fits one of these criteria:
+ power cad
- power low min cards
pill manip cards
high damage cards
DRs with KO-ing abilities
and you should do fine.


For this week atleast or until uranus & blaaster dont get banned
Check this out:

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