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tuesday 04/05/2010

T2 All Star? ima only good at ELO All Star

but put in Eyrik, hes better than Ambre.... and put in all the strongest cards Eyrton, Essie, Marina, Striker, Hammer, El Gringo, Robb, etc

monday 03/05/2010

I think this deck works nicely, but I like to get a broader opinion. smiley I only run 5 or 6 games with a deck before I bounce around, but I've played with this and won i think 4/5 so far...


Please rate and comment. I was running Jody or Nellie, but I was concerned over the 2*, and I'm against slipping a random good DR into a deck, it just feels wrong. smiley

I wanted a T1 survivor and DT deck. Your's was along the right lines but not T1. It doesnt have to be uppers or montana I was just saying I have alot, infact I am sick of montanas. I would like to play a nightmare/ feng pi hybrid. I just don't know how to go about making it. I was gonna start with Glorg, Nerfeniti, Rei,Unagi and Windy Mor. Any help or advice is much welcomed.

Here is one important thing

Trolling and Randomness smiley

I like Bangers/ Junkz. This for example:
or better:
Big Moma's Party

Trish is a must have in any deck... she is so much better then Archibald, and she kills Caelus smiley I used a deck like Reihana14 with Trish over Archibald, it really rocks smiley my first 1300 elo was made by it smiley You dont have Emeth and Jane Ramba yet, so You can use Naginata and Trish over them, and later swich Archibald for Jane Ramba and Naginata for Emeth

Corvus to greem for ELO, then use montana half. Mona, Edd, Spiagi and Sharon

The winner of the battle has already been determined; the on screen thing is just to show what happened.

In non-random, the card with the higher attack. If both cards have the same attack, the one with less stars win. If both cards have the same attack and the same star count, the card that was played first wins.

In normal (random), it's literally random. Unless you have a sureshot (at least double the opponent's attack), either player could win the round. When I used to play random, I once won a round where I had 30 attack and my opponent had 59.

Hey, i could really use some help with my deck.


Please read the description, as this is for the weeks when Oshitsune and Shakra are banned. I just want to know if any better substitutions should be made, such as Azgroth to Glorg or Kenny, or Lou to Jeena 2*, and then another to a more solid 5* or whatever.

Comments are greatly appreciated.

It seems that Fang Pi Clang isn't really good as a competetive ELO clan. From your post it seems La Junta is better. Maybe I should pick a new clan, one that's good for ELO. Any suggestions? Price isn't a concern.

sunday 02/05/2010

Im usind this deck in deathmatch and i've been winning i got 2nd and 4th conmment what u think of it

Use montana and collect enough experience/clintz, then switch to AS or roots.

I think lower levels do get a bit of good luck in random.

I got vickie in my montana uppers deck and i always get like in 33 place

The dt deck i use has jackie zatman wendel oxen vickie cr milovan sharon and mona it is type 2 26* and im thinking of playing elo so should i try and sell some of my cards including vickie cr for piranas clan to make a elo deck and then replacing vickie cr and putting in fabio

If u have to use a leader use morphun, but just use blaster and chlora instead of a leader.

Thanks for the comments smiley

Nice going. smiley

As I mentioned on another thread, I witnessed a player with ~440 DM points with 9 matches (7/0/2).


Well if there's no DR in sight (or one) sometimes with Striker, Randy and Eyrik you can go with 5 - 6 pillz to get the damage through. The power difference will then be such that the 6 - 7 pillz with the KO card (usually Randy or furious Robb) requires the opponent to need 7 - 8 pillz.

Of course when you're playing with Jessie, Marina, Kang etc. then you may prefer Hugo for the sly bluffs and playing 1 - 2 pillz to block out the opponent.

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