wednesday 31/03/2010

Well currently charlie is 15k at level 1 13k at level 5. yayoi is about the same at level 1 as level 4 right now, so you shouuld buy now.
i know using yayoi as a damage reducer gives her 20xp and winning the game gives you another 40. for 60 total. obviously if the game is lost, quitting will mean no xp. it takes like 3k xp from level 3 to 4, which is 50 full games played.charlie might last abit more, but i suspect you'd want to be winning more rounds with charlie.
Honestly i never used 1 star cards in my ELO life. 2*s like deebler are awesome for their cost. vermyn n as well-he's a uranus on uranus banned weeks.
this week gheists are rampant so pussycats are a pretty good idea. however you need another clan to be able to do the damage. it's going to be really hard to hit charlie against rolph/toro with their huge reduction.

For shadow's deck, i suggest a leader like ambre or morphun for selma as well, might lower your chances of getting a 2/2 split but it works pretty well, and some of the cards in there with one of those 2 leaders are very strong( gil, hawkins, tremorh, rowdy, smokey cr, tula)

tuesday 30/03/2010

I'm with Toxica on this one. Full decks are amazing. I usually get around 300 xp from levelling up and I get on average about 20k of value on the full decks that I bought.

Not saying that packs suck though, my best one was worth at the time about 40k.

I don't know whats funnier, the first post or the reactions. smiley

Many cards can not be counted. They either have only 1 more power and still must pill more to beat Ghumbs attack manipulation, or have too less damage and thus will easily fail in the bluff calling exchange:

6 pilled Ghumb crushes your 1 pilled counter: Nightmare almost wins.
1 pilled Ghumb got beaten by 6 pilled counter: You are also in great trouble.

Actually I have no good idea which is the best Ghumb counter, maybe I will have to use toro and rolph this week.

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@ling cr
haha thats pretty cool smiley
i'll make sure to spread the word of that

Idk, it seems good enough

Sorry its this:

UR has always been a bit sexist as is society as a whole, so it's just art reflecting life. I mean they have an all female clan yet no male only clan, same thing in the real world. There are many female only gyms and clubs, then when men do one they get accused of being sexist. No point getting worked up over it, as long as people are not trying to offend I say let it go.

THXS AGAIN smileysmiley

Evil Nature

my deck for this week..
currently using azgroth for oshitsune is banned..
how does it look??
rate & comment!

Yes it is, it's written in the game FAQ, check it: , section 2, sub section 4( aka, section 2.4)

Uhmmmm, do as art suggested, only get fifty out so you can use vermyn N, practically the same card except different abilities and star count. or if you're broke, a hugo would be that bad either.

Http:// gheist take root

Lol.. to other players who don't know, greem can be played in the 2 round..
this will be the result if you play her on the 2 round:
after the 2nd round: opp. life=8
after the 3rd round & you lost: opp. life=5
after the 4th round & you lost: opp. life=2

you can kill the opp in the 3rd round... it would be bad if you use her in the 1st round..
that's the way how to use greem.. my favorite 4* in skeelzsmiley

monday 29/03/2010

Tomas is just a brute force to counter those pesky bonuses. and i hate those pesky bonuses. Oddly, everyone says Caelus is a better card as a whole, but i would still put Tomas in my deck. I mean, i even use Eyrton instead of Oyoh, clearly shows i like high power not damage. and also the stability of a deck.

Also just an Random mode, you can get a 'sure shot' guarantee to win if your attack power is at least double your opponents. (i.e. 6 vs. 12, 24 vs. 52, etc.)

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