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wednesday 28/04/2010

This -2bp fee is only for staff banned cards, so You can use those banned by players votes without any fee

Wot u think?

Ye have xD

Considering Caelus has 20% of the election vote already, it's clear unfortunately that he'll be gone after this week. Most voting are probably ones playing that can't afford to pay the 23K for him, and aren't lucky enough to get him in a deck. Honestly, it's sad when people can't use strategy to beat him, and instead resort to trying to get him pretty much perma-banned. Honestly, a deck with just him without another strong strategical card is very beatable.

As far as why Hugo is banned, it's because he's a pain to the power reducers I would suspect, and there are a lot more power reducing cards than Caelus (only 1 Caelus), so more people to get frustrated and vote against Hugo.

Rowdy Gil Gibson Tremorh, you can use that in a 14* half deck. I personally combo that with Sakrohm as they have nice 3*s. My own deck is Rowdy Gil Gibson Tremorh Nimestiec Uranus Murray Petra. It's really weak to SoA, but it still has decent damage with Rowdy, Gibson, Termorh, Uranus and Petra all having at least 4 damage.

Not to be mean but a level 1 Selya is worth 13k more than a level 2. No exp Cr are worth more because they are much rare than a fully level version. Your better off just buy the level 2 version than buying the level 1 and leveling it.

tuesday 27/04/2010

You guys use sarcasm well, i wonder who MEEP012 is... i think i'd like to make a vid of me fighting and losing to him in the summer smiley,
BTW: ok for a vid, resolution is ok, may be a zoom in on the play screen makes it better for people to see, they ARE just watching the match and nothing else...

@Ink_MoB : there is no card with this ability for the moment.

And check this one out too, please!



Need help in finding a second clan that can replace the piranas.

the nightmare part are also weak but i can't see what good replacement

For the record, yes..pretty illegal.


I've built this deck up from the starting Ulu Watu and Junkz cards. Any ideas on how to help it? I cannot afford Rowdy or Gil or anything too expensive yet. Thx


Vermyn N
B Ball
Baby Q
another 4 star

no unlevelled cards, no weak draws..

monday 26/04/2010

Thank you all to advices smiley

Thank you Art and Silver for the help.

Personally I like 6 stars cards with both options
(ultra strong single cards...such as a 10dmg [no bonus/power] and 6 or 7 power... and team abilities
but think the team abilities should b support, so they would have their effect better or worse felt as more clanmates would be on team... example:

Uramihcoro (name refrence to Orochimaru from Naruto)
3* 2/4
4* 5/5
5* 8/5
6* 8/6 (ability unlocked)
Ability: Team:Suppoert: Poison 1(number of clan chars) min 1(number of clan chars)+1(min would change as the poison dmg changed, so at 4 poison u'd get 5min, while with only him and other u'd get poison 2 min 3, personally my opinions is this card would even work better on a half deck than a mono... but would give persons option to choose)

Art: think u got thte idea, sth like the anime char... last lvl with snakes in place of fingers.

Story: after learning some ancient secrets in a expedition with the help of doctor Sigmund he came back and knew how to poison his opponents with simple movements of a finger, without even touching them.

Thank you verymuch smiley

For DT, massiv is the better card.

This is a necromanced thread. I certainly didn't recommend using Zatman in a DT is April of THIS year, which means it's from 2009. Why do the mods approve stuff like this? smiley

Ignore any/all posts from before 4/25/10. They're no longer relevant.

Trippie, thanks for the reply.

Burt over Rubie: I will try that combination, Rubie is good to make 2 hit ko, but i will give a chance and try Burt over Rubie

Graff over Massiv i dont agree.

In case of Jackie over Wendel and Rubie, what other card you suggest to complete the deck and make a really nice DT deck ?

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