saturday 03/04/2010

Ok thanks for the help

Bascially I agree they need a new low star DR. Xia leming has been seriously obsolete, since -3 min.2 has now almost become the standard.

Pill manipulation seems not a good idea for me as it will make the two clans less different. I prefer more revenge/confidence based cards to reflect their background story.

Wow edon u finnaly agree with me

Of course if you have some rich friends the best Survivor T2 deck seems to be
Junkz/ Sakrohm if you have access to Dj Korr Cr and Guru Cr

Shann, blaaster, vermyn N, chlora, willy, ambre, bodenpower, lennox( damage beats every thing else, ambre makes him harder to put down), may be that's good?

The bio char misisons are similar to ,my idea, just look at those missions

Long story short, Nightmare doesn't have eight good 5 star cards, or even seven for that matter

uh no have u ever seen a pure 8 five star deck winning? dont think so, anything over 29 is just almost impossible,

Junkz + piranas because they - pills smiley
ulu watu because never elo banned and type 2 survivor
Uppers because i started off with them

friday 02/04/2010

If thats your only choice, choose the Piranas, if you can change cards on the nightmare side, but keep the same amount of ( 12 ) Stars, choose Kenny, Glorg, Phyllis and Mawpin, since Oshitsune is often banned from ELO.

I think I like this idea. It's more aimed towards damage reducers, and the min. is there to prevent it from becoming a La Junta/FPC-clone that is semi-immune to DR.

@wise cr: Perhaps that is a wise idea...the only problem is the inability to edit posts or topics, so that might be discouraging to newbies.

@myseltd: That has already been suggested, lol...look in Technoids.

Bangers and Montana don't exactly work well.
If you wanted the extra power or attack go for Uppers or Ulu Watu.

Do the mission and get 50000 clintz

Every time you draw a banned card, you lose 2 points from your overall scoring I believe it was. So watch how many banned cards you draw, cuz Graksmxxt is definitely banned and Uranus is banned this week.

About seven hours so far, and will be 3-5 more I think, I love play ELOsmiley

Yep those are the small 5 and big 5, they're used to call the most expensive and usable 5 cards and the second most usable and expensive 5 cards in the game, tho i think they should be the mid 5 not small but who knows

I play Junta in elo and easily get to 1300 if I have time to play... but I think all this clans will do good, it depends of Your style, I guess that if You like to kill enemies with 2hko, then junta is best, if You like to win slower but easier and without any risks, then choose nightmare, playing them is something like easy mode, You can loose with 3 cards, but win with 1 Kenny and still win the fight smiley

Hello all,

I've just started this game and I don't quite have the grip on everything yet, I was hoping I could learn some here.

I've fallen in love with the Nightmare deck so I have been gearing towards getting some of the rare cards there, currently I have :

But personally I think Manfred is the best in general.

Thanks a lot. Too bad I can't see the fans/stalkers

thursday 01/04/2010

I agree with art633 smiley

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