thursday 25/03/2010

I'm glad I can be of help.


Vholt is also better at stopping 2hKO. With Vholt your opponent needs 14 damage (assuming you started with 12) but with Bridget your opponent needs just 13 (the health comes in after the round).

This can be crucial and actually my opponent in T2S was saved by this once (though I still won the match smiley ).

Plus, Vholt's more of a trophy card that you can keep as a token of level 50. smiley

But yes, in most cases, Bridget is better than Vholt for reasons stated already.

Bloodh is usable, I don't like him but I know a few higher tier Elo record holders who swear by the guy.

A variation could be something like:

Bloodh 5*
Kristin 4*
Taljion 3*
Tyd 3*
Ulrich 3*
Smokey Cr 3*
Tula 2*
Hawkins 2*

I don't like running without Scubb, and there are plenty more variants available.

Sting is another card favoured by some, for example, but I honestly can't justify her use myself. Katan, too, but I find Selma is a much better card for one more star and easy to fit with the abundance of low star quality cards in the clan.

Sledge and Aurora are the most commonly used 5*
I admit I use Sledge most often but I do have a soft spot for Hax.... Sigh
he would be my favorite if he just had 6 dmg instead of 5.

Out of all the lists here, Toxica's is the most accurate (as in, it reflects the real breakdown of cards used in ELO decks most accurately). There are some that I'd argue against (Nimestiec - many people prefer Wakai or Na Boh), Dieter (Tyrell sums it up well), and Yookie (Rico and Noodile are used as much, if not more).

There are more "staples", but they depend on whether it's a half deck or mono. For mono, almost all Support cards are staples (Sasha, Emeth, Shann, Buba). Others depend on ELO availability (Sylth, Oshitsune/Ghumbo, Kerry).

wednesday 24/03/2010

Obvious troll is obvious.

Loma Noju

If your opponent can guess the bluffs in that deck then they desrve to win. Got me to 1,300 ELO many times easily.

In order to activate a bonus you must have atleast 2 characters of the same clan be in you hand. If you always want a bonus, try all 8 cards in your deck as one clan, also reffered to monoclan. If you want a diversity of clans don't go too far but go for a split deck. Most commonly used split deck is a 4-4 and your bound to get either all 4 cards in your hand a bonus or just 3 a bonus.


Ok... my previous post got missent

Ashigaru isnt that bad... although when u hit lvl 30... the better leaders come to play.

Add Taigo to Ludwig, Oscar, and Oxen.

New Bloods have been good to me lately, so I'd recommend them. I've nabbed: Oshitsune x 3, Piotr, Taljion, Praxie, Selma, Ficcanaso, and Hystrix. over the last couple of weeks. Only opened about 6 packs in that time, too.

No one pack is better than another, people's experiences vary so everyone's going to tell you something different.

if you must go by the concensus, its seems the most popular are:

New Bloods
Cool Attitude

In that order.

tuesday 23/03/2010

Well to be honest most tcg players are used to having to remember numerous rules just take a look at Magic. Even more rules are used. unless you have not played any tcgs before, one should simply expect to have to read rules.
In the case of wardom, that means out of all the times you ever used the card you had always won the round before.... wow to go so many games and try him the same way is a bad habit. As a tip try to at least try different things. It will help you a lot in this game.

It's all about letting people buying credits. Face it.
Letting people sell cards to Kate for minimum clintz is is a way to enhance credit purchase for more cards.
Alot of the game is pure marketing. New cards every two weeks, lottery, missions, etc are fun for players but it all has a marketing advantage too.
And you can't blame them..

Wikipedia - 'Your first port of call'

I´m in love with Skeelz/Morphun. But it depends on the money: Morphun is a fat cow, he´s available for 33k right know and the price will rise when he´s unbanned in ELO.
So what else could u do? My advice: combine them with Freaks. The widely unloved Freaks are a very powerful and cheap clan, if u know how to handle them. The clue: Don´t play with the Bonus! They have such awesome cards like Harleen, Bogdan, Akendram etc with great abilities. SOA? Nevermind. The Skeelz anntenuate that problem. A Skeelz/Freaks-deck can look like this:

I'm now very limited on deck choice coz of this week's bans AND I CAN'T EVEN GET PAST 1000!!!!!!!!! smiley
AND EVEN A LVL 10 KNOWS MY MOVES!!!!!!! smiley

(Used Rescue, Montana+Avola, Uppers/Sarkhom, All Stars and Piranas - ALL aren't working)

Lol, that's not a big victory, people usually play copper for at least 2 pills if bluffed.

Oscar has two missions as well.

I have to say, I wish that it retroactively counted certain missions...I was annoyed that my Hawkins and Scubb wins didn't carry over.

I made this deck hoping to get somewhere. Tell me what you think.


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