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sunday 25/04/2010

You're lucky I even rated your preset green. smiley

Let me know what you guys think

*by 1 card from fast is fun suggestion* http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1237415&list

Having Jay, Kolos, Timber, and any FPC card out will hurt the FPC card's chance of 1HKO.

But otherwise, nice deck! Good luck on getting a Lao Cr, as it will easily take over Yu Mei thanks to solid damage. (and a nice ability to boot)

I use it on my ipod touch. and this is how you change it to Non Random.
use your web browser. to change it.

i don't think theres a way to change it on the ipod

No, just the staff banned cards

Well, thanks for the help guys! i'll gonna close this one..smileysmiley

I use: deleted

12 wins twice with that deck above - try to include at least 2 DRs in ST2. For Ulu Watu/Bangers, I suggest:

Tanaereva - Wee Lee - Stanly - Hikiyousan/Lulabee - Ambre/Eyrik/Morphun - Blaaster - Bodenpower - Shann/Angie/Lennox/Vermyn N/Fifty/Willy

For the Ulu Watu half Tanaereva is a staple, and you should pick 3 from: Hikiyousan, Stanly, Lulabee and Wee Lee (I recommend him if you lack reducers)

How long did it take u to get those funds? share some quick clintz tip plz smiley

saturday 24/04/2010

Might be better off starting out with a half deck and saving up for cards like Emeth and Jane Ramba. Roots is a cheap half deck to pair with. Try

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1237090 i think i can get in the top 10 of any daily tournament somewhat easily w/this deck * i will post it*

2 shot panic - price is almost 20k, 1200 Elo in 40 minutes during two DTs. But I'm just testing it now. =)

If your goin into ELO you'll want to have a clan with it that you can bluff with which allows you to hit your OHKOs with Kinjo or Lost Hog or somthing. So you might want Nightmare for their many life manipulation abilities, or you can go with Junkz for the bluff factor as well as their Pillz manipulation abilities, same with Sentinels, except no Pillz manipulation.

If you go T2, I'd stay still go with Sentinels once again for the bluff factor, or GHEIST to get pesky abilities out of the way if possible, I'd say the same would go for Roots, personally I'd choose Roots over GHEIST cause they have more attack manipulation cards then GHEIST

I was saying that you could either just swap Jackie in for Beetenka/Jody. You can also put Jackie in for Hugo. That's what I was saying. smiley

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I have about 50,000 clintz (or at least the minimum potential to, after all my sales are done) and I have about every Gheist worth having, except for Miss Twice CR. As to my Piranas collection, I only have Tula and Andsom and both are relatively cheap. Smokey CR seems to be the only thing that is impressive at all (I'm not much of a fan of pill manipulation).

Before I take the leap into a half Gheist/Piranha deck, what other Gheist/? half decks would ya'll recommend?

It's ok...

Dwan to Greem/Manfred.
Liam to the 3* of your choice: Danae/Cley/Zeke. I prefer Danae, but Cley can be great, although he's too situational for my liking.

You could also not play with a 5*, which is an option.

You should try something like...
Jay (Corvus if you can't afford him)
Aylen (more flexible than Manfred)

I guess it could use uranus- ulrich but then what would I use for graks?

Well the answer is that: 1) You're bank account is under your experience bar and above your credits. 2) The interest is the free 50 clintz for playing in tourneys every hour.

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