tuesday 30/03/2010

Uhmmmm, do as art suggested, only get fifty out so you can use vermyn N, practically the same card except different abilities and star count. or if you're broke, a hugo would be that bad either.

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1186437&list gheist take root

Lol.. to other players who don't know, greem can be played in the 2 round..
this will be the result if you play her on the 2 round:
after the 2nd round: opp. life=8
after the 3rd round & you lost: opp. life=5
after the 4th round & you lost: opp. life=2

you can kill the opp in the 3rd round... it would be bad if you use her in the 1st round..
that's the way how to use greem.. my favorite 4* in skeelzsmiley

monday 29/03/2010

Tomas is just a brute force to counter those pesky bonuses. and i hate those pesky bonuses. Oddly, everyone says Caelus is a better card as a whole, but i would still put Tomas in my deck. I mean, i even use Eyrton instead of Oyoh, clearly shows i like high power not damage. and also the stability of a deck.

Also just an FYI...in Random mode, you can get a 'sure shot' guarantee to win if your attack power is at least double your opponents. (i.e. 6 vs. 12, 24 vs. 52, etc.)

Amm btw guys are they useful at ELO Type 1? smiley

Nevermind this. just searched throughthe message board and found out tips regarding All stars.

Thread closed.

Also, both clans may not go cr at the same time and even anytime soon. what happened with alec and smokey was different but may not happen again...you could be waiting a year for skeelz to get a cr

I think ella abd thanks to the few people who actually listened and didn't put in wanda at 1 star

Hi everyone.. just wondering if you could help me improve my deck..

rate & comment please

I really like both of these factions but i am having trouble finding good cards for them, please give me your suggestions

With Montana?


Marina's also a great option for All Stars but you've already got Spiaghi as a DR and you'd be nuts not to run Spiaghi. (Okay, some people run Prince Jr. instead.) Also Striker provides a really valuable SOA to Montana, rounding the deck out nicely.

If you want to budgetize that you can either run Alexei instead of Striker or Kang. I prefer Kang but with Montana you'll probably prefer the SOA.

Checkmate is just something I say when I have the game locked. I've never heard anyone else say it.

I guess that makes me over zealous? smiley

Ok, thanks. That's what I needed.

Mods, you can consider this thread closed.

Yeah Nah Boh is really sucky and sakrohm is a clan who's identity is based around hard defense. His min is ridiculous and more recent reducers make him look like a joke. Steve, Spiaghi, Bball, Pegh, Redra all are better all around reducers that all have better mins. I agree sakrohm should get a better 2* reducer to go along with uranus.

Its as a mirror irror of each other smiley

sunday 28/03/2010

Okay, you got me ... the first couple hours was on you guys. Then I went to bed and forgot all about it until a couple days later when the question popped into my head again. smiley

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Ah I forgot about Josey Wales. Another great role of his. That movie is worthy of an artistic rendering also. He has a distinct look in that book too, with his scar, the blood-stained boot, and the jacket he wears.

You're right about Josey Wales type of character. All great movies.

I agree with InnIsHkIn.

Clara is a nice card, but you already have SOB from EDD, I think Ditha would be better because of the life gap, and all the damage reduce to make it hard for the opponent to catch up.

Other than that, the deck is very stable. 1 SOB, 1 SOA, 2 -power cards, an attack manipulation card and a poison card (smiley). Very nice. All that's missing is a +life card and I think you're set.

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