tuesday 23/03/2010

I´m in love with Skeelz/Morphun. But it depends on the money: Morphun is a fat cow, he´s available for 33k right know and the price will rise when he´s unbanned in ELO.
So what else could u do? My advice: combine them with Freaks. The widely unloved Freaks are a very powerful and cheap clan, if u know how to handle them. The clue: Don´t play with the Bonus! They have such awesome cards like Harleen, Bogdan, Akendram etc with great abilities. SOA? Nevermind. The Skeelz anntenuate that problem. A Skeelz/Freaks-deck can look like this:


I'm now very limited on deck choice coz of this week's bans AND I CAN'T EVEN GET PAST 1000!!!!!!!!! smiley
AND EVEN A LVL 10 KNOWS MY MOVES!!!!!!! smiley

(Used Rescue, Montana+Avola, Uppers/Sarkhom, All Stars and Piranas - ALL aren't working)

Lol, that's not a big victory, people usually play copper for at least 2 pills if bluffed.

Oscar has two missions as well.

I have to say, I wish that it retroactively counted certain missions...I was annoyed that my Hawkins and Scubb wins didn't carry over.

I made this deck hoping to get somewhere. Tell me what you think.


monday 22/03/2010

I play in T1 And I have won 18 for 3 loose...

I've gotten that glitch before when I bought a gibson for 2K one time (I had 4,468 or something clintz when i bought him, got him, stayed at the same amount, refreshed the page, same amount)
Then i bought a cassandra for about 2.2K N I only had 200 clintz left

So go buy another card N then see if you really are lucky smiley

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If you have more then 100 points an your opp dose the timeer lst about 10 sec wich i just love just play fast an stop at a 100 just in case your on the slow side

I playing survivor alot an i havent seen one roots deck in survivor. why is there no roots in survivor?
i keep hearing how much better they are then gheist lol but i avent seen one at all.

also when i playing the game an they choose your opp how do they do that it dosent seem that randome to me when i usen gheist deck i get loads of sob an drs to fight when i change it i fight soa's an the damige boosters why?

They do it beceause the want to show people they have that card,..
for a trade or to show off, or for inclan games and such

Yeah, mistook the 20 for 40. Thanks for the replies.
I may do the doubles/triples at some point since I am still a lowly 12 and thus in arenas that allow it. But then again, I am missing 6 good cards for Rescue (well 7, but not gonna buy the Char card anytime soon).

Can close this subject now. The answers were good smiley

If i answer, will you be surprised? i used one deck last week on saturday with uppers in it, glenn kills with pill manip...
On topic: caelus and tomas, good combo i think, can anyone not die after exhausting all your resources on beating caelus and then have to face tomas as well? i don't think so

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1169580&list (epic damige drain)

this deck will show you suvivor is not for the weak of heart. no pun intendedsmiley

sunday 21/03/2010

2* Mindy/Pegh
3* Boohma, Radek/Nyema, Scopica
4* Buba/Slyth
5* Askai

A couple of changes can be made... Thormund isnt good here, Fabio also can be reduced to Edd, and 1 star more spend to upgrade Thormund to Trish... also think about Dacote, he is useable only against Gheist and Roots, in all other decks there are 1 , max 2 SoA on hands, so he cant really be used to 1hko... I'd swich him to Bryan or Gatline, one of them will be be much better for all 2hko's

Thanks. There's a bit of that, but it's more of a cultural movement where they believe science and technology to improve human mental, psychical and social conditions. It's a real life one called Transhumanism (in case you're wondering I'm not one).

In a non-random room, winning is determined in this order:

1) Highest attack
2) If attack is the same, lowest stars wins (eg a 2 star with 20 attack will beat a 3, 4 or 5 star with 20 attack).
3) If attack and stars are the same, which ever card was played first will win (eg you and your opponent both play Spiaghi with 0 Pillz. You go first for that round, you win).

NPR just had a story on Tropes. At least I know I'm not the only one who listens to Public Radio.

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1164155 REducteurs & ulu

http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1167721&list Pirana & roots

Sounds good but use burt insted of frankie hi u need a good damage reducer

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