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saturday 24/04/2010

You should try something like...
Jay (Corvus if you can't afford him)
Aylen (more flexible than Manfred)

I guess it could use uranus- ulrich but then what would I use for graks?

Well the answer is that: 1) You're bank account is under your experience bar and above your credits. 2) The interest is the free 50 clintz for playing in tourneys every hour.

friday 23/04/2010

We I didnt say I would just give a bunch of 2* underdog ability...
And I am aware that its possibly to win with a 2*,2*,3*,3* hand... But ur lethane tula smokey hawkins will die to any decent 5*4*3*3* deck cuz it has no dmg -.- ,u can win ofc, but ur opp has to make a critical error...
The underdog ability would just ad a new flavour to the game, I mean whats wrong with 4* 7/6 card with underdog -3opp dmg,min 1.... Sure it would be op if it was just a plain ability, but with underdog it would be a mediocre 7/6 card when you have higher star count than the opp...
Im not saying that they should make a op 2* underdog army that could own stuff... They can make a 3*, 4* or a 5* underdog...

Think about what your worst hand could be...B Ball, Massiv, Arkn, Leviatonn...I think you could take out Lin Xia and her 5* and even out the star distribution. In ELO if you run 5* they better make or break a game, but Lin Xia is a pretty so-so 5*.

Leader's bonus and abilities are unstopable soa and sob doesn't affect them.


Wrong place to put this thread mate.

Junta with a 3 star -3 min 1 would be great...

I agree with all kdgns said. Montana have great low star cards. Take advantage of them.

Pshhhhh anti-rescue beliefes? I have no idea what you are talking about math smiley

thursday 22/04/2010

2*: Tula - takes down almost any (non-SoA) 7 or less power opponent in a pill for pill battle
3*: Elya Cr - just love the artwork on that one
4*: Graksmxxt - is he a bluff, a block or an attack..... what to do, what to do....
5*: Kolos - but only for a while though, he took a few high level players by surprise and 1HKO them smiley
normally my 5* fav is Caelus, he isn't ELO-banned (i almost think perma-banned) for nothing


Piranas an there pill ability realy helps gheist hears a deck with piranas if you havent seen it.=O Wtf Omg!!!


plz comment

Holy cow are you guys reading my mind or what!

"Is it me or a load of these so called broken cards?" well they have to be if they top 10

1) Lyse Terrior Cr the most solid card in the game, strongest base power, strongest base bonus, strongest ability and 3 star
2) Guru Cr most solid power in game, second highest damage in game and ability as strong as soa
3) Dj Korr Cr Highest damage Highest power awsome ability, one of the most offensive/defensive cards in game
4) Kiki Cr same as Dj Korr Cr but worse ability
5) Graksmxxt better then Dj Korr Cr as a defence/offence card
6 Jackie Lyse Terrior Cr with 2 more damage, hard not to like
7) General Cr a 1HKO with soa? YES PLEASE!
smiley a downgraded version of Dj Korr Cr basically pretty good
9) Zatman second best 2 star in game, best low pill fighter ever made
10) Shakra 8 power and stop all, very hard to beat

Jungos with pussy cats is prity good thanks to teh 7/5 + 1 life per damige card an when she furrys it nealy imposible to play out of that live gap hole an with jungos keep addinge more like to you even if you run in to sob pussy cats will back you up

I want to disagree with Hive_Imperious. Sometimes when I'm winning my opponent times out and that irritates me immensely. But the last three times in a row that I was in a situation where the game was functionally over with me losing instead they timed out and I won. But what I'd really like to see is the number of points you get in a DT when your opponent times out raised to be closer to a win so they don't wreck your standings.

Players that time out in Lost Warehouse have a special circle in hell, and below them is anyone who runs away from a game there. Just go left to right with no pillz if you're really that stupid. I can't count the number of times my opponent spends all their pillz round one their one unleveled character, most often level 1 leaders, then time out as if they don't realize that they don't get the experience if they don't finish the match. I thought the UI made that abundantly clear, but enough people still don't get it.

It's definitely possible, problem is, only he best/wealthiest players can do this! I would definitely play to at least 1300 every week, and spend time trying survivor or something

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