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wednesday 21/04/2010

I don't see why you would want to switch them, they are both very good cards however if you do, switch Spiaghi to Mona for poison and two hit KO Lennox to Blaaster and Graff to Vermyn N and that should make a killer t2 deck.

Oh, my bad. Somehow I totally missed that.

maki, maybe Andsom...

Tula is a beast.

What Alec Cr ever at 500 on the open market? I bought mine when he recently came out and he was still at around 975...

ELO survivor: most attk and power manip clan can work, pill manip also does great. basically decks that are strong that require little pilling (ie; Pussycats also count as they dont need to attack much, u get the idea)

T2 Survivor: powerhouses + Morphun or Ambre. pure power houses that can tear down opp cards with little pillz.

survivor overall, little pill win, improve ur skill on winning with using few pillz

tuesday 20/04/2010

deleted i just threw this together what you think of this one?

Sorry, thats just me, calling things the way they are smiley but honestly, theres no need to keep it all together, You can make better deck from clintz after selling them, and then earn with this deck to buy them back and a lot more :]

I just hate players in DT that are taking tooooo much to play their cards

Jerromy, that -2 points in 1 fight isn't all that big, but in a few consecutive fights, according to a law of physics, it would do quite a bit of damage on you( let say in the end you'd score about 400 points, and you fought 20 battles, all with an perma banned card in your hand, youd lose 40 points, which makes it kinda harder for you to reach the top...)

Montanas have support abilities making them good mono clan, or use Hugo. Hugo is an honorary Montana since he removes the need to one pill to get over 8 attack. If you're smart about it, they're a pretty cheap clan to get into. Vickie adds a lot but you don't need her. I like this deck, and really Mona is the only expensive character involved:


If you are missing anyone, some good substitutes I can think of would be Milovan, Sharon. Ricardo isn't awful as a 2 star, so he could sub in for Prince Jr. in a pinch but it'd be worth your while to get him eventually.

I play Bangers a lot, but not type 1. Off the top of my head, I'd do this:


It costs more than the Montanas deck, mostly because of Blaaster, but if you want to play Bangers you need Blaaster no questiones asked. And if you run full clan bangers, Shann is amazing.

monday 19/04/2010

Tailor your deck to the current banned list. Last week there was a massive banning of All Stars, now none of them are. So chances are you're going to run into some all stars, and Oshitsune. I'd run Lulabee over Stanly when All Stars and Oshitsune could be out in force. Actually a leader is never bad. Hugo is bets against power reducers, Eyrik helps grind in your power advantage against clans with attack bonuses, and Bridget is 3 life. Stanley is nice in theory, but really I only use him in type 2.

Actually, his link was simply deleted.

Any good DT decks?

Yes it does, you could actually get 3 kiki kiki cr in one booster with that

I suggest switching Darth + Luba out for Toro + Z3R0 D34D/Arkn. If they're too expensive then Methane/Anibal + Platinum is good.

In the Sentinel half everything is very good, for Daily Tournaments Copper is also an option while Hawk works well (though you lose 2 points for each win).

Ideally you want to play Leviatonn - Bristone - Toro - Zero dead/Arkn or Rolph - Bristone/Leviatonn - Z3R0 D34D - Arkn.

Platinum is also a decent 2* on a budget. The deck should work pretty work well at the moment, it's not a bad deck at all smiley

I understand now thanks.

@ -mraz - you are right..sorry
The streets are ours Win 1000 rounds with the Bangers 20PTS / 500 BP

For events btw.

@BreathCarolina: I highly suggest you not buy New Bloods unless it's right on release day the 2 or so hours after it is released. I can get on average 2k per Danger pack, and I've gotten a 10k card and even a 21k card (Jackie) from them. You can't say that about New Blood: at best, you might get Sigma, but too many people buy NewBlood.

I highly suggest you go for GHEIST-Piranas. For GHEIST, buy Platinum and Darth, and replace as you go on. For Piranas you have all you need, except replace Cyan with Tyd and Spycee with Tula. (trust me - I run a GHEIST-Piranas myself)

Play around with DT's and, once you get to level 15, Elo. If you like DT's, you should go with an Uppers deck. If you like Elo, Montana may be a good choice for you, or, if you have the money, Pussycats (lots of semi-evo cards so be careful)

sunday 18/04/2010

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Well i close this now thanks for the info can peac to gether they do it with in 1 year an when ever they feel like it for that year.

DerMagus - me?


you work hard and try to get somthing once you get it u dont even use it, it happened to me when i got Jackie

i have but i dont even use it much, but i want to keep it

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