sunday 21/03/2010

Thank you

Ok so i want to make an Uppers/All stars deck adn ive got a few q's for ya'll

First my deck:

Shud i switch anythin, cause i kinda wan chuck nellie in there, but am really not sure what to switch if anything, so yeh help pls


Rate and comment for my deck please , any change or recommendation is more than welcome!

You're playing in random mode, for sure, and that elephant would be defeated quite easily, he have a kebab in his hand, he just need to lure the elephant away and make the elephant choke from it

saturday 20/03/2010

You rarely see them cause they are only good when u get the 3 usable Crs.

once they have the 3 Crs on their deck, it'll be a powerful and terrifying deck.

Theres a reason you dont see much of those without evo, if you brought wanda down to 1*, noemi can be turned to charlie 4*, think about it

@jerromy not exactly the point of this thread.smiley

@coooolest: do you remember any poison cards in play?

Thanks for the help, I'll just save clintz for right now, then make the changes.

Should have been in the game from inception! So what if it's already been said, it still hasn't been implemented. smiley

"FFS, just eliminate the whole rating system. We'd all be a lot better off."

Yeh. And cut the pre-moderation system which slows down all discussion to a crawl. :/

"Every clan is usable, balanced, and strong in their own way."

Completely untrue.

Freaks make excellent halves, but awful monos.
Piranas make excellent halves /and/ excellent monos.

That's imba.

As I said, the very core of this entire thing =

Why would ANY of you NOT want EVERY clan to be PURE mono viable?

It woould only enrich the game with variety. Elo mode would become more interesting as the obvious few clans would no longer dominate the upper tiers, and everything wouldn't be so predictable.

Sorry, I meant Jackie smiley

Lol woops

Nice deck, beatable thosmiley

Just save up for hawkins, good deck oh and get nellie, she is alot better trust me

Noodile no question, go noodile!

I wonder if shadowcoucil only faces weak GHEIST users smiley.

friday 19/03/2010

Im using this deck in DT's now
it is very very good but should i switch the leader & who is a better 2star for DT'S samntha or wendel im thinking samantha is the only sob but its only useful vs freakz jungo & thats it the opponent trhows in 2 pillz it doesnt help but again i arleady have 2 soa's in the deck

Theres 2 things a card has, ability and bonus, abilities are always on, bonuses are only on when another character from the same clan is in the hand, the +8 on zdrone is a bonus so you need another sentinel in your hand. Zdrone doesn't have an ability so he will only get something other than 5/7 when another sentinel in your hand.

I wouldn't know a decent UR investment idea if it kicked me square in the nuts =p

"I think art633's changes plus Dr Saw (C) to Bristone (U) is the best way to get into T1."

Three 2* cards when you're using underpowered cards anyway is not a good idea. My suggestion is more balanced within the budget, imo.

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