sunday 28/03/2010

Posted my first public preset yesterday:

Comments/ratings are appreciated. smiley


This is the deck I use for Daily Tournaments, wherein I play in Type 1 No Random. As said in the description, this is a quick deck aimed at an early second or third turn KO.

The only weaknesses I can see (when I play with it) are when I draw a hand full of lower star cards (there is not too much balance in power across my deck), and against Poison/Damage Reducer/Life up decks, because chances are, the poison will sap life faster than I can KO.

Any other suggestions?

Hey, I just put this together and was wondering if I could improve it anymore... I don't have Vickie Cr so please don't suggest that XD Shall I put Hugo in somewhere? Please Comment and Rate.

Your all stars deck is fine, the cards you have are all great clan cards.

Blah, nothing much to read, common sense in UR, pretty much a summary of the gameplay school posts by fraggle

^Yeah, sometimes I think people w8 until their timer is almost over before they play their losing card, JUST so that I'll have less time to get more point smiley...

There is a thread with the EXACT SAME SUBJECT, with almost the same exact name, that can't be more than a few spaces below this one

reading is FUNdamental

saturday 27/03/2010


Maybe Sakrohm. With poison and Sakrohm's life and dr, you can easily create a huge gap.

A nice elo deck could be:

Grudj 4*
Olga 3*
Harleen 2*
Esmeralda 2*

Uranus 3*
Murray 3*
Jautya 4*
Petra 4*

To be honest, UR system itself is not the cause of the hacking that happens to some people.

Main cause:
- Weak password
- Registering to outside links that promises free stuff
- Password sharing

Therefore, the pin number idea is pointless. Even with that in place, it will still not ensure that accounts will be fully secured. It will only cause delays for trades/sales. Besides - why need an extra pin when your password should serve that purpose for you? Create a strong password (Not something like "123456" or "abcdefg"smiley, don't share account details and not fall for scam sites then your account should be free from hackers.

Remember - hackers are there not because it's easy to hack a system, they are there because someone actually falls for their tricks to get players' passwords.


Caelus is obviously the more powerful card. Put 4 pillz in him and he's already too much for the vast majority of cards out there.

Better? I prefer Oshitsune, but SoB suits my play style more than Protect Ability and Caelus just feels like easy mode!

I played similar 3 3 2 nightmare deck, it does great, but I used Kenny over Azgroth and Sargh over Erzsebet... Sargh is much better then Erzsebet, and equal with Dieter I say, Dieter kills cards like Caelus, Oshitsune, Tula, and many many more, but Sargh is that great, I'd say much overpowered, compare him to Ghumbo smiley both 7 power, Ghumbo -10 atk, Sargh -7 atk smiley the only differance is damage, due to 3* of Sargh wich beats other 4* and 5* with 7 power, and 3* too if attacking smiley and I say Azgroth isnt good for elo, he is good agains tough cards, but there are not many of them in elo, and 4 damage is too low for a 4* card, Kenny does much better in Elo, he can actually win entire battle with 1 furious hit...

Use mona insted of filamenia

OMG!!! i was about to buy Oyoh..... but.... ima waiting for Essie price drop now

I already did deck

Check it out, rate it and leave a comment

friday 26/03/2010

Banger has greatly improved their position in Survivor2, Shann Shogunn and Chlora are all decent high stars and I cannot recall another clan with so many great reinforcements above 4*, most of them have only received 1-2 new staples.

Junks are greatly benefited from the new ban voting system. They are always on the voting list but almost never get banned (last week was the only exception AFAIK), and with the new staple Tremorth they are even become stronger.

Besiders, due to the new misson system and enlarged community thanks to the UR mobil version, I beileve the whole community are earning far more cash than ever before. And its very nature to assume most of those money have flowed into the top ELO cards like bangers and junks.

The chance are 4/8 reduced to 1/2 that means a 50:50 chance to draw the card or not to.smiley


Sentinel: tobbie, always people laugh at him, idk why but i like him, one of the better cards in sentinel( lehane might be a bit over his budget)
sak: idk, buy a wakai why don't you?

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